How To Find Keywords For Free In 2023

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If you are new to blogging, it’s crucial to understand that you can easily find keywords for free. You don’t need to buy any premium keyword tool especially when your blog is not earning any money.

So, how can you find awesome keywords for free?

The most reliable way to find keywords for free is to use Google auto-suggest, Google trends, and Google keyword planner. Once you have found your keywords, you need to use Mozbar to find how competitive those keywords are.

In this post, I will show you how to use Google auto-suggest and Google trends to find keywords that have low competition.

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Before we get started, I would like to tell you a simple truth about keyword tools and even Google Keyword Planner.

The monthly search volumes for any keywords that you see on those tools are an estimate based on data.

If ever you are using a keyword tool, NEVER take the monthly search volume into consideration. Instead, use your logic to see if it’s worth writing the post.

Pro tip: There are many keywords on keyword tools that show zero monthly search volume. But when you write the article you will notice that it is bringing anywhere between 500-5,000 monthly sessions to your blog.

That being said, let’s now see how you find keywords for free in less than 1 minute.

1. Using Google Auto Suggest

Head over to Google and type any keyword that you want. Let’s say that your blog is about DIY and you are searching for a few keywords related to your niche.

On Google auto-suggest, I will type DIY followed by the alphabet A. Let’s see what Google suggestions we get:

As you can see, you have a list of keywords instantly which can give you a broad idea of which sub-topic on DIY you can write.

Now, you will repeat the above step, but this time you will replace the alphabet A with B till you get to the alphabet Z.

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Let’s try with the alphabet D and see the set of keywords that we get.

Now, you have another set of keywords that can make awesome blog posts.

Now, let’s go a little deeper to find another set of keywords. Let’s suppose you want to write a blog post on “DIY dream catcher”.

So select the keyword and hit enter to get the search results and scroll all the way down to find its related searches.

Now you have another set of keywords related to the term ” DIY Dream Catcher”.

Here is your list of keywords that you can use for your blog posts. It was really easy, isn’t it?

Now, there is one last step before you select any of the keywords. And that is to find how competitive these keywords are.

To find how competitive a keyword is, you will need to install completely free MozBar. Just create an account with Moz and download MozBar from Google Chrome Store.

Once you have enabled it on your chrome browser you will get this at the top of your screen:

Pro Tip: Always choose Google US (Non-personalised) when you trying to find competition for a keyword. This is to avoid your search history affecting your results.

Now that you have installed MozBar, let’s analyze the keywords for “Diy dream catcher”. Based on the related searches. let’s analyze the competition for:

  • Dreamcatcher art
  • Macrame Dream Catcher DIY

There are two things that you should look at to determine how competitive a keyword is:

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • If any search results have the keywords in their permanent links

Competition analysis for Dreamcatcher art:

A quick search on google gives us this result:

Here you can notice that:

  • There are a few search results that have the keyword in their permanent links (It means they have already targeted the keyword).
  • Most of the search results have Page authority (Between 30 to 59) which means it is a competitive keyword.
  • The Domain Authority for most search results is between 55 and 94) which is a clear indication that it will be really hard for you to compete with this keyword.

Now let’s analyze the competition for Macrame Dream Catcher DIY

Now this is a keyword that you can target because:

  • The first search result has PA16 and DA 11
  • The second search result has PA 13 and DA 10

Pro tip: You can outrank any search results which has a minimum PA and DA of 20 or less if you create better content.

The search results show that despite there being other authority sites for this keyword, there are at least 2 search results that are from low authority sites.

In short, when you are doing a competitive analysis a keyword is worth your efforts if:

  • There are at least 2 search results from low-authority sites. Having only 1 search result for a low authority site sometimes means that either the listing is temporary or there is an error from MOZ.
  • There is a search result from quora that appears in the search result.
  • None of the search results have the search query directly in their permanent links. Here you should look at DA. If it’s more than 60, then you should not target the keyword.

Now that you know how to do competition analysis, let’s discuss another way to find keywords for free.

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You must have heard of google trends. Have you ever used it to find keywords? If not, then please hang around; I will show you how.

We can all see that trends come and go. Now it happens faster than ever, Isn’t it?

If you are active on social media, you can have a hint about what is going around. These trends usually carry great post potential, and sometimes you can find keywords that can even go viral.

So how can you find keywords that will guarantee traffic and won’t go out of trend very quickly?

I know you are eager to know about it.

So let’s discuss it.

Let’s use our dear friend, Google Trends.

Head over to Google Trends and type the keyword you think is on-trend right now.

I will use content marketing related to my niche, as lately, I have seen many posts about it on Facebook.

Type content marketing and hit enter. Please don’t forget to refine your search. It may choose the United States by default. You need to change it to worldwide.

You will want your blog post to be ranked worldwide and attract as much traffic as it can. Isn’t it?

Let’s see what it gives us.

content marketing

Step 3:Look at the general trend

Look at the general trend for 12 months. As you can see from the graph, there is a blue line that gives us an idea of the trend for content marketing.

A value of 100 represents maximum popularity, and 50 stands for popularity half of that.

For content marketing, we can see that the trend is stable, and it is even on the rise as of April 2020. This is good news.

Tip: If you see a downward trend, then I won’t advise you to write content about it. Why would you even write content that will fade away? There is no point in doing that.

You will find related search queries at the bottom right of your screen.

Related search queries

As you can see, you will have a few keywords that will make useful blog posts.

Based on this query, I can create the following blog posts:

  • Content marketing trends for 2020
  • How content marketing drives sales
  • Content marketing for beginners

Now, if I go to page two( where it’s written showing 1-5 of 25 queries) and I click on that, I will have another set of keywords.

Related search queries page 2

Here I can write a blog post on the following topics:

  • SEO content marketing round-up
  • Online courses for content marketing

For competition analysis, repeat the same step with the MOZ bar as discussed above.

Now there is another way you can find keywords more quickly and that is by using the Google Keyword planner. You can read my full guide where I will show you how to use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords that will rank easily.

Final thoughts: How to find keywords for free

These two methods of finding keywords will help you find awesome keywords. The awesome thing about this method is that you are getting data directly from Google which is way more reliable than a typical keyword tool.

I know coming up with blog posts every week is tough, and you will always run out of ideas. But just remember that whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost, it means it’s time to take a break.

Come back after a few days, you will see a massive difference in productivity, and you will see how new ideas keep on coming.

Just remember your blog should reflect your style. It’s who you are and provide your audience with your unique type of writing.

Enjoyed this post? Don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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