6 Simple Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Views In 1 Month

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When it comes to visual content, Pinterest is one of the best platforms out there.

As a matter of fact, it is the most reliable platform to bring a lot of FREE traffic to your website.

So, if you are not using Pinterest for your business, it’s time to give it a try.

And if you are, then read further.

I am sure you want to take your Pinterest game to the next level.

Isn’t it? Who doesn’t want that?

Can you imagine generating 500,000 to 1,000,000 monthly views?

That will be really dope. Isn’t it?

Actually, if you can generate that kind of monthly views, you are guaranteed to start to earn at least $2,000-$5,000 per month.

And I am very sure you want to earn that kind of income. Am I right?

So, why monthly views are important?

Well, I am glad you asked.

Your monthly views are part of your reach on the platform. The more people you can reach, the more clicks you can generate. 

Clicks are the most important metric to look at.

Can you imagine the potential of a single pin?

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viral pin updated

In just 1 MONTH, this pin generated 184,970 impressions, 968 saves, and 3,120 CLICKS.

As you can see, with Pinterest you will actually be able to generate ENOUGH traffic to make a good income with your new website.

Here is how much traffic my 3 top-performing boards generated in 1 month:

top performing Pinterest boards

Now let’s see what you can do to increase your views and traffic exponentially. Shall we?


How to get more views on Pinterest

1. Understand that Pinterest is a Search Engine

Everyone knows Pinterest is a social media platform. But it isn’t as all.

Pinterest is a search engine and if you approach it that way, you will be able to generate more views and clicks in less than 1 month.

Once you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works, you will be able to make necessary adjustments to increase your views and traffic exponentially.

A pin without any keyword and good description is worth nothing no matter how many times you pin it to different boards.

This is something far too many new bloggers ignore.

If you have basic SEO knowledge, you must know how important keywords are to getting any kind of traffic from Google, right?

Well, Pinterest works just the same. The only difference is that people will find your Pins instead of your blog posts.

That being said, before you add any pin you should do keyword research and include the keyword in the description.

Keyword research is not that difficult at all. It just takes a few minutes.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s try it together.

How to find keywords on Pinterest

Let’s say you have a blog post on “How to bake a cake”. 

Head over to your Pinterest account and type “Bake a cake”.

As you can see, you will get the following keywords:

  • Bake a cake from scratch
  • Bake a cake for beginners
  • Bake a cake like a bakery

These are the potential keywords that you can use. Now you can go a little deeper to find keywords that are not that competitive and for which your pin can get a high ranking.

Let’s select “Bake a cake from scratch”.

Here you can use the following phrases:

  • How to make a cake from scratch
  • Simple ways to bake a cake from scratch
  • Baking a vanilla cake from scratch

Within just a few minutes, you have got a list of keywords that you can use for a single blog post.

It was easy, isn’t it?

Now that you know how to find keywords, it’s time to optimize your boards.

2. Name your Pinterest boards to maximize your traffic

I am sure that you haven’t yet optimized your boards with keywords. Right?

Well, a board that is optimized with keywords will make sure that Pinterest understands what the board is all about.

This will help Pinterest to show pins from that board to relevant searches done on the platform.

This is a crucial thing to understand. Pinterest will only show relevant pins to its users.

Therefore, you must add a proper description and include keywords in ALL your boards.

It’s really simple. Head over to this step-by-step guide to help you name your Pinterest boards in just a few minutes.

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Now that your boards are well optimized, it’s time to understand how you can create a pin has can potentially generate a lot of clicks.

3. Create pins that can go Viral

As far as I know, every successful blogger says that the way they design their pin is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Now, you must be wondering how you can create a viral pin. Right?

Well, it’s really simple.

For instance, the characteristics for a viral pin are:

  • The size of the pin. Vertical pins with an optimum size of 735 x 1,200 pixels perform best on Pinterest. But it’s better to try different sizes to know what works best for you. For example, you can try pins with these ratios: (2:3), (1:2), and (9:16).
  • A good description. Your pins should contain a good description of your content. People should know what type of content they will get when they click on your pins. They should also contain at least 1 keyword so that it can be found on Pinterest search.
  • Fonts that are easy to read. You will notice that fonts that are easy to read usually end up in the top search results. People really want simple things. You don’t want to use fonts that will put any kind of extra pressure on your readers.
  • Use simple images. Pins with a lot of space tend to perform better. So avoid adding too many pictures or elements on your pins.
  • Use only a few hashtags. Based on my experience, adding 2-3 hashtags to your pins is enough.

Let’s analyze this pin and see what made it generate so many clicks and impressions.

Viral Pin

Here you can see that the first important factor was the “40”. It’s no rocket science that when you add numbers ( especially a high number) it makes people curious to know more about it.

