How To Avoid Fiverr Service Fee?

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I’m sure you’ve been scrolling through the various services Fiverr offers, only to have your jaw drop at the incredible deals you can get. But just when you’re ready to hit the purchase button, you realize there are prices attached in addition to the cost of the service.

How To Avoid Fiverr Service Fee?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the Fiverr service fee. Fiverr charges a service fee of 20% on all transactions, which can really add up throughout multiple transactions.

Why do Fiverr Fees Exist


For starters, the fees charged to sellers help cover some of the costs Fiverr takes on to help make the platform safe for both buyers and sellers. This includes a variety of authentication and security measures that ensure that users are who they say they are and that the services being provided are legitimate.

The fees charged to buyers also benefit consumers as they encourage buyers to be more thoughtful with their purchase decisions. Because buyers are charged a fee for every transaction, they understand that every purchase they make is an investment and they know that the better the purchase is, the more likely they are to benefit from the services they’ve paid for.

How to Avoid Fiverr Fees


The simplest, most economical way to avoid Fiverr fees is to go through a third-party platform, rather than using the Fiverr platform directly. By using a third-party service, you can avoid many of the fees you’d have to pay through Fiverr.

If you can find a freelancer who already works in the third-party platform you’re using, you can often eliminate the third-party fees too. You just have to make sure both you and the freelancer are connected to the same platform, and you can transact directly.

Alternatively, you could also try finding a freelancer through your network of friends and family. This doesn’t eliminate Fiverr fees, obviously, but it can save you money because you don’t have to hire through Fiverr’s platform. Friends and family may often charge you less than the going market rate, which can be a great way to save money.

Understand the Disadvantages


When you use Fiverr, you’re connected to sellers who can provide an array of services for one low flat fee. This low rate makes Fiverr incredibly attractive to a variety of businesses. The problem is when you accept a quote for a service on Fiverr, you don’t know the quality of the product you’ll receive fresh off the press.

The quality of work that the seller provides could be subpar and not what you were expecting. Also, the time it takes to receive the completed project may be longer than anticipated.

When you pay the Fiverr fee, you’re essentially paying for better guarantees than you would get if you didn’t pay. For example, most service packages on Fiverr offer buyer protection, so if the product you receive isn’t up to scratch, they will work with the seller to revise the project promptly.

In addition, many sellers on Fiverr are highly rated, which means their track record of delivering top-notch products is well-established within the Fiverr community.

Conclusion: How To Avoid Fiverr Service Fee?

Unfortunately, the Fiverr service fee is unavoidable. It is part of the platform and a cost of doing business. However, what you can do is make sure that you are aware of the fees when you are pricing projects and services.

Also, when you are creating packages or services that you know have a fee associated with them, make sure that you take that fee into account and make sure you are making enough money to cover your costs. That way, you can ensure that you are still making a profit despite the service fee.

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