Can blogging make you rich?

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Though many people claimed that blogging is dead last year, more and more people and creating niche websites and are earning a full-time income. If you know how to approach blogging, then for sure you will become successful.

So, the question is: Can blogging really make you rich?

If you can create 3 articles per week you can expect to earn at least $1,000 – $10,000 in your first year. And if you have enough patience, in 5 years blogging will make you rich.

If you are ready to put in the hard work, then here is how much you can potentially earn:

Blogging timeline for 10 years


This is the usual trend for all new bloggers who commit to their blog.

Now, what if you want to earn more money in your second year?

Well, then you must create more articles. For instance, if you are creating 6 articles per week without fail, in 2 years you can potentially earn $50,000-$100,000 per month.

That being said, let’s see how you can actually approach blogging so that you have a better chance of reaching a full-time income.


Steps to become rich with blogging?

Starting your blog is pretty easy. You can start it in just 15 minutes. What is really difficult is constantly publishing content even if you don’t see any results.

This is where many people fail. Far many aspiring bloggers give up within 6 months.

Here is the deal:

Your blog posts will take at least 8 months to reach their potential. This means that after 9 months of blogging, only content created in the first month will reach the top rankings.

You must understand this ranking timeline. This will help you to have a realistic expectation that will greatly help you to stay on course. Once your blog reaches the 1-year mark, you will get organic traffic from blogs that you created in the first 4 months.

Here is how your organic traffic will look like if you started your blog in January:

organic traffic for first year of blogging


Now, let’s discuss the necessary steps you need to create a successful blog.

Step 1- Choose the right blogging model

The blogging model you choose will have a massive impact on your earnings in the future. If you want to create a passive income, then the best option is to create a niche site.

With a niche site, you can expand and grow your business. On the other hand, a personal blog will require you to devote more time and energy to your blog.

Here are the 2 blogging models that make the most money.


Step 2- Do extensive research on keywords

You need to have a list of at least 30-50 keywords before you start to write anything on your blog. Keyword research is CRUCIAL if you want to have a chance at earning a full-time income.

Far too many people ignore the importance of keywords and they create content that they think will perform well. This is the main reason why their blogs never get any momentum. Then after a few months, they wonder why they are not getting enough organic traffic, and end up giving up on their blog.

The thing is: A keyword that is targeted by authority sites, is very difficult to compete with.

The solution?

Target keywords that have relatively low search volumes (10,30,100 and 500). You can also target keywords that have 1,000 monthly search volumes. But when you do a Google search, there should not be ANY authority sites on the search results.

Remember, your goal is not to compete with authority sites but to find a loophole where you can create your own brand.

Here is how you can find keywords that will get ranking easily.


Step 3- Create as much content as you can

Getting an initial momentum for your blog will guarantee that you start to get organic traffic early. I am sure, you don’t want to wait till you reach 2 years to start to see some organic traffic to your blog.

That’s why you need to create at least 30-50 articles in your first 3 months of blogging. This is something that I didn’t know when I started my blog. If I knew that, I would most probably be getting at least 25,000 monthly organic traffic by now.

So, is there any solution to catch up? For instance, what if you only created 1 article per week?

Well, you can either outsource content creation or you can change your blogging schedule to publish as much content as you can.

Initially, I was only creating 2 articles per week. I thought that it will be enough for my blog. But I was wrong. After 9 months of blogging, I was getting only 20 visits from Google.

Nothing to brag about and definitely not what I was expecting.

I was really frustrated as I had invested so much time in this blog.

So, I did some extensive research and stumbled upon Income School Youtube channel. It was something that really changed the way I approach blogging now.

Though I haven’t yet bought their course, the information that you get from the youtube channel is really impressive.

After watching their videos, I realize that I don’t have enough content on my blog. So I decided to crank out more content. I really want to see how much impact it can have on my organic traffic.

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Step 4-Format your blog posts to get a higher ranking

Writing quality content is awesome. But how you format them, can make a huge difference in your rankings. Though you will see many GURUS telling you to create 4,000 words of content to get on the first spot, I have a blog post of around 1,050 words on the second spot.

As I am creating more content, I can clearly see that having a lot of words is not crucial to get on the top of search results. What is important is people get all the information they need that is related to your post title ONLY.

Here is how you can structure your blog posts effectively.


Step 5- Wait for your blog to have at least 60 articles

Now that you know how you can structure your blog posts, focus all your energy to create content. This is really important.

For the next 3 months, your only task is to create as much content as you can. This should be your ultimate priority. Everything else is secondary.

Once you reach 60 articles, you can slow down with your publishing schedule. Here you will have the option to either hire a writer or you can decide to create your own content.

If in the first 3 months, you have been creating 5 blog posts per week, you can now create only 3 blog posts per week till you reach your 1 year of blogging.


Step 6- Monetize your blog with Adsense and Affiliate links

Once you have completed your batch of 60 articles, you can now learn about blog monetization.

I know you will be very eager to make some money with your blog. But wait till your blog reaches at least 3,000 monthly sessions.

Why 3,000 monthly sessions?

Well, because you will be eligible to apply for Ad networks like Ezoic. Though officially Ezoic claims that they accept accounts that have only 10,000 monthly sessions, they do accept new websites with 3,000 monthly sessions.

So, why should you apply for Ezoic, instead of Adsense?

Ezoic will allow you to earn 50%-250% more than Google Adsense.

If you have noticed, I have disabled ads on my blog. The only reason is that I want to reach at least 25,000 monthly pageviews before I allow ads again.

This is my target for the next few months. I had the bad habit of checking my Google Analytics every day. It really distracted me from creating content.

Once I disabled Google Adsense, I was really focused on creating more content. This is has allowed me to publish 5-6 articles per week.

That being said, once you have applied for Ezoic, you can now spend some time perusing about affiliate marketing.

The best revenue model is to use Ezoic together with affiliate links on your blog. This will makes sure that you can earn at least a side income.



Final thought: Can blogging make you rich?

Many people are really excited when they have just started their blog. But the excitement pretty soon ends as they really don’t have a realistic expectation about the time it takes to build a successful blog.

For instance, after 9 months of blogging, I could have easily given up on publishing 2 articles per week. But I shifted my mindset and started to crank out more articles.

This was my reaction to receiving only 20 visits from Google.

That being said, if you have enough patience and work hard, you will become rich with blogging.

If you see your blog as a 2-year project, you can earn anywhere between $10,000-$30,000 per month.


See you soon!

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