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How to get orders on Fiverr- The ultimate guide for 2022

How To Get Orders On Fiverr

Many aspiring freelancers create their accounts on Fiverr to get started on their freelancing journey, but then they come across their first hurdle. They are not able to get any orders on Fiverr.

So, how can you make sure to get your first order on Fiverr?

The fastest and easiest way to get orders on Fiverr is to create a unique service that is not competitive and optimize your Fiverr account using specific keywords to get found by potential buyers.

In this post, I will show you exactly how you can get your first order, how to prepare your gig, how to find keywords, and how to market your gig.

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Crucial points to understand to get more orders on Fiverr

Before we get started, it is crucial to understand how Fiverr works and why you are not getting any orders.

Only when you understand the mechanics, you will be able to make necessary adjustments to get more orders on the platform.

To get your first order, you will need to know:

These points are crucial to understanding if you want to increase your chance of getting more orders on Fiverr.

That being said, let’s elaborate on each point so that you have a better understanding and you can make necessary adjustments.

1. How the search results on Fiverr works

The Fiverr search result will rank gigs based on 4 factors:

If you can get these right, your Fiverr gig will rank higher and you will get more orders.

Just as SEO for Google, where you target specific (low competition keywords) to get a higher ranking, the same principle can be applied for your Fiverr gigs.

You need to know what keywords buyers are using for a specific gig so that you can rank for those keywords.

This brings us to the next point.

2. How to find and use keywords for your Fiverr gigs

Since there is a lot of competition on Fiverr, you need to be spot on with your keyword research strategy.

The best way to do keyword research for your Fiverr gigs is to use the Fiverr search engine.

If you type “Domain” on the Fiverr search engine, you will get these results.

Once you have found a good keyword, you must check its competition to know whether you should use the keyword or not.

I will not go into more details on how you should do your keyword research and find competition as I have a detailed guide on Fiver keyword research.

Please go through it, as it will help you find low competition keywords that can be ranked easily on the platform.

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3. What kind of gig should you choose to get a higher chance of getting orders

If you are starting with a gig that has a lot of competition, it will take too much time to get your orders. Most new freelancers choose a gig based on what they think will work and end up disappointed when they don’t get any orders.

The truth is: As a beginner, you should take the path of least resistance. This means that you must choose gigs that have very low competition.

Since the algorithm work in a way that favors conversion rate and reviews, it is vital to choose a low competition gig.

Once you start to get a few orders, you will be able to rise to Fiverr levels where you will get more orders with time.

There are 4 levels on Fiverr:

Rising to the top-rated seller level should be your main goal. As when you are at that level, you will always be contacted for your services.

So, when you are just starting on the platform, choose a low-competition Fiverr gig, that will make everything way easier for you.

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4 . Why a particular buyer will choose to hire you instead of someone else

The next point you should understand is why someone will hire you if they have a wide variety of choices?

Well, what I have noticed is this:

If you can create compelling images and short videos, you will be able to stand out.

Your gig must contain at least a few examples of your previous work and if you can create a short intro video, it will really help you.

Your intro video should be short (1-2 minutes) where you will explain your expertise and explain why buyers should choose your service.

This way they will be able to know who you are as a person which will make them trust you. Once trust is built, they will be ready to contact you for your services.

5.Why it is crucial to have at least 1 positive review to get your first order.

Once you have prepared your gig with useful examples and an intro video, the next step will be to get at least 1 positive review.

Since reviews are crucial for your gig to be listed on the Fiverr search engine, you must try anything you can to get your first review.

Maybe you can contact a buyer and provide your service for a very low cost or even for free.

The thing is: Once buyers will see that you have at least 1 positive review, they will be more willing to contact you as you have at least some proof providing quality work.

Quality work is what will get you to make a Full-Time income on Fiverr.

What I have noticed is this: The amount of quality you provide to the world is directly related to the amount of money you can make.

Also, don’t forget, 1 satisfied client will:

Always remember: You should always aim to give your clients your best work all the time. If you stick to this one thing, you will never struggle to get an order on the platform.

No amount of marketing can beat a referral from a satisfied client.

6. What are the prices that your competitors are charging for a particular gig?

As a beginner on Fiverr, it’s crucial to check the price range for your competitors. Once you know how much they are charging for a service, you can provide that for a lower price in the beginning.

Once you start to get some momentum on the platform, you can try to raise your price just a little bit to see if you are still getting the same number of orders.

I will highly advise you not to raise your price too soon as it can harm your overall number of orders.

The thing is: Once you have built a network of clients on a specific price range, they will expect you to charge the same amount. Also, referrals coming from these clients will expect the same price.

If you suddenly increase your price you can lose all those clients.

So, it’s always better to do some trials and see how things are working out when you increase your price slightly.

7. How to track your rankings on Fiverr.

“What gets measured, gets managed”. This is a quote from Peter Drucker who was an Australian-American management consultant and author.

To be able to make necessary adjustments to your Fiverr gigs, you will need to know how your Gig is performing on the platform.

For that, you will need to use Fivlytics.

Fivlytics is a free platform that will help you with:

Though all features are very useful, two features stand out more:

Let me give you a quick overview of these two awesome features:

The Fiverr Analytics

If you are using this tool, you will be able to find the competition of a specific keyword.

All you have to do is to put your keyword and it will give the results in less than 1 second. For this example, let’s use the term “Domain Research” and see what kind of results we get:

As you can clearly see, you will get all the information that you will require for any keyword on Fiverr.

If you haven’t yet used this awesome tool, then give it a try. It will save you a lot of time.

Now, let’s have a look at the Fiver rank checker, shall we?

Fiverr Rank Checker

Remember, in the beginning, I said i’s crucial to track your gig rankings? Well, this tool will allow you to do that.

All you have to do is to insert your username and keyword, and you will get your rank instantly.

Now if you are interested to track a specific gig for 30 days, then you will need to spend $1.

With this paid feature, you will have access to:

How to speed up the process of getting more orders on Fiverr

Now that you know all the technical stuff, you will need to find other ways to get more orders on Fiverr.

There are a few things that you can do:

1.Promote your Gig on Social media

Right now, social media is the best place to promote any kind of content. Though many social media platforms tend to perform really well, I prefer to use Pinterest for all my promotions.

The reason is:

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, I would like you to know that since Facebook had an algorithm change, where the reach has been decreased drastically, many business owners started to use Pinterest.

Based on the stats from Statista, it has been found that the number of active monthly users on Pinterest has been increasing since 2016.

Now, you are not only limited to Pinterest. You can also try LinkedIn which can be a great place to get some quality referrals.

2.Be more active on the platform

If you are more active on Fiverr, you will be able to get more opportunities to get orders. And the awesome thing is that you don’t need to stay active on your Pc or Laptop.

You will find the Fiverr app on Google store which will allow you to stay online on your mobile device.

The main reason to be active on Fiverr is that there are a lot of buyers who will select the “Online” feature while searching for a seller on the platform.

This will benefit you especially for buyers who need something urgently. Staying online and responding to an urgent request can be the way to start to get some momentum on the platform.

Final Thoughts: How To Get Orders On Fiverr

I know how hard it can be to get your first order on Fiverr, especially when you are just starting out.

That’s why it’s crucial to do everything I have said in this guide. Don’t forget that an excellent description, use of images and videos, and using the right keywords will have a great impact on your search results.

Though you might not see any progress in the first few weeks, which is the usual trend for any new freelancer, you will be able to get more orders if you are patient enough.

Remember: Freelancing on Fiverr, if done properly can help you make a full-time income within 1 year.

I hope this guide has given you enough insight so that you can get more orders on the platform.

See you soon!

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