How Many Blog Posts You Need To Make Money

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Do you think there is a direct correlation between the number of posts and money?

Yes?No? Maybe?

Well, the answer is not that simple.

Having a lot of blog posts doesn’t guarantee you will earn enough money or any money at all.

But having enough well-written content that targets the right keywords can help you earn a lot.

So, the usual trend is like this:

Your first 50 articles will bring a little traffic and a few bucks. 

Your next 50 articles will bring more traffic and a tad more money.

Once you reach 401 articles, your blog will reach its full potential.

But, but……

Just writing content regularly will not be enough.

Let me explain.

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How many blog posts do you need to make a full-time income?

Usually having your first 100 articles is the foundation for your blog. This is where your blog starts to establish its authority in search engines.

Now, this is not the exact number as many factors can affect your earnings.

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This is how much you can potentially make if you are committed to publishing 3 articles per week:

YearNumber Of ArticlesPotential Earnings Per Month
1144$1,000- $10,000
3432$30,000- $50,000
4576$50,000- $100,00
5720$100,000- $250,000
6864$250,000 – $350,000
71,008$350,000- $500,000
81,152$500,000- $600,000
91,296$600,000- $800,000
101,140$800,000- $1,000,000

Factors that will affect your blog’s earnings significantly:

1. Generating enough Traffic 

Having a lot of blog posts means nothing if you are not able to generate traffic for your blog.

Logically, if you can generate the right kind of traffic, you can make money with only 1 blog post.

For instance, if you have created an article that targets a keyword that can convert, you can make money instantly with affiliate marketing.

If you have a blog post on How to use a specific product, you will more likely generate a sale since you are showing the reader how the product will help them.

N0w, there are 2 ways to generate targeted traffic:

Both are very reliable when it comes to quality traffic.

Since traffic from Google will take time, your best option is Pinterest.

Did you know that many bloggers are earning a full-time income with Pinterest?

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2. Targeting the right keyword is crucial

I am sure you have stumbled on many blogs which seem to be doing really well. On the surface, they seem to be killing it. Usually, these blogs have around 70-120 articles.

But, when you analyze their traffic, you will see that these blogs get only a few hundred organic traffic.

Despite having more than 100 articles, these blogs are not able to generate traffic.

Have you ever wondered why?


  • They are not targeting the right keywords
  • They are not using the right blogging strategy
  • The content is not good enough
  • There are too many topics on the blog

These could be the potential reasons.

There is a reason why almost every successful blogger will tell you that targeting the right keywords makes a massive difference.

Let me give you a single example:

Let’s say you are targeting a keyword that has a 5,000 monthly search volume. Looks pretty obvious that if you can get a ranking for this keyword you will generate enough traffic.

But, have you wondered how many blogs are targetting those keywords?

A lot. 

Especially blogs with high domain authority.

There is no way you can rank for these keywords. It will take you more than 1 year just to try to get on Google’s first page. 1 year where you did a lot of link building and promotion.

The solution?

Target keywords that have between 10-100 monthly search volumes.

It is completely against what most people do. 

WHO targets low search volume keywords?

Almost no one.

So why these keywords?

The simple reason is that you don’t have to do any link-building. You won’t need to create epic content. Actually, these keywords will get on the first page effortlessly.

In this competitive industry, this is the only way to approach blogging.

From the start, I have been targeting keywords with 10-100 monthly search volumes.

Now that I have written around 75 articles, I have started to target keywords with 500-1,000 monthly search volumes.

Once these articles start to rank, I can easily try to rank for keywords that have 500-2,000 monthly search volumes.

Once, these keywords start to get on page 1, I will target keywords with 5,000-10,000 monthly search volumes.

By that time, my blog’s authority will be high enough to have a chance of ranking for those keywords.

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3. The way you write your content

Quality content is important. But it doesn’t mean that ALL your blog posts should be 2,000-5,000 words.

Actually, you can easily publish articles with 1,200-1,500 words.

The thing is: I have seen a lot of content on the number 1 spot which has around 600-800 words.

What does this mean?

It means that if your content is very informative, easy to read, and contains images, statistics, and videos, it will perform well.

Remember I told you to target keywords with 10-100 monthly search volumes?

For these keywords, you can easily get away with 1,000 words. 

For example, I have articles that have between 600-4,500 words.

Why 600?

Because 600 words were enough for me to explain everything.

Why 4,500?

The keyword has more search volumes and the top positions have around 3,000-4,000 words.

4. Which monetization method do you use

The 2 most common ways that most people monetize their blogs are Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Now, to be able to earn enough money from ads, you will need a lot of content that targets low-competition keywords.

This is because earning a significant amount from ads requires a lot of traffic.

And generating enough traffic is really difficult.

That’s why affiliate marketing seems a better option. But you don’t need to do only affiliate marketing.

You can use both ads and affiliate links on your blog.


5. How often do you publish new content

It’s not rocket science that the more content you publish the more traffic you will generate.

According to Hubspot, to maximize organic traffic you should publish as much optimized content as possible.

For small blogs, it is recommended to publish 3-4 times per week.

I must admit that this is the harsh truth of blogging.

Initially, I thought that if I publish only times per week, I will get enough traffic.

I was so wrong.

My organic traffic is still very low, Maybe around 25 per month.

Then I stumbled upon this article from Hubspot, which got me thinking…

Based on this graph, if I publish 16 articles per month I will get maximum organic traffic.

I have decided to publish 4-5 times per week. It’s time to get some serious momentum for this blog.

I have been blogging for 9 months, and it’s time I focus all my energy on creating content.

I really want to know what impact it will have on my organic traffic.

That being said, if your blog is still new, try to publish as much content as you can.

Sometimes this is the only way to get some serious traffic.

How can I claim that?

Well according to Business2Community:

  • 80% of daily blog visits are new.
  • Blogs that post daily get 5X more traffic than those that post weekly or less.
  • Once you reach 51 blog posts, your traffic will increase by 53%. With 100 blog posts, your traffic will increase by 3X. Once you reach 200 blog posts, your traffic will increase by 4.5 X.

You can read the full article here.

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Final thoughts: How many blog posts do you need to make money

Blogging is a journey that takes time. But you can accelerate everything by publishing more content.

The more optimized content you have, the more traffic you will generate. And the more traffic you can generate, the more money you will earn.

This is the most simple way to approach blogging.

So go ahead, and publish as much content as you can till you reach 100 articles.

From there everything will fall into place.


See you soon!

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  1. Excellent article. That is very good strategy to go for low ranking keywords. I have had good results doing that as well. Though I seem to be doing better on Bing than Google for some reason. 3-4 posts a week is a lot.

    • Actually even I have been getting more traffic from Bing. Maybe organic traffic from Google will take time. But, I am very confident that posting 3-4 times per week will definitely give me a boost in traffic.

      I will keep you updated.

      Cheers Chris


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