Blog topics that make the most money

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If you want to start your blog, you will need to know the blog topics that make the most money. 

Why is that so?

Well, you will need to choose a topic that is profitable enough to earn a full-time income.

Are you interested in earning a passive income?

I am sure you want to.

This article will then give you an idea of the topics that you can choose to leave your 9 to 5  job and start your own business.

Let’s first know the difference between a blog Topic and a blog niche.

What is a topic or niche?

Usually, you will read and hear a lot about “Niches” and “Niching Down” in the world of blogging.

Simply, a blog niche is a specific topic you will write for your blog. Let me give you an example:

Topic: Blogging

Niche: Starting a blog, Blog traffic, or affiliate marketing

That being said, you need to know that topic selection is one of the most critical factors that will determine your success in this industry.

Before we start, I would like to make things a bit easier for you. If you want to start your blog, you will need the following:

  • A domain nameThe address of your website (Eg:
  • A blogging platformA software that will allow you to create a blog without you having to know how to code


A domain name costs around $15 to $20 per year and hosting costs around $7 to $10 per month.

I know it sounds a lot when you are just starting your blog.

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Now let’s talk about your blogging platform.

When it comes to blogging platforms, there are a lot of options, including free platforms.

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If you wonder which blogging platform will be better for you, you can read the below article.

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Now let’s discuss the blog topics that will make you the most money.

Shall we?


Blog topics that make the most money

Maybe you already have a blog topic in your mind, or perhaps you have no idea at all.

It doesn’t matter at all, as the blog niches I will mention are profitable and will make you a lot of money.

Let me first talk about the most profitable evergreen blogging niches, in which you will always have monetization opportunities.

The three most evergreen niches are:

  • Health and fitness
  • Personal finance
  • Relationship/Dating


1. Health and fitness

Health and fitness is a vast topic. There will always be opportunities to make money because people will always want to find ways to stay healthy.

Since it has a high earning potential, it means there will be more competition on this topic.

So, how can you compete when there is so much competition?

Well, the easiest way is to choose a specific topic ( or sub-topic) in this niche to attract the right audience.

Let me give you some examples of the topics you can choose. 

Pro tip: Please note that you can choose only one when you are just starting a blog. After you start to get traction (I mean getting quality traffic), you can expand and write about other sub-niches.


Sub-Niches of health and fitness:

  • A specific diet  Eg: keto diet, Low carb/sugar, organic food.
  • Clean-Eating – You can show people how to eat healthy food. You can also talk about healthy daily routines and show people strategies to live a healthier life.
  • Healthier Shopping Tips –You can write about the different types of shopping where people can save more money and consume better food.
  • A specific exercise You can provide tutorials on Running, Hiking, Zumba, or Outdoor Exercise.
  • Yoga – You can show people how to do yoga properly.
  • Resistance training – You can write about the different exercises to stay fit.
  • Working out with kids – You can blog about different activities and work out routines that people can practice with their kids.

Now let’s talk about the second most profitable topic.


2. Personal finance

Who doesn’t need money? Who doesn’t want to have more money?

Well, everyone wants to earn and save more money. Isn’t it?

This is a very huge topic because almost everyone will struggle with their finances at some point in their life.


Sub-Niches for personal finance:

  • Frugal living: Saving money tips, Coupons, Simple living, shared Housing, Tiny house movement.
  • Investing: Investment tips, Best index funds, Equity mutual funds, Fixed deposit.
  • Debt: Student debt, Mortgages, Bank loans, Lease payments.
  • Share your progress: This is where you will share your experiences and saving methods with your audience. In short, you will simply document your journey.

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3.Relationship and Dating

Dating and relationships require a lot of work. A meaningful relationship is what makes people’s lives better.

So, you must be wondering if having a blog about Dating and relationships will be profitable.

The answer is simple. Yes.

It will be very profitable, as almost everyone on this earth will want better friendship and romantic relationships.

This is quite a vast topic. Hence it will be advisable to choose a specific niche when you are just starting your blog. 


Sub-Niches for Dating and relationships:

  • Dating – Teaching people how to date.
  • Romance –Showing different types of attachment styles which will have a considerable impact on romantic relationships.
  • Healing – How to deal with heartbreak and how to heal.
  • Moving in Together – All the pros and cons of moving together. How to move in together.
  • Marriage – How to handle a marriage.
  • Finances – How to work together to earn and save money.
  • Starting a Family – How to start a family, how to raise kids.
  • Sex – The kind of sex that will bring intimacy and create passion that will last for a long time.
  • Divorce – How to deal with divorce, how to prepare to get married again.

