Developing a blog strategy that will work in 2021

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What kind of blog strategy can you develop to be able to earn money easily?

This is a million-dollar question that many aspiring bloggers have on their minds.

With so much competition, how on earth can you develop a blogging strategy that really makes everything easier.

Well, there is one.

Which not many bloggers are using and that doesn’t require you to spend any money or even do the things that most bloggers are doing.

If you really want to know more about it, I will suggest you read till the end, as you will see learn things that will change your blogging journey.

That being said, let’s see what blogging strategy will be best for you in 2021 and beyond.

The best blog strategy for aspiring bloggers

There is so much noise online, that will confuse you and make you question your decision of starting a blog.

Trust me, even I have done these blogging mistakes and I have actually learned a lot from them.

Almost everyone will tell you to do more. In the end, you will work harder and compete in an oversaturated market.

What really happens is that almost every new aspiring blogger give up within 6 months.

Is that a coincidence? Or are they affected by so much information?

That is something you should ponder on.

That being said, let’s see how you can start your blog with a solid foundation and work your way towards creating a system that will earn money.

One thing you should always bear in mind.

NEVER become the bottleneck of your business. This is crucial.


1. Targetting low search volumes keywords

This is the most important thing for this strategy. Which blog niche you choose, doesn’t really matter. If the niche is more competitive, it’s better. If it’s not, then you can choose a few niches for your blog.

The thing is, almost everyone will tell you to choose high search volume keywords with low competition.

Let me ask you a question.

How will you find such keywords, when everyone in the industry is competing for the same keywords.

It’s quite obvious that you won’t find such keywords.

The solution?

Find keywords that they are not targetting. And usually, these keywords have very low search volumes.

Why I am saying so?

Well, the logic behind it is: A keyword that is not targetted by most people is a keyword that you will easily rank for.

Most online businesses are not interested to target keywords that have low search volumes. They prefer to target keywords that have high search volumes.

This is where the gold is.

Usually, these keywords will have search volumes between 10-100. Sometimes you can even find keywords that have 500 monthly searches.


2. Finding the right keywords

The easiest way to find such keywords is by using the Google Keyword planner

I will not discuss how to use the Google keyword planner tool, as I have a detailed article that will help you find keywords with low search volumes.

Once you have found your keywords, head over to ubbersuggest, and enter the selected keyword.

Let me show you how.

Head over to ubbersuggest, select “Keyword ideas” and type your keyword.

To demonstrate how to use it effectively, let me use a keyword that is broad enough. Let me choose the term “Photography”.

As you can see, it is giving a list of keywords. But, we need to filter the results to get keywords that will rank easily.

Now at the top press on “Filter” and enter the keyword difficulty range. Usually, I will use a number between 1 and 5.

Once you have entered the keyword difficulty range, you will get a list of keywords that can easily be ranked on Google’s first page. Press on the “Related tabs” and you will get a list of 274,814 keywords.

Now, if you don’t have the pro version for ubbersuggest, you will still be able to use it. You will get only 3 daily searches.

It will be enough for you to generate 1 keyword per day.

If you have previously read how to find keywords using Google Keyword planner, it will be easier.

We used the search term “Gardening” and finally it was narrowed down to “Hydroponic farming”.

If I use the term “hydroponic on ubbersuggest, I will get this result.

If ever you decide to target the keyword “Strawberry fields hydroponic farm” which has a monthly search volume of 210, you will easily get a ranking on the first page.

Actually, you might even get the number 1 spot as there is no competition for that keyword.

The first result is a Facebook page, and the next two listings are for a website that has a meager domain score.

 That being said, once you have your keywords, the next step is to create content for those keywords.


3. Creating good enough content

Reading about blogging on the internet and you will clearly see a pattern. Creating the best content on the web.

This will actually work if you are targeting keywords with high search volumes and if your domain is a few years old.

For new bloggers, creating good content will be just fine.

Look, is really simple.

You will see that USUALLY there are not many high-quality contents written for keywords with low search volumes.

This is quite obvious as almost everyone is creating content for keywords that have a very high search volume.

This is why you can get away with creating good enough content(1,200-1,500 words) for those keywords.

The most important thing is to target those keywords as fast as you can. Targetting a lot of keywords will help you to get secure more URLs for future traffic.

Actually, the more keywords you target, the more traffic your blog will generate.

So, go ahead and start to create good content for all your keywords and in time you will see that blogging is really not that complicated.

Once you have created around 70-100 articles, you can surely target keywords with higher search volumes.

You will have a better chance of getting a higher ranking for higher search volume keywords as now your blog has 100 articles and it has more authority.

So, how can you create good enough content?

Well, I am glad you asked.

To answer this question, I will recommend you read these free resources:

Once you have created a system to create more articles, you will see that everything will start to fall into place.

Pro tip: Use a Grammar checker to make your content creation process better


4. Promoting your new content for free

Every content that you create will need to be promoted. This is very important to start to get some traffic to your new blog.

Even if you create the best articles on the web, it will be worth nothing if people are not reading and sharing your content.

Since your budget is very limited, you will need to find a way to promote your content for free.

This is really very important in the beginning. If you don’t have enough resources, don’t try to invest money on social media platforms.

To get the best result, you will need to have an initial momentum which can easily be achieved with social media.

Though I cannot prove that social media signals have a positive impact on your rankings, it will at least help people to interact with your content.

Which I think is very important in the eyes of Google.

So, how can you promote your content for free?

Well, there are a few ways which I will discuss.

First, you can use Twitter to generate some traffic to your blog posts. It’s really not that difficult to generate traffic from Twitter.

Actually, there is a free platform that will help you to get more social shares for your articles.

Head over to this article to find out more.

Next, is to use Facebook to generate a little bit of free traffic. Well, I am not telling you to add all your blog posts manually to Facebook.

You can actually post all your articles on Facebook automatically. It’s really a good way to get more eyes on your articles. 

Learn how you can post all your articles to Facebook automatically on a schedule.

Finally, I will really advise you to use Pinterest. If you don’t use any other social media other than Pinterest, you will be able to generate a lot of traffic.

By far, this is my favorite way to bring traffic to this blog. I really love Pinterest because it is helping me to get more traffic to my blog. Actually, my blog traffic is increasing gradually which I wasn’t expecting at all.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest traffic, there are a few resources that will help you. Though I would like to show you how to use Pinterest to bring traffic to your new website, there is a lot of things to discuss.

That’s why I am giving you a list which I believe if you learn, you will get a lot of traffic to your new blog.

Here are the resources:


5. Earning money with your blog

With this blogging strategy, you will be able to target any keyword that is related to your niche and create content for it.

You won’t need to target keywords that will generate any sales, as the best way to earn money with this strategy is with ADS.

I know, ads have a bad rep in the online business world, but have you noticed some of the most popular blogs still using ads?

I am sure you have noticed.

And the logic is if they are placing ads on their blog, why you cannot?

So what proof I have that this blogging strategy is working?

Well, have you ever heard of Jon Dykstra? He is an awesome blogger who is earning $ 60,000 monthly with ads only.

So go ahead and place ads on your blog and start earning money right now.

If you haven’t yet installed ads on your WordPress and don’t know much about ads, these articles will help you:


Final Thoughts: Developing a blog strategy that will work in 2021

So, here it was the blog strategy that I am using to build my online business. It is actually a bit different from what others are doing, but it is working for me.

I hope that this article will help you to ponder on your blog strategy and you will be able to make some adjustments to start to earn money from your blog.

So, in short, the strategy is simple:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Creating content
  3. Revising and publishing content
  4. Promote on social media
  5. Repeat

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See you soon!

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