How to find keywords for free

So you want to know how to find keywords for free. Well, I will show you two tools that will help you much more than you can think. 

Why am I saying so?

Because these tools are free and are often overlooked.

I was just like you a few months back and was struggling to find keywords that have the potential to bring traffic to my new website. I did some research and found out two ways to get excellent keywords that will generate traffic.

Since I have just started this blog, I was hesitant to share my own little secret with you. I think you must know the feeling when you just found a new trick that actually works.

But, I want to help you out with that. And I want you to use it to find your kick-ass keywords and create excellent content with that.

In today’s competitive market, it’s becoming more difficult to find free tools to help you find keywords that will generate traffic.

Being new to blogging, I know how difficult it is to invest money on a paid keyword tool. I understand how you must be struggling to create blog posts that attract the right people to your website.

I have been there, and I know the struggle. That’s why I created ViableBlog. To help you succeed with your blog.

If you want to create a successful blog, you must offer content that is valuable to your audience. 

The best way to do this is either you solve your audience’s problems or provide answers to their questions.

Simple as that.

But often, keyword research is overlooked.

Tell me how on earth can you know what people are searching for without doing a keyword search?

Can you?

Well, of course not. That’s why you have to do keyword research before you create a new blog post.

I can still see new bloggers struggling to get traffic because they create blog posts that they think people will like.

Therefore, they create content based on what they think will bring traffic, and they wonder.

They wonder why they are not getting traffic.

They wonder maybe blogging is not meant for them.

They wonder that blogging has no future.

They keep on wondering without knowing a simple truth.

“Creating content without keywords research is just worthless.”

This is why they are not able to generate quality traffic to their website.

Let me ask you a simple question. Why do you think people do a google search?

As I said above, to find solutions to their problems or find useful answers to the questions they may have on their minds.

That’s why we all do a google search. Am I right?

Yes, I am 😃.

If you can learn from successful bloggers, you will surely see how they help people with their content. You will find that they are creating high-quality, valuable content for their readers.

They are providing either useful information, helpful tutorials, or lists of resources for their potential audience.

Why they focus so much on trying to create content for people?

Well, I am glad you asked.

People are selfish. They want to know how your content will help them. They are not concerned about your personal problems or how you are struggling.

Their only concern is whether you can help them.

That’s it.

That being said, your focus should be to attract people to your blog and not the other way round.

So, let’s dive in and find out how to find keywords that will generate traffic and attract the right audience to your blog.

Shall we?

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Method 1. Find out what people are searching for in your niche.

I think this is the most crucial step before you even think about creating a blog post. You will want to create a post that people are searching for.

Sometimes the path to success is just one simple thing that people need to change, and it takes a lot of time for them to figure that out.

People think success has to be complicated or very hard. No, not at all.

Success is simple. What you are required to do is to be consistent with your actions.

How can you possibly create a successful blog if the content is not satisfying the needs of your readers?

Think about that for a second.

Are we right now? Let’s proceed further.

Here’s is how you find content that people are searching for.


1.First, head over to

Type a keyword in the search field. I will use ‘blogging’ since this is what my blog is about.

blogging search term

The first two suggestions from google are:

  • blogging meaning
  • blogging sites

Based on these two searches, I can see that this is not the type of content people are willing to spend money on. Because when people are usually searching for blogging meaning and blogging sites, they just want to have a general idea about the term’ Blogging’.

Also, below I can see “blogging marketing”, “blogging content”, and “blogging tips. It means that people who are searching for these terms are more likely to spend money to learn more about these search terms.

This is cool, as these keywords have the potential to bring traffic and money.

I can see the term’ blogging for beginners” in the suggestion. This looks like a promising keyword as I will create content that will target beginners only.


2. Now, let’s search for “blogging for beginners” on Google search.

Scroll all the way down to see related searches for that topic.

blogging for beginners

With the related searches, I can see some exciting keywords like blogging platforms, how to start a blog, and make money, or even blogging for dummies.


