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How many Google AdSense ads are allowed per page

How many Google AdSense ads are allowed per page

Google Adsense is well known among bloggers as the most reliable ad network.

But it is not the only ad network that you can use. Other Ad networks will help you to earn more money than Google Adsense.

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Till 2016, Google Adsense allowed only 3 ads per page. Now the limit has been removed.

In short, you can put any number of ads on your page but you should make sure that it doesn’t overshadow your content.

Adsense has recently updated it’s program policies. So if ever you violate their terms of service(TOS), they will permanently disable your Adsense account.

Therefore, it’s a must that you adhere to their terms of Service to reap its benefits.

In the new ad placement policy:

That’s awesome. Isn’t it?

Right now Google Adsense has many types of ads units which are in these 4 categories:


Display ads

Display ads are the all-rounder types of ads that will work well anywhere.

 You have 3 available formats:


In-Feed ads

In-Feed ads match the look of your site and fit in between posts and listings.

This type of ad tends to perform really well when it is placed above the fold.

By far this is the best performing ad on my site right now.


AdSense for search

If you have a big website, this can work well for you. It lets your users do web searches directly from your pages. 

So, if ever you place AdSense for search on your pages, you will generate income from ad clicks made by users.


The top-performing ad units

Leaderboard (728×90)- This works well because this ad is placed just after your blog’s header. Advertisers love this type of ad unit as it tends to perform best on the desktop. This ad unit is not available for mobile devices.

Large rectangle (336×208)- Usually these types of ads perform well if placed in between paragraphs. Some people do use it in the sidebar, but the problem is if your sidebar is not large enough, it can affect user experience.

Medium Rectangle (300×200)- This tends to perform well on mobile devices. Also, this size will be perfect for your sidebar without disrupting the user experience.

Large Mobile Banner (320×100)- It works best when it is placed at the top of a page. Since there are more people visiting blogs from their mobile devices, this ad unit will be perfect.

Large Skyscraper (300×600)- This is the typical ad that you place in your sidebar. It can generate a lot of clicks because it will draw the attention of people due to its massive size.

Billboard (970×250)- This is another ad unit that works best when placed at the top or bottom of your page.


Final Thoughts: How many google AdSense ads are allowed per page

As I have stated above, Google has removed the limit of ads you can put on a single page.

That doesn’t mean you should blast your pages with ads everywhere. You must take into consideration the user experience.

You don’t want to scare away your audience, especially when your blog is new.

That being said, I am placing between 3-4 ads per page for the time being and not using ads in between the paragraphs of my content.

I like it this way because when people read my content, they are not distracted by ads that are within the content.

But I will advise you to try different ad units to see which one is performing better for you.

I am sure you will want to earn more money with display ads.


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