Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

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As your student loan is pilling up, you will have to find ways to make some money.

But do you want to make money fast, or do you want to invest time to earn a lot more money in the future?

If you are in a hurry to earn some bucks, then there are plenty of jobs you can find online where you can make anywhere between $5 up to $20 per hour online.

You can choose to work from home and apply for some of the best typing jobs available on the internet.

However, if you want to earn money sustainably, then blogging is definitely for you.

I am not saying that blogging is fully passive; it is not. You will always have to dedicate time to your blog.

But, if you are earning around $10k per month, you can easily hire writers to create content for you. This way, you will have more time for yourself.

As a student, starting a blog can have a massive impact on your future. 

Why I am saying so?

It’s because blogging is an incredible and thrilling journey where you will grow as a person, and you will have enormous opportunities that will unfold in front of you.

Therefore, if you don’t plan to work a 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life, this article is for you.

Before we start, here are a few resources which will help you have a better understanding of the world of blogging:

That being said, let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of blogging as a student.

Shall we?

Let’s start with the goodies first, then next we discuss the drawbacks.

Benefits of blogging for students


1. Your writing skills will improve

Blogging increases your writing skills significantly, which is very important if you want to succeed as an internet marketer.

If you develop the habit of writing every day, you will have these incredible benefits:

  • It will help you clear your mind, which is essential to solving problems daily.
  • It will help you to recover your memories.
  • It will help you to write down ideas. It’s actually a good rule to write down your thoughts as you will always forget them.
  • It will increase your verbal skills.
  • It’s an excellent mental exercise.

The fantastic thing about writing for your blog is that those writing skills will help you in so many ways down the road.

You will be able to:

  • Create better newsletters.
  • Send more convincing offers to your readers.
  • Create headlines that will attract people to read your blog posts.
  • Explain and express yourself to a bigger audience.


2. You will learn new things

Once you start to create content, you will see a sudden change in the way you think.

You will start to become more curious about life, which will fuel your imagination.

Every day you will wake up, and you will WANT to read more. It will happen naturally, and you won’t need to force yourself to read a book or a blog post.

You will start to view life from a different perspective, which will help you become the best version of yourself.

You will also learn the most important things about internet marketing, which I think is a must be in today’s era.

And why is that so?

Well, it will help you to make more money if ever you choose to offer your own consulting services:

  • You will learn a lot about SEO.
  • You will learn about web design and WordPress.
  • You will learn a lot about the technical stuff that can help you create a sustainable system.

If you have knowledge about these 3 things, you will get a lot of opportunities to earn money. People in this industry are looking for such people to help them run their online business.

Once you start to get those opportunities, the money will follow.

Speaking of money…


3. Blogging will help you make a lot of money

If you are struggling with your finances and want to create a sustainable income to pay your bills and student loan in the future, blogging is a viable option.

So how much time it really takes to start earning money with blogging?

To help you with that, I have a free resource that will answer this specific question for you: “How long does it take to make money blogging.”

The remarkable thing about blogging for students is that you will already have an automatic system in place that will make money for you by the time you have completed your studies.

Blogging can also be a quite lucrative side hustle if you want to get a job.

The earning potential for blogging is really a damn lot.

If you create a simple but impactful blog, you will earn anywhere between $100k up to $1m per year.

So, are you ready to create your blog and be financially independent in a few years?

With a reliable hosting like Bluehost, you can start your blog within minutes.

It will only cost you $70 per year, and the cool thing is that you will get a FREE domain.

If you really want to make blogging part of your financial journey, I have a super-easy guide to help you set up your blog in less than 15 minutes.


4. Enhance communication skills

Blogging will allow you to communicate with people more effectively. You will learn the basics of creating a community instead of competing with each other. Helping each other is among the best practices in the world of blogging. Many successful bloggers help their fellow bloggers get more exposure and help them reach their full potential.

The remarkable thing about having friends who are bloggers is that they will help you become a better blogger and human being.

Whenever you will be down or exhausted, they will be here to cheer you up and help you deal with your fears and insecurities.

Once you know how to deal with your fears and insecurities, you will start to have more confidence in yourself, leading us to the next point.


