How To Get Fiverr Rising Talent?

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Are you a freelancer looking for the best ways to get Fiverr Rising Talent? This badge is one of the highest honors a freelancer can receive on Fiverr. Rising Talent recognizes Fiverr freelancers who are successfully delivering high-quality services.

These freelancers also demonstrate professionalism and excellent customer service skills. Becoming a Fiverr Rising Talent will help take your freelancing career to a new level, as it will draw more attention to your profile and increase the demand for your services.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the steps you should take to get your Fiverr Rising Talent badge.

How To Get Fiverr Rising Talent?

To become a Fiverr Rising Talent, you will need to consistently deliver outstanding customer service, provide high-quality work, and complete work quickly. You will also need to have an exemplary rating record with no late deliveries, cancellations, or unsatisfactory ratings over the last three months.

What is Fiverr Rising Talent?

Fiverr Rising Talent is a program for Fiverr freelancers who have shown high levels of quality customer service, reliability, and excellent performance. It is a recognition awarded by Fiverr and gives freelancers access to exclusive benefits such as access to more important jobs, better search rankings, and higher payment rates.

To be eligible, a freelancer must have earned a certain number of customer ratings over the last six months and have an overall rating of at least 4.5. Once you become a Fiverr Rising Talent, you will have a special “Fiverr Rising Talent” badge featured on your profile. This badge lets clients know the freelancer has earned Fiverr recognition and will provide better customer service and reliability.

Fiverr Rising Talent also gives freelancers access to exclusive benefits such as promotional opportunities, priority customer support, and access to special offers. So, by becoming a Fiverr Rising Talent, you can enjoy all the benefits and recognition of being part of the Fiverr platform.

Qualifying for Fiverr Rising Talent


Fiverr Rising Talent is an exclusive badge awarded to the best freelancers on Fiverr who have consistently delivered high-quality work to their clients. To qualify for this badge, freelancers must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a consistently high rating from clients. The average rating for the past 30 gigs must be at least 4.5 stars with no negative reviews.
  • Have at least 50 gigs completed with a total of at least $2,000 earned in the past 12 months.
  • Have a consistently high completion rate. All gigs must have been completed within the designated timeframe with minimal extensions.
  • Have a professional profile and portfolio that demonstrate your work and skills.
  • Have consistent customer support and communication with clients.
  • Remain consistent and active on the Fiverr platform. You need to show a commitment to the platform and to your clients.

Once you meet all of the criteria above, you will be reviewed and evaluated by Fiverr’s editorial team. If you qualify for the badge, you will be notified and the badge will be added to your profile.

Benefits of Fiverr Rising Talent

1. Increased Visibility: As a Fiverr Rising Talent, your profile stands out in search results and you have greater visibility within the Fiverr marketplace. Being a Rising Talent can attract more buyers, leading to more gigs.

2. Higher Rankings: Rising Talent gets preferential treatment when it comes to search results and profile visibility. This can be an advantage in a crowded marketplace as it allows buyers to find your profile more easily and make purchasing decisions more quickly.

3. Special Features: Fiverr Rising Talent offers several features to help you stand out from the competition. These include exclusive discounts and offers on some of the services you offer, as well as the ability to create custom packages to attract buyers.

4. Quality Assurance: Fiverr Rising Talent is a great way to ensure that buyers are getting quality work from you. All Fiverr Rising Talent applicants go through a screening process, including portfolio reviews and a background check, to ensure that sellers are meeting the highest standards of quality.

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5. Client Support: Rising Talent also comes with access to Fiverr client support, who are ready to help you with anything from technical assistance to promotional campaigns. Client support also helps ensure buyers are getting the best service possible.

6. Networking Opportunities: As a Fiverr Rising Talent, you’ll be able to join the private Fiverr Rising Talent Owners Group and enjoy networking opportunities with other talented Fiverr members. This is a great way to build relationships and make connections that can boost your success.

Steps to Increasing your Chances of Getting Approved


1. Start or Refresh Your Profile: A Rising Talent badge is unlikely without a profile buzz-worthy enough to be featured. Take the time to work on creating a detailed profile that showcases your portfolio of work and talents.

You will need to provide an accurate description of your skills, successes, experiences, and any awards you have earned. The more detail you put in, the higher the chances of you getting your Rising Talent badge.

2. Upload a Professional Profile Photo: A profile photo makes you look professional and also helps verify that you are a real person. Without a profile photo, it is unlikely you’ll get the badge.

3. Build Strong Ratings and Reviews: This is the most important step of all and could make the difference between your profile getting noticed and featured (or not). You need to get well-rated reviews from your clients and build a strong reputation on the platform.

4. Be Patient: The Rising Talent badge isn’t awarded right after you apply – it’s not an automatic process. It can sometimes take several weeks or even months before your application is reviewed. As long as you’ve done the above steps, you can just wait it out until you get a notification from Fiverr if you are chosen or not.

5. Reach Out: If you’ve been on Fiverr for a while and haven’t heard back from Fiverr about the Rising Talent program, it is ok to reach out and inquire. You can do this by sending a message directly to their customer service.

Conclusion: How To Get Fiverr Rising Talent?

Getting Fiverr Rising Talent is a great way to get recognition as a freelancer and boost your reputation among potential clients. To achieve Rising Talent status, you must consistently provide quality services, attract positive reviews, and complete gigs on time.

Establishing a good relationship with clients, delivering quality work, and staying active on Fiverr are all keys to success.

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