How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog For Free

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Have you ever wondered how some people get enormous traffic from Twitter? How are they actually using Twitter to promote their blog?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the first step towards building a successful blog is…?

Yeah, you guessed it right. TRAFFIC…


So will you choose organic traffic from Google, or will you try to leverage social media?

If you are a new blogger, choose social media.

So which social media platform will be best for you?

Well, I am glad you asked this question.

Based on my little experience, I will tell you to focus on Twitter and Pinterest for the first 6 months. After that, you can focus on SEO.

Why am I telling you to choose Twitter and Pinterest?

Because they are the best social media platforms that can help you get thousands of monthly page views.

Gosh, I was really struggling to bring traffic to my new blog—no need to tell you how frustrated I was and wondered if blogging is really meant for me.

Since I get discouraged very quickly, I was so sure that I will give up on blogging.

Did I give up?

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Instead, I focused more on learning how to use social media to get traffic to my new blog, and I tried to implement what I was advised by many bloggers.

And the result?

social traffic

If you use Twitter well, you can reach many people and connect with your potential customers since it has over 500 million users.

You will get all kinds of resources online to teach you how to get a lot of traffic from Twitter. But most of these require you to invest a lot of time, especially when you don’t have many Twitter followers.

But don’t worry, I will show you simple steps that will surely help you drive more traffic to your new blog.

Speaking of traffic…

If you are more serious about your blog traffic, you will absolutely need to consider Pinterest. These resources will help you to get more Pinterest traffic.

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That being said, let’s see how you can use Twitter to increase your blog traffic.

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It's because they are not using the right blogging model and they don't know the REAL TIMELINE for a blog.

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9 Ways to increase your blog traffic with Twitter

1.Optimize your Twitter profile

First of all, make sure to optimize your Twitter profile.

When people visit your profile, they should know what kind of content they can expect from you. Based on that, they will choose to follow you or not.

Therefore, create a compelling profile description and sprinkle them with keywords for your niche.

Adding keywords are easy; you just have to add # before your keyword.

And voila. You are done.

You will also need to include a link to your blog in the description so that people can have easy access to your blog.

Having done that, let me show you how you can make your tweets more compelling.

2.Use short and intriguing tweets

Short tweets (under 100 characters) tend to get 21 % more interaction. When you create a tweet, try to make it short and intriguing to compel people to click on the link.

Here is an example from copyblogger.”

You may notice that the title is compelling enough to make you wonder and click on the link.

A tweet without a picture?


3.Use compelling images

Images are among the best ways to attract people’s attention. The more appealing your image, the more people will interact, and the more traffic you will get to your blog.

Therefore, whenever you add a tweet, make sure to attach an image related to your blog post, which will intrigue your followers.

You can also add a Call-to-Action such as “Clink on the link to learn more.”

4.Use Hashtags

Hashtags have been used for many years to connect with people who are not your followers.

Bloggers use the hashtag symbol(#) before a relevant keyword to get found more easily on Twitter.

Photo by DS stories from Pexels

Some tips when you are using hashtags:

  • You should not add space or punctuation in a hashtag as it will not work correctly.
  • Twitter recommends you to use not more than 2 hashtags per tweet for best practice.
  • Don’t use all CAPS LOCK.

Now you can also create your own hashtags to increase your reach with more people.

For example, you can create a hashtag like “mylittleblog.”

This will create a place where people can talk about your blog. But for this to work effectively, you will need to have a lot of followers.

5.Retweet your content and ask for a retweet

Tweeting a link more than once is completely fine if you want more traffic to your blog.

So how often can you tweet the same link?

Well, you can create 3 to 5 separate tweets that you will publish at different times. You don’t want to flood your Twitter timeline with the same content. You can tweet the same blog post at an interval of 2 days if you don’t have a lot of content.

Now, what do you do if you have around 30 blog posts?

You can tweet 2 to 3 blog posts per day until you have posted all of them and repeat them again.

If you have 30 blog posts and prepare 5 different tweets for each of them, you will have 150 tweets ready to be promoted for 2 months. 

You can also ask your followers to retweet your content.

This is because a tweet that asks for a retweet gets 12 to 25 times more shares than those you don’t.

Trust me, if people love your content, they will surely retweet it if you ask them to.

Do give it a try, and you will thank me later.

6.Thank anyone who interacts with your tweet

Whenever someone retweets your content, do like the retweet, and comment with a simple “Thank you.” By doing so, those people will be more likely to retweet your content more often as you have shown appreciation for their efforts.

Also, retweeting what people have said about you is proof that you are a reliable source that will help you earn people’s trust.

People who are on Twitter will respond better if you include a question in your tweet.

If the question is interesting enough and can make your followers more curious, it will definitely generate more clicks.

Also, make sure to respond to every comment you are getting on the tweet. This will make sure that your tweet keeps on appearing on top of your follower’s feed.

This will bring more engagement, which will increase your chance of generating more clicks.

8.Pin your blog post to your twitter timeline

When people visit your profile, they will see your Twitter bio. This is a perfect place to include your link.

If you have just created a new blog post and want to drive traffic to it, you can include the link. You can also add a link for your best blog post, which will increase your blog traffic enormously.

There is another last thing I wanted to discuss with you, which I am sure you will love.

Have you ever heard of “ContentViralBee”?

If you haven’t, I will show you how you can increase your blog traffic with this free tool.

9.Bonus: Use Contentviralbee to increase the reach of your tweets

So, what is ContentViralBee?

It is a free social media sharing platform for bloggers and marketers that helps to boost blog traffic.

It’s a platform that allows you to share your posts on 6 networks:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Flip
  • Mix

Basically, it works on a credit system. When you share someone’s blog post, you earn credits. And when they share your post, you spend those credits.

Here is a quick video demo to help you understand the platform better.

To get started, go to the ContenViralBee homepage and create your account.

Once you have created your account, select some topics that are related to your niche.

Now go back to the dashboard and share content that you think your readers will like.

Once you have earned a decent amount of credits(30 to 50), you can submit the blog posts you would like to promote.

Click on add project and follow the steps.

The key to getting success on this platform is to earn as much credit as you can. The more credit you gain, the more blog posts you can submit, which will increase your blog traffic enormously.

Just try to spend at least 5 to 10, and you will earn enough credit.

Final Thoughts: How to use twitter to promote your blog

Twitter is a simple platform that can generate a lot of traffic to your new blog.

Instead of adding just your blog post, I will advise you to give the tactics mentioned above a try. These will help you get more traction for your tweets.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your blog post, I will advise you to try Pinterest. As you might have noticed above, Twitter and Pinterest are the two platforms that bring the most traffic to my blog.

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If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it on Pinterest so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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