How Fiverr Algorithm Works-Guideline To Rank Your Gig

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So you want to know how the Fiverr algorithm works, right?

The biggest marketplace for digital services in the world, Fiverr, provides a technologically optimized transactional platform for both customers and sellers.

It is one of the best platforms for freelancers to make a good income online.

A ‘Gig’ is the specific name for a service provided by a vendor on Fiverr. Sellers can specify their beginning price when establishing Gigs.

How the Fiverr algorithm works

To understand how the Fiverr algorithm works, you will need to understand the vital factors by which Fiverr ranks its gigs.

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1. Number of Total Orders

This might be regarded as the primary gig rating element. Your gig will be at the front more often the longer the wait is. It means that if you are constantly getting orders for your gig, it will stay on the top search results and appear more often to potential buyers.

If your gig is not getting any orders, it will regress slowly until it stops appearing on Fiverr search results.

The number of orders is likely counted every month rather than over time. Keep in mind that the gigs are all on the same side and have several orders.

There are several methods to add orders to Gig’s queue which I will discuss later.

2. Number of Total Click Views

The number of clicks a gig receives has a significant impact on its ranking. Your gig will survive longer if more people see it, and if more people click on it, it will get a boost in impressions.

For this, you must concentrate on gig promotion after posting a new gig. If you can market Gig in this manner, it will receive a lot of clicks and it will be simple to acquire orders.

However, bear in mind that spamming is never acceptable when done for gig marketing purposes.

The polar opposite of hit will occur and you can even get your account banned.

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3. Rating

A good grade indicates that the gig will succeed. Keep in mind that when a buyer rates a seller, he also provides a second, secret rating that the seller cannot see.

Additionally, it improves gig ranks. So make an effort to keep the customer happy. You cannot ask the buyer for a favorable rating or a particular rating as it is against Fiverr policies.

Your only solution is to provide quality service at a reasonable price which will automatically please the buyer and he will give you a good ranking.

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4. Conversion Rate

The ratio of clicks on your gig to actual orders is known as the conversion rate.

For instance, if your gig receives 100 clicks and 5 orders, its performance will be improved if its conversion rate is 5% or greater. If the conversion rate is 5 or above, it is often seen as favorable.

I know it can be difficult to increase your conversion rate especially when you are new to the platform.

That’s why it’s vital to use SPECIFIC keywords and use them effectively in your description.

If you want to know more about how to find keywords and use them in your gig description, then I have a full guide that will help you.

Be sure to go through it as it will make a massive difference in how buyers see you and how they can be enticed to book you.

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5. Level

Seller Levels at Fiverr

Concerns have been raised regarding the number of sellers in gig banking. A Level-2 vendor, according to Fiverr, gets 4 times as much traffic as a new seller.

However, the truth is that even a seller with a high rating does not always receive gig orders after posting a new gig. The ironic part is that many people could start receiving fewer orders after they reach a certain level.

This implies that after achieving the highest level, Gig’s rating somewhat declines. It is only a short-term solution, and orders returning becomes commonplace after a few days.

This is good news for anyone who wants to start their freelancing journey on the platform as they have a high chance to get more impressions for their gigs.

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6. Response Rate and Response Time

A crucial element for Fiverr gig ranking. Nothing could be worse than a buyer messaging a seller about a job and the seller not responding.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to better understand this. It is strongly disliked by Fiverr. By replying to a buyer’s request quickly you have a better chance to get the order.

Your response rate will continue to drop and the amount of time will rise if you don’t answer in this way. As a result, Gig’s standing could decline.

Here is the thing: Often some buyers want to quickly order and they will search for any seller who is online on the platform at that time.

By using the Fiverr app, you can appear online 24-7, thus you will be able to reply to any seller you contact you.

Keep the Fiver applications downloaded to your phone so you can swiftly respond to the buyer’s message.

Attempt to respond within one hour. The likelihood of obtaining the order improves by 50% if the buyer responds within 30 minutes of receiving the message.

7. On-Time Delivery Delivery

post at the right time

Fiverr prefers to fulfill orders in advance. Delivering the task by the deadline is necessary for this.

The assumption is that the job will be better if the work is delivered 12 hours before the scheduled time. Send the buyer a note to request an extension if you are unable to submit the job by the deadline.

The buyer will prolong the period.

It cannot, however, become a habit. Because doing so will lower your gig’s ranking. It is preferable to extend the gig’s delivery period if you regularly wish to extend the time.

8. Seller activity

Fiverr favors sellers that are active regularly. So you must attempt to do routine tasks. If you require an extended vacation, Fiverr will request that you switch off the “out of office” option.

But this feature can have a high impact on your gig ranking as often people who have not been active on the platform have seen the best-selling gigs ranking drop and the gigs never got the high ranking again.

In short, it means that you should check your Fiverr account every few days and reply to any query you may have.

9. Keywords

Keyword research

Keywords are the primary determinant of Fiverr gig rankings The Gig Ranking Factor on Fiverr functions very similarly to Google in this way.

For instance, if the keyword “Minimalist” is on the logo for your performance, it must appear once in the gig’s title.

You must sprinkle the keywords smartly on your gig description so that it doesn’t appear spammy.

If not, Fiverr’s robot will consider it spam and might not reveal the gig’s rank.

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10. Order Completion Rate

It is important to place orders from buyers correctly. Aim to avoid canceling orders as they will hurt your ranking.

More order cancellations will lower your order completion rate and perhaps lower your gig’s rank. Additionally, orders may result in account bans. So, it’s better to be on the safe side and complete every order you get on time.

Getting traction on Fiverr will take some work and I don’t think you will want to jeopardize your hard work, right?

Final thoughts: How Fiverr Algorithm Works

These were the 10 crucial factors on which Fiverr based its search results and gig ranking.

I know it is very difficult to get some traction on Fiverr since there is a lot of competition.

That’s why I have prepared a list of very helpful content that will help you in your freelancing journey on Fiverr:

Bonus Tips:

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