Office By The Window: How To Maximize The View To Boost Productivity

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If you are someone who is working from home, then setting up your home office near a window can be the right solution.

Creating a special place where you can be away from distraction and where you can focus on your tasks is crucial for people who have a home office.

This is why having your home office near a window is really beneficial.

I am sure you must have asked yourself if:

Is It Good To Work In Front Of A Window?

Of course, it is. Though many people believe that working away from the window is more beneficial, the opposite is true.

Which Way Should A Desk Face In A Home Office?

This can be a tricky question as many people have different preferences.

To have a better idea, let’s have a look at some setups and see how they look.

1. Desk Facing The Window

When you have your desk facing in front of your window, you will be able to get more natural light which can be really helpful to calm your mind.

This can be an awesome setup if you choose to put a very light curtain which can help to make the light softer and create a more peaceful working environment.

home office near a window

Having your desk set up like this can really enhance your mood and help you become more creative, isn’t it?

2. Desk Besides The Window

The next setup is putting your desk beside a window.

desk beside a window

Can you see the difference?

In this setup, you can clearly see that the reflection of the window will disturb you when you are working. Also, look at the color combination, not very appealing, isn’t it?

The problem with this setup is that even if you put a curtain on, you will have some reflection which can be annoying.

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3. Desk Facing Away From Window

Now, many people really like where the window is in the back.

This is the most common setup will find in many home offices.

Desk Facing Away From Window

offices it can be interesting, the only problem is that you will get too much light from the window which can make your screen look lighter causing eye fatigue and headache.

For people who like to do graphic work or photo retouching, this is really a bad setup. You will never be able to get an accurate brightness, contrast, or color balance for your pictures.

Which one is the best setup?

Nowadays more offices prefer to put their desk facing the window because it has some benefits that I will discuss in the next section.

Here is what some offices look like:

office desks near windows

In short: Having your home office facing your window is the best solution. Now you can try a different setup and see which one will work best for you.

Bonus Tip: How To Create A Peaceful Home Office

Reasons Why You Should Set Up Your Home Office Near A Window

1. The Natural Light Will Give You More Energy

The awesome thing is that you won’t even need to have a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace.

Also, having fresh air coming from the window will make you feel more relaxed which can greatly increase your productivity and focus.

Now, you can put your desk right in front of your window, but make sure that your electronics and other accessories are not facing the sun directly.

Also, be very cautious when there is heavy rain as it can get into your electronics and short circuit your whole setup.

2. Integration Of Design Elements That Can Calm Your Mind

If you have some nature next to your desk, it will boost your productivity and morale.

Whenever you are stressed out, you can take a break and interact with your plant. Another awesome reason to have a plant is that you will get more oxygen in the room.

3. You Will Have A Great View

A clear view of nature or scenery is really stress-relieving. Having a beautiful view can enhance your mood, and make you more creative which will help you create better quality work.

Can you imagine having your desk facing a wall?

That will be really very distressing. Looking at a wall when you need a break will definitely decrease your productivity.

Feng Shui Principles That Will Help You Set Up Your Home Office Near A Window

1. Keep Your Work Area Bright

As I have discussed previously, having a bright light in your workspace will help you to create quality work.

According to Feng Shui direction of sunlight is one of the three treasures which will help you stay at your best.

2. Open Your Windows Whenever Possible

Fresh air is one of the three treasures of Feng Shui. The other two are clean water and sunlight.

Having more clean air will help you get more oxygen which has a direct impact on your energy level. The more oxygen you have, the more energy you will have.

On the other hand, if your window is closed, you will have more carbon monoxide in the room which can make you feel drowsy.

3. Remove Clutter From Your Desk

Nowadays many Feng Shui experts are focusing on decluttering. Having a clean desk will help you clear your mind so that you can get a better focus.

The thing is: Having a messy desk will impact your mood which has a direct result on your overall productivity.

4. Organise Your Wires

Having wires in plain sight can be something that will bother you. Also, wires tend to gather dust which is very hard to clean.

Every time you will look at the wires you will add a little stress that you won’t notice. But the effect can be profound if you neglect it.

That’s why it’s crucial to organize your wires in such a way that you cannot see them.

5. Avoid Low Hanging Furniture Above You

Feng Shui is against anything that is above your bed and even your desk. Having a piece of furniture above your head can make you feel compressed and pressured.

It will give you a similar feeling if you are inside a room with an extremely low ceiling.

Though the effect varies for different people, it’s better to stay away from anything that makes you feel compressed.

6. Balance Your Furniture Colors With Light Intensity

Depending on how the room is, you should always try to balance your light. For instance, having too much light will irritate you, and not having enough light will make you feel sleepy.

Therefore having the right balance is crucial to staying productive and in a good mood.

For instance, if you have a room where there is a lot of light, you may choose darker furniture to balance out the light. What I mean by darker furniture are those which include brown or black colors.

On the other hand, if the room is very dark, you will add furniture that has bright colors. For instance, Ivory white or light brown.

7. Remove Mirrors From Your Desk

And on top of that, you will be constantly distracted as you will tend to look at yourself more often than focus on your work. In this scenario, your mirror is competing for your attention.

Final Thoughts: Home Office Near A Window

Having your desk near a window will bring way more positive energy than facing a wall. If you are about to set up your home office, try to put your desk near a window and follow the 7 Feng Shui principles that I have listed above.

I hope that this blog post has given you enough insight to help you make a better decision to put your desk near a window.

See you soon!

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