How To Block Low Paying AdSense Ads

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Having Google Adsense on your website can be a good revenue model IF you get enough traffic.

Now you must be thinking that if you show only relevant ads on your website you can potentially earn more money.

In a way, you are right, as it makes sense.

But do you think it’s ALWAYS like that?

Well, not really. (I will show you later)

For the time being, let me show you how to disable low-paying ads that can affect your earnings.

Shall we?

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How to block low paying Adsense Ads

Before you head over to your Google Adsense dashboard and start to block categories, it is crucial to know which categories are performing well for your website.

So how can you do that?

It’s easy.

On your Google Adsense dashboard press on “Blocking Controls”. 

Now click on “Manage General Categories”.

Now click on ” % earnings (last 30 days). 

google adsense category

Here you will be able to know which categories are performing well for your website.

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If you want to block any category, you just have to press on “Status” (right side of the report).

The reason I showed you this is because most of the time, new bloggers tend to block categories that are performing well.

They think that if a category is not related to their niche, they won’t be earning that much.

But usually, the opposite can be true. For instance, my Adsense account proves that.

My Google Adsense account

Based on my Google AdSense account (Picture above), you can see that categories like Finance, Computer and Consumer Electronics, and Jobs & Education are generating the most income.

Logically, I would have disabled them as they are not related to my niche. But I cannot as the category( Computer and Consumer Electronics ) is the second-highest category for my blog.

That being said, it’s VERY important to consider sensitive categories as they can affect your credibility.

What I mean by that is, if someone enters your website which is about Finance, showing ads like Reference to sex or drugs and supplements won’t do your business any good.

Here is a screenshot of my sensitive categories.

As you can see, I have blocked almost all categories except “Get Rich Quick”.

The reason is that my blog is somehow related to making money online and having categories like Dating or religion will not be relevant at all.

Also, I don’t want my readers to see such types of ads. 

Pro Tip: Allow almost all categories on your website for 1 month and see which ones are performing better. (Especially the ones that generate clicks).

Once you get that information, you will be in a better position to decide which ads you have to block.

How blocking ads can impact your earnings

Usually, when advertisers are bidding for ad space on your website, the ads that end up showing is the one that has the highest bidding.

For instance, let’s say you have 2 advertisers that are bidding for your ad space.

Advertiser A is bidding $1.50 an advertiser B is bidding $2.00. It makes sense that advertiser B will win the bidding and his ads will show up on your website.

Now suppose you block a category in which Advertiser B is bidding. It means that by default advertiser A will win the bidding for your website. Also, it means that you have just lost $0.50 in revenue.

This was a simple example for you to understand that blocking a category can at times decrease your Adsense earnings.

That being said, I am sure you will want to know how you can increase your Adsense revenue, right?

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Bonus: How to increase your AdSense revenue


It is no mystery that a website that creates more content will get a boost in revenue.

According to this study done by Ezoic, the top 10 websites that earned the highest Ads earnings created 87 blog posts in 1 year.

Also, the 10 websites that had the LEAST revenue growth had an average of 25 blog posts in 1 year.

As I have previously stated in the blogging strategy that I am using, having more content means you will earn more money.

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2.Increase Engagement metrics

Making your content more engaging will increase your Adsense earnings. The more time people spend on your blog, the more you will earn.

Also, doing proper internal linking will have a massive impact on your earnings. The more pages people visit on your blog, the more money you will earn.

So how can you increase your website’s engagement?

Well, you can do the following:

  • Write more about your target market interests. Things that they will more likely love to read.
  • Include videos, pictures, or even personalized charts that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Back up your writing with proven data whenever you can.
  • You can also ask for people to comment on your blog and give you feedback.
  • Use mobile-friendly themes.

3.Use other ad networks

Google Adsense is not the only ad network you can use. Other ad networks can help you earn a lot more than Google Adsense.

Once you have a constant flow of traffic, you can always apply for ad networks that will help your business grow.

If you would ask me, I will highly advise you to use Ezoic as it has no minimum traffic requirement and you can make way more money than Google Adsense.

Average RPM for Mediavine eligible sites only-income school
Image Source: Income School

As you can see, Ezoic’s RPM is slightly better than Mediavine or even AdThrive.

Pro Tip: This result is for websites that are eligible for Mediavine only.

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4.Increase your page’s RPM

By far this is usually ignored by many amateur bloggers. Actually, it’s something that you must take seriously if your revenue model is based on ads.

The simple truth is this:

A blog post can have an average RPM of $1 initially. But you can easily increase it to $10 in just a few months.

Here is how my Page’s RPM change when I did these few vital things

Google Adsense RPM

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5.Increase your blog traffic

The more traffic, the more you will earn with Adsense. This is something that almost every blogger struggles with. And I won’t lie to you, even I do. 

That being said, many people talk about SEO and its benefits. But if your blog is new, then your focus SHOULD be on social media for at least the first 6 months.

SEO is a good way to get traffic. But it takes a lot of time for your blog posts to get on page 1 of a Google search. 

And if you are like me, I am sure you cannot wait for a few years to get a ranking from Google. Right?

That’s why I prefer to use Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to my blog.

I cannot tell you how much Pinterest can help you solve your traffic issues. If you haven’t yet given Pinterest a try, maybe it’s time to make some adjustments.

If you haven’t yet used Pinterest, here is how much traffic a SINGLE pin can bring in 1 MONTH.

viral pin updated

Here are a few articles that will help you step up your Pinterest account the right way.


Final thoughts: How to block low paying Adsense Ads

Google will show you exactly what categories of ads are performing better. Based on these results you can choose which categories you will block.

Also, don’t forget to block Sensitive categories that can hurt your Adsense earnings.

That being said, keep testing the categories until you find the ones that are the best for your niche.

If you are new to monetization with ads, then these resources can help you:

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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