How To Become TikTok Famous Without Showing Your Face

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TikTok is the next big thing in video content. With over 1 Billion users, it’s like Instagram for kids – only with a lot more filters and no emojis.

This video-centric app is perfect for anyone who loves to create short videos and wants to make money online.

For those who are not very familiar with TikTok, it’s important to know that this is a new platform that has been growing very rapidly.

A quick preview on Google Trend for TikTok will give you this:

Trend for TikTok

If you want to become TikTok famous without showing your face, then this guide is for you.

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10 Ways to become TikTok famous without showing your face

1. Choose your niche

Before you even create your TikTok account and start adding videos, you will need to know which niche you will choose.

Why is it important?

It’s because you will want to be specific in a narrow niche to be able to break through.

For instance, people should know your TikTok account for something very specific. This is the fastest way to get some traction on the platform.

Also, since you will target a specific niche, the TikTok algorithm will understand your profile better and show your videos to people who are interested in your niche.

So, how can you choose your niche?

Well, its very simple:

How to choose your blogging niche

As you can see, your ideal niche is something that has 3 things in common:

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  • Passion – is important to motivate you to add new content
  • Knowledge– is important to be able to show people that you know what you are doing
  • Profitability – is important to be able to make money

If you are confused about choosing a niche, then here are the top 10 most profitable TikTok niches that you can choose from.

2. Optimize your account

Once you have created your account, you need to upload a selfie (or any display pic that will reflect your account) and you must add a short bio about yourself.

Next, you should include contact information and add links to your social media profiles. This will help potential followers find you whenever you start to post videos.

This is an important step as having an account with a description will help people to trust you so that you can get followers.

3. start posting videos from day 1

Videos are the lifeblood of TikTok. As with any social media platform, posting consistently is key to getting more followers.

To be able to break through, you will need to post at least one original video per week to get attention and be prepared to respond to comments and fans.

Now I know it can be overwhelming to add new videos often especially when you are just starting out.

And if that is the case, you can start by posting shorter, less detailed videos.

The key is to start building a following, which will help you get more followers and attention from TikTok’s editors.

It’s vital to add new content if you have a new account as you will need to make your way through all the videos on TikTok.

And since this is a new platform, the best way to get a jump start is to add at least 2-3 videos every week.

Once you’ve got a few comments and likes under your belt, it will be time to add more quality videos, as it is proof that people are liking your content.

4. Create A Showreel

Now I am sure you must be wondering what a showreel is, right?

A showreel is a collection of clips that shows off your talents and is meant to give potential followers an inside look at your skills and personality.

You can create a showreel in your profile by including behind-the-scenes videos and photos of you performing your talents.

You can also link up to your social media profiles, and use it as a way to direct potential followers to your other content.

TikTok is a great place to put together a showreel because the app is so visual. Filters and stickers make it easy to really show off your talents.

How to create a showreel?

There are a few steps you must do to produce a showreel on TikTok.

To begin your reel, you must first select a fantastic video. Ensure that the video is of the finest quality and showcases your best characteristics.

Next, pick a memorable tune to go with your video.

Finally, write a compelling story to go with your video. This will keep people interested in your showreel and help you catch their attention.

5. Use influencers to grow your audience

To become famous on TikTok you will need the help of influencers. You will not be able to break through if you think you can do everything by yourself.

You need to network and establish connections with those who have previously found success on TikTok.

Discovering TikTok influencers and following their accounts is the simplest method to do this. Reach out to them and give them genuine compliments for their work.

With time they will come to know you better and they will be more than happy to help you.

Trust me on that.

You can use the connections you make to expand your audience once you’ve made a few of them.

6. Have fun with Live Teaming and Challenges

TikTok is all about community and creating content with a specific goal in mind.

One of the best ways to have fun is to join a challenge. Namely, to pair up with other TikTok stars and create a video that fits the theme of the challenge.

Challenges are a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. And, you can always turn them into your own personal brand by creating them around your original content.

Challenges are all about creating a specific type of content that fits with the theme. For example, the “Hollywood” challenge is all about making videos that have a Hollywood-esque feel to them.

You can find all the current challenges on TikTok’s Challenges page.

7. Stay active in the community and get noticed by editors

One of the best ways to get noticed by editors is to be active in the TikTok community and talk to other users.

Start by commenting on other people’s original content, and leave positive feedback on the videos you like. Also, keep an eye out for chat groups where people are actively looking for TikTok stars to join.

TikTok allows you to join chat groups and forums that are tied to your content. These are great places to meet and talk with other people interested in the same things you are.

As you become more active in the community, you’ll start to see more comments and interactions from users who are part of TikTok’s editorial team.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or resubmit your video

TikTok wants to see real talent from real people, so don’t be shy when you see comments asking for feedback.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or resubmit your video if you’re not feeling it.

Editors and fans will usually be very supportive and friendly when you ask for feedback. They want to see real talent, and they want to help you better yourself.

TikTok tends to favor detailed, narrative videos with a clear story arc. However, you don’t need to focus on the requirements of the platform to grow your audience and build a following.

9. Stick to the basics: building a brand is more than just posting new content

Remember: TikTok is a community-driven platform where the most important thing you can do is make great content.

If you do this well, people will find you.

Build a following and they’ll start to trust you, and may follow you back. This will help you grow your following, and hopefully one day, you’ll be the next TikTok star.

Once you feel comfortable posting original content and following the platform’s rules, you’ll be on your way to becoming TikTok Famous.

Keep in mind that the best way to grow an audience is to create great content, and be active in the community.

10. Join the TikTok creator fund

Now that you have created content and you are getting traction on TikTok, it’s time to make money.

To be able to make money with TikTok, you will need to join the TikTok creator fund program.

The TikTok Creator fund is an initiative run by TikTok that promises to pay eligible TikTokers for their videos.

To be eligible for the TikTok creator fund program you must:

  • Be based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have at least 10,000 followers.
  • Have at least 10,000 video views in the last 30 days.
  • Have an account that fits with the TikTok Community Guidelines and terms of service.

Final thoughts: How To Become TikTok Famous Without Showing Your Face

As you can see, to be able to become TikTok famous, you will need to invest some time creating and adding new content to your account.

If you follow everything I have said in this post, you will be able to get to a point where you will start to make money with TikTok.

It’s important not to compare yourself with others as it will hinder your progress.

The most important thing is to add new content regularly so that you can be favored in TikTol’s algorithm.

I hope that this blog post will motivate you to move forward till you are making money.

See you soon!

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