Now that we have discussed the top 3 evergreen topics, let me give you some other blog topics that are still very popular and make you a lot of money.


4. Business and Marketing

This niche can be very lucrative since many blogs are out there talking about Business and Marketing.

If ever you have read about blogging, you must have noticed that every popular blog is talking about either BloggingMarketing, or Building a Business.

Have you ever wondered why so many popular blogs talk about those main topics?

Well, its because it has a very high earning potential.

There is a lot of money to be made on these topics. And the cool thing is that there are many different types of opportunities for you to monetize your blog.

If you have a business or marketing background, then starting your blog with this topic will be a fantastic idea.

Since you already have the experience, you will be better placed to help people.


Sub-Niches for business and marketing:

  • Entrepreneurship – show people how to start and grow a company.
  • Small businesses – show people how to start their own business since there are so many people who want to become self-employed.
  • B2B (Business-to-business) marketing – show company owners how to do marketing and sell their services or products to other businesses.
  • B2C (Business-to-consumer) marketing – show people how to sell products with the right marketing strategies.
  • Other types of marketing –like social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and networking.


5. Self-Development

Self-Development is quite a vast topic that includes many specific areas of life where people need growth.

The good thing about this topic is that it is not as competitive as the topics mentioned above.

Therefore, it will be easier to get a higher ranking and attract people to your blog.


Sub-Niches of Self-Development:

  • Procrastination and Self-Confidence – There are so many people out there who keep on delaying or postponing essential tasks in their life as they lack self-confidence. If you build a blog around this niche, you will have to motivate people to make crucial yet effective changes to make their lives better.
  • Public speaking – In this niche, you will help people build their communication skills like Clear articulation, Body language, Good sense of humor, and the ability to access an audience’s needs.
  • Changing habits – You can guide people to change their practices and live a minimalist lifestyle. Many people struggle with bad habits, and they need proper guidance to make positive changes in their lives. You can share ideas and strategies to develop good habits.
  • Depression and Anxiety In this era, where more and more people are suffering from depression and anxiety, creating a blog to help them out will be a fantastic idea. Usually, people who suffer from depression and anxiety require a lot of assistance. So if you can create quality content around this niche, you will have people returning to your blog more often looking for answers.


6. Technology and Gaming

Technology and Gaming is a great topic to make some good money. The earning potential for this topic is excellent, as the number of products available is endless.

A technology and gaming blog will give you many opportunities to make money because you can add links to software and products using affiliate links.


Sub-Niches for Technology and Gaming:

  • Electronic or Gadgets –You can write about smartphones, digital cameras, fitness trackers, computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Games – You can write about games for consoles, PCs, mobiles, and laptops.
  • Provide tutorials – Who doesn’t struggle with new software? You can provide a lot of tutorials for software like photo and video editing software.
  • Latest tech news – You can write about the latest Tech news like the latest software, updates, or upcoming gadgets. This will attract many people who like to stay updated in the world of technology and Gaming.

Affiliate programs such as Amazon will be a great place to make money for this topic.

If you want to know the best affiliate programs for new bloggers, the below post will be a great place to get some reliable and useful ideas.

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7. Fashion

Fashion is another vast topic that is very popular and can make you a lot of money. It will be better suited for people who like pictures a lot and love to use social media.

If you want to become famous, then this niche is definitely for you. It is not for someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Well, you might think that this niche is for women only. 

Of course not.

It isn’t just for women. Many blogs focus on men only. You may know it as Men’s fashion blog, but it is often called “Men’s Style.” I am sure you have heard of this term somewhere.


Sub-Niches for Fashion:

  • Women’s accessories – You can write reviews about different handbags, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie.
  • DIY Fashion – You can write about DIY fashion trends and crafting, sewing, and handmade fashion.
  • Wedding style – This is a trendy niche as people are always looking for ideas and trends for their wedding. You can write about Wedding designers, Wedding DIY, Destination wedding, and trends.
  • Photography – You can write about Lifestyle fashion photography, Editorial Fashion photography, Fashion photography tutorials, and Fashion models.
  • Personal style – Sub niches like Maternity, petite, tall, age focused, straight sizes, and everyday style are trendy.


