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Amateur blogging-How it is and what mistakes to avoid

Amateur blogging-How it is and what mistakes to avoid

How hard it is to be an amateur blogger. Actually initially it seems very hard and sometimes it seems that everything is working against you.

In the midst of those feelings, you can easily get discouraged.

You started your little blog with so much enthusiasm and excitement, but after some time it seems that the excitement is gone.

You have been working really hard, putting so much time and effort into creating quality content, but there is no traffic showing up.

Are you really doing everything right? At times you must be wondering if blogging is really worth it.

If you have gone through this, then you are not the only one.

Almost every new blogger has gone through this.

The thing is, building an online business takes a lot of time and dedication. 

Well, if you have resources, then you can surely hire writers to create content for you.

But, that’s not always the case. Almost all aspiring bloggers have no money to invest to hire skilled writers.

Is this a disadvantage?

Of course not.

Actually, it’s a blessing in disguise. Don’t believe me?

Go and read the stories of MANY successful bloggers. At some point, they were really struggling with their finances. It’s the struggle that motivated them to do things that they thought weren’t possible before.

Actually, when you are at rock bottom, something magical happens.

Now, you must be thinking that I will talk about magic.

Of course not.

The magical thing is that you realize that life is really beautiful and all the things that people around you have been telling you are just NOISE.

Yes, the noise that you must ignore. It’s time for you to listen to your desires and wants and don’t give a F@ck about what others think about you.

People think you are a loser. Let them.

People will criticize you. Let them.

People will tell you that blogging is not worth it. Let them, my friend.

People will tell you to get a 9 to 5 job. Let them, you don’t want the life they are living.

Basically, it’s time to make things happen and stop thinking too much.

New bloggers tend to think, plan, analyze, and try to find answers way too much.

Just let go, my friend.

For just a few days, let go. And try to focus on what’s really important.

And in this line of business, what makes you money is content. Let me be more precise: It’s GOOD content.

That’s it.

Once you have enough GOOD content working for you, the money will follow. Whether it’s through ads or affiliate marketing.

The fact is that every blogger has their own blogging strategy. You will tend to copy from them or even try to build a business just like them.

Is it a good thing?

Well, it depends.

In blogging and life in general, you should always find something that works for you. Try a blogging strategy that makes sense to you. 

Something that many bloggers often overlook. Don’t try to find the best answer, try to find an answer that’s best FOR YOU.

That being said, let’s see some common mistakes that amateur bloggers tend to make and how you can avoid them to have a stronger foundation.


Amateur blogging mistakes

1. Not choosing the right blogging strategy

After a few months of blogging, many amateur bloggers start to realize that their blogging strategy is not right for them.

Well, you don’t want to be going through that. Right?

Having a proper blogging strategy will make things much easier for you to down the road.

Two strategies work well.

The first one is creating the best content and targeting keywords with high search volumes.

This is what you will notice ALMOST all the time. No wonder why there is so much competition among bloggers as everyone is trying to rank for those specific keywords.

If you like this approach, then surely go for it.

For me, targeting low search volume keywords and creating good content is working just fine.

You may think I am going in the opposite direction. Well, yes I am.

I don’t want to do all the things that other people are doing. I like stuff that doesn’t bring too much stress into my life.

Based on my personality, I have designed a blog strategy that is working just fine.

If you want to know about my blog strategy, you will find it here.


2. Not doing keyword research

How many times you will see amateur bloggers creating content without doing keyword research.

Actually, they believe that they can get away without doing any keyword research.

It’s a really common mistake that new bloggers make all the time. 

Let me ask you a simple question. How on earth you will be able to know what keywords people are typing on search engines?

You cannot… That why it’s crucial to do keyword research.

The thing is, if you can find a balance between what you like to write and what people are searching for, your blogging routine will become so much easier.

You will be able to create higher quality content much faster than you can imagine.

So, do your keyword research and create content that resonates with you and your niche.

It’s really that simple.

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3. Building too many links

Link building is good to be able to get a higher ranking on search engines.


Having a new blog and building links like crazy for just a few blog posts is indeed not necessary.

Don’t you think Google will notice this behavior?

I am sure you don’t want your site to be penalized by Google, right?

Actually, before you start to build any link-building, I will highly suggest you read Google Link Scheme guideline.

That being said, I don’t do any link building for my articles.


