6 Ways To Use Fiverr To Make Money As A Student

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Many students are really confused about whether they can use Fiverr to make money online.

As a matter of fact, many people are making a full-time income on Fiverr within 1-2 years.

And the awesome thing about Fiverr is that you don’t need any special skills or money to start to make money right away.

As a student, it is crucial to get started early on in your freelancing career as it can be the type of work that can change your life forever.

For instance, Holly from Club Thrifty started as an amateur writer and now is making $200,000 per year as a freelance writer.

Pretty awesome isn’t it?

If you want to make a full-time income as a student, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I will show you how you can use Fiverr to make money and I will also list the best Gigs you can do as a student.


How to get started on Fiverr as a student


Before we get started, I assume that you already have an account with Fiverr. If you don’t have an account yet, then you can read this guide from Fiverr that will help you step up your Fiverr account in just a few minutes.

Also, you need to know that for every transaction, Fiverr will take a cut.

1. Understand how Fiverr works

Before you start to make money as a student on Fiverr, it’s vital to understand how the platform works.

For instance, if you want to get more orders from Fiverr, you will need to know:

  • How the search results work on Fiverr.
  • How to find and use keywords for your Fiverr gigs.
  • What kind of gig should you choose to get a higher chance of getting orders.
  • Why a particular buyer will choose to hire you instead of someone else.
  • Why it is crucial to have at least 1 positive review to get your first order.
  • What are the prices that your competitors are charging for a particular gig?
  • How to track your rankings on Fiverr.

Once you understand these vital points, you will be able to make necessary adjustments so that you can increase your orders drastically.

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I will not go into more detail on these points as I have another article where I discuss these in detail.

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2. Choose your Gig wisely


Now that you have a better understanding of all the key points, the next step is to find a gig that you like and that has low competition.

I will not advise you to choose a gig just because it has high-income potential. Actually, you should choose something that you love to do.

This is important as you will want to start your freelancing journey with something that you can do for at least 5-10 years.

Though there are gigs that have lower competition than others, choose something that resonates with your personality.

For instance, many beginners will choose a gig that is trending on Fiverr, to later find that they don’t like it that much. They end up being frustrated and finally give up on their freelancing journey.

But if you are really confused about which gig you should choose, I have a section below where I list the top 5 Fiverr gigs for students.

3. Use keywords to your advantage

Keyword research

Once you have chosen your gig, the next step is to use keywords that will help you to appear on the Fiverr search engine.

Keep in mind, that the use of keywords is crucial if you want to get any kind of momentum on the platform.

A carefully chosen keyword can be the difference between a new account that is getting only 1 order per month with a new account that is getting at least a few orders per week.

If you want more details, I have a complete guide that will help you find keywords, analyze competition and track your ranking on Fiverr.

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4. Track your progress

Track your progress

Now that you have prepared your gig and used keywords effectively, the next step is to track your performance.

“What gets measured, gets managed”. This is a quote from Peter Drucker who was an Australian-American management consultant and author.

Without tracking, you won’t be able to know whether your gig is performing or not.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to invest money to be able to track your progress.

If you use Fivlytics, you will be able to:

  • Get your Fiverr analytics
  • Check your Fiverr rank

Let’s see how these two work, shall we?

The Fiverr Analytics

If you are using this tool, you will be able to find the competition of a specific keyword.

All you have to do is to put your keyword and it will give the results in less than 1 second. For this example, let’s use the term “Domain Research” and see what kind of results we get:

As you can clearly see, you will get all the information that you will require for any keyword on Fiverr.

Fiverr Rank Checker

With the Fiverr rank checker, you will be able to track the rank of your gigs.

All you have to do is to insert your username and keyword, and you will get your rank instantly.

If ever you want to track a specific gig for 30 days, you can easily do that for just $1.

With this paid feature, you will have access to:

  • Rank Chart for 30 Days
  • Daily Status Update Email
  • Rank Change Track
  • Searches up to 5 Pages

5. Build a simple WordPress website

wordpress website

Though you don’t need to have a website to make money with Fiverr, it’s always better to have a website on which you can build a solid foundation for your future success.

If you have a website, you will be able to extend your reach to a wider audience which will help you build a sustainable online business.

Remember: This is optional. It is all up to you whether you want to have your own website or not.

You must know that having your own website is proof that you are a professional. This can really help you get more orders as people will see you as a professional.

And the awesome thing is that for only $2.95 per month, you can have your own website online.

If you really want to give it a try, then here is my step-by-step guide that will help you build your own WordPress website in just 10 minutes.

6. Promote your gig on social media

social media

As I have said before, to get more orders you will need to extend your reach exponentially. If you rely on Fiverr only, it will take some time to get to a place where you are making a full-time income.

Though there are many social media channels where you can promote your gig, I have found that Pinterest really outperforms all other social media.

The reason is:

  • Pinterest acts more like a search engine. This will give a constant flow of requests and traffic.
  • It is the best way to generate free traffic.

Pinterest will really be useful if you have your own website. Though you can add links to your gigs on Pinterest, having a website will be more sustainable in the long run.

Now that you have the blueprint to use Fiverr as a student, let’s have a look at the top Fiverr gigs you can do to make money.

