How To Verify Phone Number On Fiverr?

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Verifying a phone number on Fiverr is an essential step to keep your account secured, ensure that the communications between the buyers and sellers are kept in a secure environment, and help protect your account from being accessed by anyone else but you.

Knowing how to properly verify a phone number on Fiverr ensures that your account is properly protected and that any transactions you make are done securely and without interruption.

How To Verify Phone Number On Fiverr?

To verify a phone number on Fiverr, simply click on the top right corner and select “Settings”. On the left-hand sidebar, click on “Verify Phone Number,” and then enter your phone number and click “Send code.” Fiverr will send a code to your phone, enter it on the next screen and click “Submit.” Once done, you can use your verified phone number to log in to Fiverr.

Benefits of Verifying Numbers on Fiverr

1. Improved trust and credibility: Phone number verification adds an extra layer of security and trust. It will ensure that all users on your Fiverr account are properly identified and that their transactions are secure. This will improve the overall credibility of your Fiverr account and attract more potential buyers.

2. Improved customer experience: Verifying a phone number can also provide buyers with a better user experience. They can trust that the services they are purchasing have come from a legitimate seller, and not some fraudulent actor. This can reduce the risk of giving out sensitive information and make the shopping experience more comfortable all around.

3. Increased security: Verifying phone numbers helps to ensure that all Fiverr users are identified and their transactions are secure. It can also help to prevent fraudulent activities and reduce the risk of data theft.

4. Better background checks: Verifying phone numbers can help provide insight into the user’s background information. This can help to determine whether the user is genuine or not, and help to provide Fiverr with a better understanding of who is buying from their platform.

Potential Issues Encountered During Verification

Potential Issues Encountered During Verification

Not Receiving Validation Code:

  • Ensure that the mobile number or email address entered is correct
  • Ensure that the mobile provider is supported
  • Try resending the code multiple times
  • Try sending the code to a different mobile phone number

Wrong Formats:

  • Ensure that the phone number or email address entered is in the correct format
  • Double-check phone numbers and email addresses for accuracy
  • Avoid entering symbols or special characters
  • Ensure that the code entered matches the one that was sent

Why won’t Fiverr take my phone number?

Fiverr typically requires users to enter a valid phone number before completing their registration, but the exact reasons why the website may not accept yours is likely due to the following reasons:

  • The phone number may not be valid or accurate
  • The phone number may already be in use with an existing Fiverr account
  • The phone number may be from a country that is not supported by Fiverr
  • Your phone number may have been entered incorrectly

How can I create a Fiverr account without a phone number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create an account on Fiverr without a phone number. Fiverr requires all users to provide a valid phone number for account verification. You can opt to use a virtual phone number or a pay-as-you-go phone to create your Fiverr account.

Conclusion: How To Verify Number On Fiverr?

In conclusion, verifying a phone number on Fiverr is a simple process. All you need to do is provide your information, provide the verification code that is sent to your registered phone number, and accept the Terms & Conditions of service. Once that is done, your Fiverr account will be activated and you will be ready to start taking orders.

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