Next, is the word “Make $5,000”. Making money category really helps to generate a lot of traffic. If you have a pin on “How to make money”, you will see that it will tend to perform much better than your usual pins.

The next important thing to note here is that I have used ” Per Month”. This will trigger people to know how they can make money in just 1 MONTH.

The last one to consider is the picture. I have used a simple picture of a mom who is working with her kid. And I have also used VIVID colors to grab people’s attention.

Based on these, you can clearly see, that making a viral pin is not that difficult.

Can you imagine generating 1,770 clicks on most of your pins? 

Now you know why I said to keep things simple.

4. Spend more time on Pinterest

Pinterest favors accounts that are more active daily. This is why spending around 10-15 mins per day will help your profile a lot.

For instance, there are a few ways to do that:

1.Add your pins manually

First, you can add your pins manually. Once you start to add your pins manually, you will see a sudden spike in your impressions.

Manual pinning is not really that complicated. You just need to spend 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the afternoon.

That’s it.

If you haven’t tried manual pinning, you can have access to my manual pinning strategy.

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2.Save other viral pins to your boards

Spend a few minutes to save some pins from other bloggers. Actually, if you save a pin that is doing very well on your board, it will tell Pinterest that your board is relevant.

A board that has viral pins will help other pins in the board in the search results.

Never forget that.

3.Save your pins to all your relevant boards

Once you have added a pin, it will get some initial traction in impressions and it will die in a few days.

If the pin performed well (generated saves and clicks), you MUST add the pins to all your relevant boards.

This is something that many bloggers on Pinterest forget or ignore.

For instance, if you have 10 relevant boards for that pin, try to save the pin to 5 boards after a few days. After one week, save it to the other boards.

This will make sure that your pin has been saved to all your relevant boards and it will also help you generate some more impressions and clicks.

5. Join Group boards

Now you must be wondering if group boards are really important.

Well, group boards will allow your pin to get more exposure to a completely new audience.

If you are only pinning to your boards, your reach will be limited to your followers only. However, adding a pin to a group board that has 10,000 followers will drastically increase your reach.

The best way to find relevant group boards is using Pingroupie.

Pro tip: Join at least 10 group boards and see how they are performing. Delete any group boards that are not generating any clicks.

6. Try Tailwind 

Getting massive traffic from Pinterest is a number’s game. The more pin you add, the more traffic you can generate.

There are some optimum times that you need to add your pins so that people who follow you or are on the group board can see your pins.

For instance, Tailwind is telling me that the best time to add pins is:

Tailwind schedule

As you can clearly see, I cannot manually add pins as I have to sleep to be able to work better the next day.

Also, if is spend so much time on Pinterest daily, I won’t be able to do other crucial things to grow my blog.

This is where Tailwind is helping me. 

The thing with blogging is that if you don’t automate your systems, you will never be able to grow your blog exponentially and make passive income.

This is something that many people are not able to understand.

This is why it’s vital to use Tailwind and ad at least 20-30 pins per day.

Also, with Tailwind communities, you will have access to the bloggers that will share your pins to their boards.

Getting more shares will have a direct impact on your outbound clicks.

I never expected that my Pinterest analytics will look like this:

Pinterest outbound clicks

All this was due to using Tailwind.

Pro tip: Only when I started to use Tailwind that my blog traffic starts to increase exponentially.

Create Your Tailwind Account!

Final thoughts: How to get more views on Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredible platform to get free traffic. If you try everything that I discussed in this post, you will surely get enough traffic to earn a decent income with your new blog.

Remember, it will take some time to get some traction on Pinterest. For some, it took only 3 months while for others it took around 6 months.

So, be patient as blogging and passive income takes time initially.

If you want to master Pinterest, then these resources will be of tremendous help:

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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4 thoughts on “6 Simple Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Views In 1 Month”

  1. How old is your account on Pinterest?
    I have never got such a high reach on the pins that lead to my website. The only pins that actually get some traction are Idea pins, but they don’t bring traffic.

    And I saw many other new bloggers having the same problem. It seems like Pinterest doesn’t push my pins to people’s feeds because I have a relatively new website.
    (And yes, I follow best pinning practices).

    • Hello Lana,

      My Pinterest profile is about 14 months old. To get any kind of traction on Pinterest, you should create an initial momentum by adding at least 20-30 pins per day. If Pinterest is not pushing your pins, then you should absolutely add your best pins to group boards. This will definitely help.


  2. Thanks for a nicely explained article. Is there any way to produce bulk pins?

    • Hello Ali,

      Your welcome. Well, you can use create Tailwind builder to create bulk pins with different styles.



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