Well, I prefer to attract links naturally. Link building is too risky as I can get penalized by Google.

And for sure I don’t want to risk my Search engine rankings. Blogging is already risky, and the added risk and stress is really not worth it.


4. Not creating engaging content

Look, people like content that resonates with them. They like to feel as if you are talking to them.

Creating content that sounds too bland and robotic will actually hurt your SEO efforts. And I don’t think even you would like to read a blog which is just boring. Right?

You should always use terms like “You” and “I” when you are creating content. This will help you to engage with your audience more.

You will see a MASSIVE difference in your blog traffic. Trust me on that.


5. Not linking to other blogs

Adding an external link is highly recommended to have got a higher ranking on Google.

So what is the reason amateur bloggers don’t link to other authority websites?

Well, maybe they are afraid that their readers will prefer those blogs and won’t read their blogs anymore.

I have heard this a lot.

Actually, if you ponder over it, people will thank you if ever you are providing them with resources that will make their life easier.

Also, they will trust you more because you are confident enough to send them to blogs that contain high-quality content.

Look, if someone likes your style of writing they will always come and visit your blog.

That’s why it’s vital to create content in your OWN style.

Speaking of style, have you already developed a unique writing style?


6. Not finding their own voice

If you create content in the same format and style as other people, then why someone will visit your blog?

It makes sense, right?

If everyone is creating the same type of content, then people will get bored and search for a new voice and style of writing.

That’s why you MUST create content in your own style. 

Your style of writing will have a huge impact on the future of your blog.


7. Not using social media to leverage blog traffic

The best article on the web will be worth nothing if no one is reading it.

Makes sense, right?

Now, I am not telling you to share your content on every social media platform.

But, in the beginning, choose at least 2 and see which one is working for you.

Social media is really crucial to reach more people. If you are not using it, then you must give it a try.

Personally, I love Pinterest. Actually in the beginning I was very hesitant to use the platform.

But having given it a try for a few months, I must really admit that Pinterest traffic is really huge.

If ever you decide to use Pinterest for your business, then I have a lot of free resources that will help you to generate a lot of traffic.

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That being said you can also use Facebook and Twitter to increase your blog traffic. But, do give Pinterest a try.


8. Not giving enough time to their blogging efforts

How many times have you heard people complaining that they are not earning money with their new blog?

People expect to earn $5,000 in just a few months of blogging. No wonder why they give up after a few months.

It takes time to earn money with your blog. How much time?

Well, it really depends on your efforts.

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Look, the logic is really simple.

If it really took a few months to earn $5,000, then everyone will become a blogger.

Who wouldn’t like to earn $5,000 in just a few months?

Almost everyone I guess.


9. Not having enough passion for their niche


For you to become a successful blogger, you must love to write. It’s that simple.

If you are blogging just for the sake of money, then ask yourself this question.

What is the difference between having a day job that you don’t like and blogging for the sake of money only?

You will get your answer.

To have a fulfilled and happy life, one must do things that make them happy.

If you love to write, you will become a successful blogger.

Easy peasy.

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10. Writing to just fill in the number of words required

This is really something that so many new bloggers don’t understand. They try to write longer content just to get a higher ranking on Google.

They tend to forget, that not every blog posts need to have 2,000 words.

If you can explain something in just 300 words, then do it. Having a blog post with 300 words is not that bad either.

I have blog posts that have 300 and 600 words. It doesn’t really matter. Will these posts ever get to the first page of Google?

I guess, yes. I have seen far too many blog posts that have 300-800 words on the first page of Google. Some are even on the number 1 spot.

Though sometimes you will be tempted to write longer content just to get more words, don’t do it. If you can explain something in just 500-800 words, then it’s completely fine.

For example, if you have a keyword like how many Google ads are allowed per page? Do you think writing an article with 2,000 words well make sense?

Who will want to read so much information, when all they want to know is the number of ads they can put on their blog.

Make sense?

Your content should be detailed enough to cover the topic well enough.

That’s it.


Final thoughts: Amateur blogging-How it is and what mistakes to avoid

Blogging is really a beautiful journey. Try to avoid these mistakes and you will see a massive difference in your blogging efforts.

Being an amateur blogger is not that bad either. The awesome thing is that you will get to learn a lot.

Once your blog starts to earn money, you will see how everything becomes easier.

Till then, keep on creating quality content.

Believe in yourself and you will see your life change in ways you never imagined before.

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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