3. Put all of your findings to create an excellent blog post.

For example, I can write about:

  • Best blogging platforms for beginners
  • How to start a blog and make money-A beginner’s guide
  • Blogging tips for dummies

If you are creating new content this way, you are guaranteed to get traffic for your blog post. People are searching for these keywords, and producing high-quality content around these keywords means that they will be interested in reading your blog post.

When you are just starting, it’s better to keep everything simple and concentrate more on creating high-quality blog posts around these types of keywords.

Once you are used to it, you can indeed dive deeper to search for more keywords. I will explain how to this next.

Are you ready? 


Method 2. What’s popular around your niche right now.

You must have heard of google trends. Have you ever used it to find keywords? If not, then please hang around; I will show you how.

We can all see that trends come and go. Now it happens faster than ever, Isn’t it?

If you are active on social media, you can have a hint about what is going around. These trends usually carry great post potential, and sometimes you can find keywords that can even go viral.

So how can you find keywords that will guarantee traffic and won’t go out of trend very quickly?

I know you are eager to know about it.

So let’s discuss it.

Let’s use our dear friend, Google Trends.


Step 1: Head over to Google trends

Head over to google trends and type the keyword you think is on-trend right now.

I will use content marketing related to my niche, and lately, I have seen many posts about it on Facebook.


Step 2: Type Keyword on google trends

Type content marketing and hit enter. Please don’t forget to refine your search. It may choose the United States by default. You need to change it to worldwide.

You will want your blog post to be ranked worldwide and attract as much traffic as it can. Isn’t it?

Let’s see what it gives us.

content marketing


Step 3:Look at the general trend

Look at the general trend for 12 months. As you can see from the graph, there is a blue line that gives us an idea of the trend for content marketing.

A value of 100 represents maximum popularity, and 50 stands for popularity half of that.

For content marketing, we can see that the trend is stable, and it is even on the rise as of April 2020. This is good news.

Tip: If you see a downward trend, then I won’t advise you to write content about it. Why would you even write content that will fade away? There is no point in doing that.


Step 4: Find related queries.

You will find related search queries at the bottom right of your screen.

Related search queries

As you can see, you will have a few keywords that will make useful blog posts.

Based on this query, I can create the following blog posts:

  • Content marketing trends for 2020
  • How content marketing drives sales
  • Content marketing for beginners

Now, if I go to page two( where its written showing 1-5 of 25 queries) and I click on that, I will have another set of keywords.

Related search queries page 2

Here I can write a blog post on the following topics:

  • SEO content marketing round-up
  • Online courses for content marketing

If you are up to date with the latest trends, you can create a blog post that can go viral and generate a lot of traffic for you.


If you are interested to learn more about keyword research, I have a blog post on how you can find keywords using Google Keyword planner.

Here you will have a detailed guide that will help you find many keywords together with the number of searches per month and keyword difficulty.

After you have learned how to do proper keyword research, you will need to create content that will rank well and bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

Here are a few free resources that will help you grow your blog:


Final thoughts: How to find keywords for free

These two methods I just discussed are just the basics that you will need to explore to get excellent keywords for your blog posts.

I know coming up with blog posts every week is tough, and you will always run out of ideas. But just remember that whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost, it means its time to take a break.

Come back after a few days, you will see a massive difference in productivity, and you will see how new ideas keep on coming.

Just remember your blog should reflect your style. It’s who you are and provide your audience with your unique type of writing.

keywords for free

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  1. Girish,
    The answers are always hidden in bare sight.😎
    The keyword’s mumble jumble is always evolving but human nature is to be comfortable with the known and comfy, instead of venturing out to the unknown. With research right from the mouths of successful experts, finding the perfect keywords is ‘easy – peasy’, but the resultant effects take time. 👀

    I have shared the post.
    H Emma |

    • Hello Emma,

      You are right. Finding keywords that can bring a lot of traffic to a new blog is relatively easy. It just takes time to start to see some traction 😃 .

      Glad you like the article.

      Happy blogging


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