How to get Pinterest button on Google Chrome

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Pinterest is an awesome platform to search for new ideas for DIY, recipes, weddings, or fashion.

It is also widely used by bloggers and business owners to create brand recognition and bring targeted traffic to their websites.

So, if you add a Pin It button to your browser, you will be able to add all types of images from blogs, websites, or even other Pinterest accounts.

And the awesome thing is it’s very easy. In just 1 minute you can install the Pinterest button on Google chrome.

Let me show you how.

How you install the Pinterest button on Google chrome

Head over to Google browser and type Chrome Web Store and enter the first result you get. You can also find the Chrome store here.

Now, in the “Search the store” bar on the top left corner of your screen, type “Pinterest” and hit enter.

Click on the first result you get and you will get the option where you can add it to your Chrome browser.

Click on “Add to chrome and you will get a pop up to confirm your action.

It will take a few seconds to download and install the extension.

Once it is completed, you will get a Pinterest Icon on the top right corner of your browser.

Voila, it’s done.

It was really simple, isn’t it?

Now you can pin your favorite images and pins across your boards.


Pinterest for Business owners and bloggers

If you are a new blogger or you have an online business, then I am sure there are a few things that can help you have an advantage over your competitors.

As a blogger, I love Pinterest because it is helping me to build my online business.

Though this blog has been created on the 28th of April 2020, I am getting quite a bit of traffic from Pinterest.

Here is a picture of a single pin.

As you can see, a single pin can bring you so much traffic in just 1 day. That being said, these are the resources that will be helpful to help you build a successful Pinterest account.

Final Thoughts: How to get the Pinterest button on Google Chrome

As you can see, it was really easy to install your Pinterest button. Also, the resources I have mentioned above will help you a lot. 

Trust me.

Do give Pinterest a try and you will see a massive difference in your efforts towards building your online business.

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Pinterest button on Google Chrome

See you soon!

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