How to share your Pinterest board

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If you are here, then you are not the only person who loves Pinterest. Right?

Pinterest is really an awesome platform to find awesome inspiration or organize your ideas.

Actually, Pinterest is becoming the go-to platform for many people who love visual because of its wide variety of ideas and ease of use.

That being said, why should you use Pinterest?

Well, Pinterest will:

  • Allow you to save photos from the web in a very organized way. It’s really simple and very user friendly
  • The search engine for Pinterest is really very powerful and it will help you find different ideas and inspiration
  • It’s really very famous for topics such as a wedding, Recipes, and DIYs
  • Pinterest will allow you to share awesome high-quality pictures on other social media platforms
  • It’s a platform that focuses mainly on providing updated and fresh content for its users


How to share a Pinterest board with your family and friends

When you log in to your Pinterest account, you will be instantly directed to your feed where you will get all the latest pictures of the people you are following.

At the top right of your screen, you can find your profile picture. Press on it and you will be directed to your profile.

Once in your profile, click on “Saved” where you will find all your boards.

Now press on the board that you want to share.

Once you are inside the board, click on the 3 dots(…) and press on share.

Pinterest provides these options to share your board:

  • You can share on Watsapp
  • You can share on Facebook
  • You can share on Twitter
  • You can share by email
  • You can copy the link and send it to anyone on any platform
  • Finally, you can share the board on Pinterest itself

If you want to share on Pinterest, you just have to enter the person’s name on the search, select the person, and press on “Send”.

Voila. Easy peasy. Right?


Final thoughts: How to share a Pinterest board

I hope that this post will help you share your boards with your family and friends.

As you may have noticed, it was not that difficult.

That being said, if you are new to Pinterest and you want to use the platform for your business or blog, then these free resources will be of vital importance to you.

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