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Best Fiverr jobs for students

Now that you know what the whole process looks like, let’s have a look at some of the best gigs that you can do as a student.

Remember: All these gigs have high-income potential. If ever you choose this line of work, you can build an awesome career.

1. Transcription

transcriptionist typing

Transcription is perhaps one of the easiest gigs to get started on Fiverr as you don’t need any special set of skills to become a transcriptionist.

Transcription is the process of converting audio/video files into written form.

As a transcriptionist, you will need to have these basic skills:

  • Good listening skills
  • Fast and accurate typing speed
  • Knowledge of MS word or other related applications
  • Time management
  • Provide written content with no grammar mistakes

Here is an example of a package on Fiverr:

If ever you choose this line of work, you will be glad to know that on average transcriptionists make $58,441 per year.

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Top earners$53$2,125$9,208$110,500
75th Percentile$38$1,500$6,500$78,000
25th percentile$13$528$2,291$27,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

2. Powerpoint presentation

Powerpoint presentation

I am sure you must have done PowerPoint presentations for your school projects.

Did you like it?

If your answer is yes, then this can be the perfect gig for you.

Though this gig may not seem very exciting and profitable, the truth is that almost all companies and lecturers need PowerPoint presentations.

You will be really amazed at the income potential for this gig.

On Fiverr, a typical package looks like this:

Great income potential, isn’t it?

Now, another fantastic thing about this gig is that you don’t need to have any enhanced skills. With the help of Canva, you can basically create awesome PowerPoint presentations within minutes.

If you have never used Canva, here is a quick tutorial that will help you know all the basics in just 10 minutes:

3. Subtitles and captions


If you wanted to become a captioner and had your request rejected by websites like RevCaption or TranscribeMe, Fiverr can be the place that will get you started.

This task is really simple. All you have to do is to add subtitles/captions to videos.

As a captioner, you don’t need any special skills to get started. Here are a few things that you must be good at to get started:

  • Ability to use your hand effectively
  • Ability to use audio and video equipment
  • Good typing skills
  • Ability to focus for long periods
  • Good time management skills
  • Proficiency with Word processing and spreadsheet software

Here is an example of a package on Fiverr:

Here is how much captioners are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Top earners$24$961$4,166$50,000
75th Percentile$12$480$2,083$25,000
25th percentile$11$451$1,958$23,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

4. Logo Design

Logo Designer

Every business needs a logo. Whether it’s a big company or a small blogger.

Now, if you are a creative person, you can easily make a good side income by becoming a logo designer.

And the awesome thing is that you don’t even need to use any complicated software to be able to design fantastic logos. With Canva, you will be able to create logos within minutes.

This is what the process of a logo design looks like:

  • Gather inputs from the client
  • Do Research
  • Conceptual design solution
  • Final design solution
  • Delivery of logo

On average most beginners will be able to charge only $5-$15 for 1 logo design. But if ever you chose to become a professional, here is how much you can charge:

Fiverr logo design

Now I am sure you are keener to become a professional logo designer, right?

Here is how much logo designers are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Top earners$49$1,942$8,416$101,000
75th Percentile$42$1,682$7,291$87,500
25th percentile$15$605$2,625$31,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

5. Proofreading


Proofreading is another easy-fiver gig that can help you get started on the platform. If you are good at spotting grammar and spelling mistakes, then this gig will be perfect for you.

So, what are you required to do as a proofreader?

Well, I am glad you asked.

You will be required to proofread/edit:

  • Articles, papers, & essays
  • Academic manuscripts
  • Books
  • Blog posts & other website content
  • Resumes & CVs

Here are a few skills that will help you become a good proofreader:

  • Good knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • A sharp eye for detail
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods
  • Ability to work very precisely
  • Good time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • It skills
  • Business and marketing skills

So, how much can you make as a freelance proofreader?

Well, to answer that, let’s head over to Fiverr:

Here is how much proofreaders are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Top earners$32$1,298$5,625$67,500
75th Percentile$26$1,028$4,458$53,500
25th percentile$17$663$2,875$34,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

If ever you will chose this line of work, you will be glad to know that there are other proofreading jobs where you can make more money.

For instance:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Director Proofreader$34.87$1,395$6,044$72,527
Senior Proofreader$34.61$1,384$5,999$71,989
Remote Proofreader$32.69$1,308$5,666$67,994
Scientific Proofreader$31.43$1,257$5,448$65,377
Telecommute Proofreader$30.29$1,212$5,251$63,012
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Final Thoughts: Fiverr for Students- The ultimate guide to making money

If you are a student who is struggling to make money, Fiverr can be the perfect place to start your freelancing journey.

Though when you are just getting started, you will make only $5 per gig, with time you will be able to make way more money than you have imagined.

You just need to stay focused and give TIME.

TIME is the only thing that really matters. If you are in a hurry to make $5,000 per month within a few months, then I am sorry to inform you that is not possible.

But if you are smart enough, you will understand that if you give something 1-2 years, then for sure you will be able to reach the tipping point where you will start to make a full-time income.

I know it can be really hard to get started on Fiverr as a beginner. This is why I have created some resources that will help you:

I hope that this post has given you enough insight and will help you get started with your freelancing journey.

See you soon!

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