Other Popular Blogging Niches that you can Consider

The blog topics mentioned above are not the only profitable ones. There are so many bloggers out there who are making a lot of money with almost any blog topic.

If ever the above blog topics don’t seem attractive to you, you might consider the below topics.

Tip: You must write about things that you love or seem interesting to you. You should never push yourself to write about a topic just because it can make you a lot of money.

That being said, let’s look at other blogging niches that are still very profitable.


8. Momy and Parenting

Many stay-at-home moms are making a decent amount of money on this topic. Also, this topic is trendy on Pinterest. So if you are a Pinterest lover, this topic will be perfect for you.

Sub-Niches of Momy and Parenting:

  • Pregnancy – You can write about pregnancy. How to deal with pregnancy, prepare for the new baby, or even different kinds of outfits for new babies, and breastfeeding.
  • Health issues – You can write about women’s health issues, Kid’s health issues, how to lose weight after having a baby.
  • How to Raise a kid – You can write on raising a kid, making kids learn, parenting advice, and gardening with children.
  • Food for kids – This is a massive topic in itself as there are many things you can write on this sub-topic. You can write about Snack ideas, Lunch box ideas, Healthy eating for kids, How to bake a cake with kids, and the list goes on.


9. Food

Food is a great topic to write about. There is so much to write about this topic. If you are passionate about cooking and food in general, it will be perfect for you.

Sub-Niches for Food:

  • Vegan recipes – You can write about different types of vegan recipes.
  • Vegetarian recipes – There is a lot you can write about different types of vegetarian recipes.
  • Recipes for diabetic people – Since there are many people suffering from diabetes nowadays, you can help them by writing on different types of recipes that will benefit their health.
  • Healthy food –We all know how many people suffer from health issues due to fast food. You can provide recipes that will be beneficial for them.
  • Weight loss – You can provide advice and recipes of food that will help people to lose weight.
  • Cake decorations –You can show people the different methods to decorate a cake.
  • Restaurants – You can blog about the different kinds of restaurants and the specialty of each restaurant.


10. DIY

How popular is DIY right now? If you follow the trend, you know what I am talking about.

Since so many people struggle with finances and want to experience the joy of doing something themselves, DIY is a lucrative topic.

So many couples love to decorate or remodel their home. Some couples are even opting for tiny houses, and they prefer to build it themselves.


Sub-Niches for DIY:

  • Tiny house movement – You can show people how to build small houses or houses on wheels.
  • DIY Room Decor – You can write about the different color combinations and accessories that will enhance a room’s look.
  • DIY Beauty – You can provide homemade beauty tips.
  • For a special occasion –  you can provide DIY ideas for events such as Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s day.

Now that you are aware of the blog topics that will make you the most money let’s see how you can choose your niche.


How to choose a niche

It can be difficult for you to make a decision when you want to choose a niche. And I am sure you will feel overwhelmed and confused.

But don’t worry. I will give you some tips that will help you choose your niche wisely.

These are the things that you must consider when choosing your niche:

  • You should pick a niche that you are passionate about, and you know quite well. You don’t have to be an expert about the topic. But a little knowledge is essential.
  • Don’t box yourself too early in a niche. Allow yourself to explore other sub-niches. After some time, you will get to know which posts are performing better, and you can create more content for these types of posts ( this will work better for topics that don’t have a lot of competition).
  • Research how you can make money on the topic and what offers are available to monetize your blog. You don’t want to choose a niche that won’t be profitable.
  • Ignore what other people claim to say and know. There is too much information and fake gurus who claim to know everything. The best way to understand how blogging works is by doing it.
  • Don’t spend money on courses that claim to make you earn money fast. Blogging takes time.


Final Thought: Blog topics that make the most money

Having your blog and earning a passive income not only bring you happiness, but it enhances the quality of your life.

I hope this list will help you choose a profitable blog niche and so that you can start your blogging journey right now.

It’s never the perfect time to start something new. If you wait for the right time to start your blog, you might never start it.

Now is the time to start your blogging journey, which will set your free.

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Once you have claimed your free domain, its time to build your blog.

Yes, you can do it. It’s much easier than you think. Just give it a try.

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See you soon!


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    Thanks for the tips here and have a great day!

    • Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for your appreciation. It’s indeed very important to choose a blogging niche that you are passionate about to be able to write articles for a long time.

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