5. Help you build confidence

The more content you will create, the more confidence you will get. And when you can show confidence in your writing, you will start to be appreciated by people. People will look forward to hearing from you, and they will value you as a blogger.

This is very important as trust is vital to have loyal fans.

It’s simple. 

The more confidence, the better your content. The better your content, the more people will look forward to hearing from you. The more they are eager to read your content, the more confidence you will get.

In short,

Confidence → Better content → More readers → More confidence → Higher quality content → More readers

And the cycle continues…


6. Help you to deal with heartbreak and depression

I cannot tell you how much having your blog can help you to deal with depression. In fact, it will even allow you to heal on so many levels.

I am telling you this with conviction because before starting this blog, I was going through a challenging phase in my life.

The simple rule is this: The more you struggle with something, the better solutions you can provide.

For example, if you have always struggled with your finances, you will be better placed to provide useful information to your readers if you start a finance blog.

The deeper you went down the rabbit hole, the better solutions you will be able to provide.

This is something many people cannot understand when they face problems in their life. They tend to react instead of seeing it as an opportunity to grow.

Blogging will allow you to channel all your negative energy and thoughts towards building positive experiences for your life.

Trust me on that.

If you are experiencing anxiety and depression, try to write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and see how it helps you.

If you don’t want to start a blog, maybe you can start a journal. The crucial thing is to write down your thoughts and experiences.

These were some of the advantages of blogging for students. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages.

Though there are not many drawbacks to blogging for students, there are some that you might be interested in.


Disadvantages of blogging for students


1. Distraction from your studies

This one is quite obvious. Once you start your blog, you will be distracted from your studies.

The thing is that, once you start to earn some money from blogging, your focus will shift.

This can be a double-edged sword because, at some point, you will have to decide to either follow your studies or continue with blogging.

This can be nerve-wracking as, on one side, you will have the opportunity to create a sustainable business, while on the other hand, you will have to continue to study to get good grades.

And when you are in this dilemma, there will be people who might disagree with you starting a blog.


2. Your parents and friends may not support you

This one can be harsh, as your parents and friends might advise you that blogging is not worth it.


You can hear things like, there is no money in blogging or to focus on your studies as 9 to 5 jobs is the most secure way of living a fulfilled life.

Maybe they think that creating an online business is not worth it, or they may believe that you will be a failure if you chose to start a blog.

It doesn’t mean that they are jealous of you. Maybe they are anxious about you and don’t want you to experience any kind of failure.

And that usually happens when you tend to isolate yourself more to build your blog.


3. You will try to isolate yourself

Once the ball is rolling, you will tend to spend more time alone in your room.

This happens to every blogger, and it’s not that serious if you try to keep a balance between your blogging venture and your personal life.

You will need to hang out with your family and friends to get mental recharge.

It is a no brainer.

So don’t try to do everything in the beginning. Take your time and focus only on a few critical tasks that will benefit you in the long run.

If you start a blog, there is only one thing that you should focus on, and that is creating quality content for your readers.

In short, your first 6 months should look like this:

Keyword research → Writing content → Revising your content → Publishing your content → Posting on social media→Repeat.

Once you start getting used to your blogging schedule, you will see that your effort will not reap any benefits.


4. Blogging takes time

This is where you will start asking yourself all types of questions and wonder if blogging is really worth it.

The truth is that blogging does take a lot of time, especially when you have a brand new domain name.

As a student, maybe you won’t have enough time to dedicate to your blog.

What should you do if you really want to start a blog and have only 1 hour per day to dedicate to your blog?

It’s simple.

Start by dedication an hour per day to create your content. If you can write 300 words in an hour, in 5 days, you will have a blog post of 1,500 words.

Then on the weekends, you can revise your blog, publish it, and post on social media.

Once you are used to creating content for a few months, you will write 600 words in 1 hour.

In 5 days, you will have written 3,000 words, which are about 2 blog posts.

Now you can easily post 2 articles per week.

Simple, right?


Final thoughts: Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

As you have seen, blogging has both its benefits and drawbacks.

Take your time before you start your blogging journey.

And to help you make the right decision, there are a few resources that I think will be useful:


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See you soon!

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