Does Fiverr Take A Cut Of Tips?

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Have you ever wondered whether Fiverr takes a cut of the tips you receive as a freelancer? It’s a valid concern, especially if you rely on tips as a significant part of your income. After all, you put in the hard work to deliver exceptional services, and you deserve to receive every penny of your earnings.

All tips are subject to Fiverr’s 20% commission. This charge is imposed to stop fraud or misuse on the site. “The tip will clear at the same time as the order. The same charge applies to the “Tip Gig” that many merchants construct. Hence, the fees are no longer additional and are now a part of the overall transaction.

What are tips on Fiverr?

tips on fiverr

Have you ever had a server at a restaurant go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, and you wanted to show your appreciation with a little something extra? Well, tips on Fiverr work in a similar way.

When a buyer is satisfied with the services they receive from a seller on Fiverr, they have the option to leave a tip as a token of their appreciation. This can be a great way to reward hard work, show gratitude, and encourage sellers to continue delivering excellent services.

But Fiverr’s system of tips goes beyond just a simple pat on the back. In fact, tips can make a significant impact on a seller’s overall income and success on the platform. So, it’s important to understand how they work and how they can benefit both buyers and sellers alike.

Essentially, tips on Fiverr are additional payments made by buyers to sellers after the order has been completed. These payments are not mandatory, and the amount is entirely at the discretion of the buyer. However, sellers can encourage tips by providing exceptional service, going above and beyond, and building strong relationships with their buyers.

Why does Fiverr take a cut of tips?


Fiverr is a platform that provides an array of services for freelancers and buyers alike. The platform charges a fee for its services, which is typically a percentage of the total order value. But when it comes to tips, many people wonder why Fiverr also takes a cut of this extra payment.

Here are a few reasons why Fiverr takes a cut of tips:

1. Covering the costs of running the platform: Running a platform like Fiverr involves significant expenses, including maintaining servers, paying staff, and providing customer support. These costs are covered by the fees that Fiverr charges for its services, including the commission it takes from orders and tips. Without these fees, Fiverr would not be able to continue providing the high-quality services and support that it currently offers.

2. Providing quality services and support to buyers and sellers: Fiverr invests heavily in providing quality services and support to both buyers and sellers on its platform. This includes providing a secure payment system, offering dispute resolution services, and providing customer support around the clock. By taking a cut of tips, Fiverr can continue to invest in these services and ensure that both buyers and sellers have a positive experience on the platform.

3. Encouraging fair compensation for all parties involved: When it comes to tips, there’s no set standard for how much a buyer should leave. This can make it difficult for sellers to know what to expect and can lead to inconsistent compensation.

By taking a cut of tips, Fiverr can ensure that all parties involved receive fair compensation for their work. This can encourage sellers to continue providing exceptional services, and it can help buyers feel confident that they are providing a fair tip for the work they received.

How to maximize your earnings on Fiverr

increasing earnings

While Fiverr offers a lot of opportunities for freelancers, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and make a significant income.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your earnings on Fiverr:

1. Choose a niche: One of the best ways to stand out on Fiverr is to specialize in a particular niche. Instead of offering general services, focus on a specific area of expertise that you are passionate about. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find you and will also help you command higher rates for your specialized services.

2. Set competitive prices: When setting your prices on Fiverr, it’s essential to strike a balance between being competitive and valuing your time and expertise. Research what other freelancers in your niche are charging and price your services accordingly.

Remember that buyers on Fiverr are often looking for value, so make sure that your rates are reasonable.

3. Deliver exceptional services: To build a loyal customer base on Fiverr, it’s essential to deliver exceptional services consistently. This means communicating clearly with your buyers, delivering work on time, and going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. By delivering exceptional services, you can earn positive reviews, which can help attract new buyers to your services.

4. Utilize Fiverr’s tools and features: Fiverr offers a range of tools and features to help freelancers increase their visibility and attract more buyers. For example, you can optimize your gig descriptions and tags for SEO, use Fiverr’s messaging system to communicate with buyers, and promote your services on social media. Take advantage of these tools to make the most of your time on the platform.

5. Encourage tips and repeat business: As we discussed earlier, tips on Fiverr can make a significant impact on your earnings. Encourage buyers to leave tips by delivering exceptional services, building strong relationships with your buyers, and providing excellent customer service.

Additionally, offer discounts or other incentives for repeat business to keep buyers coming back to you for their ongoing needs.

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Conclusion: Does Fiverr Take A Cut Of Tips?

In conclusion, while it may seem frustrating that Fiverr takes a cut of tips, it’s important to understand that this is necessary for the platform to continue providing quality services and support to both buyers and sellers.

Fiverr’s fees cover the costs of running the platform, provide quality services and support, and encourage fair compensation for all parties involved. While tips can be a nice bonus for freelancers, they should not be relied on as the sole source of income.

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