I Love You Pinterest-This Is Why You Will Love Pinterest

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I can still remember the first day when I decided to use Pinterest to find new ideas and inspiration.

In the beginning, I had a love and hate relationship with Pinterest.

Though after some time I started to love it.

Previously, I have used many social media platforms for entertainment and some for my local business. 

Since I read so much about the potential of Pinterest to create brand awareness and bring traffic to a website, I needed to give it a try.

So, this year I started to use Pinterest for this blog.

Little did I know that this underrated platform will actually help me achieve something I haven’t achieved with other social media platforms.

So what I have actually achieved?

Well, I was able to create a system that constantly brings targeted traffic to my little blog. It may sound a bit complicated to you. But actually, it’s very simple.

Initially, I thought that creating an online business is something that is very complicated or I will have to work 15 hours+ to be able to achieve anything.

But I am not always right. I do make mistakes, and this one was quite significant.

The thing is, you don’t need to do everything that people or online gurus tell you. You just have to do things that actually work.

And for an online publishing business that is creating content regularly.

That being said, let me tell you why Pinterest is different from other social media platforms.

Why Pinterest is different?

Well if you think of Pinterest as a social media platform then you won’t clearly understand what I mean.

Think of Pinterest as a search engine.

Just like Google. The only difference is that Google shows your blog posts or pages while Pinterest shows your pins.

That being said, compared to other social media, Pinterest will bring traffic to your blog for a few years.

Yes, you hear me right. A single pin will bring you traffic for a few years. This is how much traffic a single pin can generate in 1 month:

Pin traffic

Isn’t that awesome?

Other social media platforms will bring you traffic for a few days, then it will disappear in the home feed.

Why I love Pinterest so much?

As I have said above, it has helped me to build a system that brings traffic to all my blog posts even when I am sleeping.

I don’t have to stay on the platform the whole day to generate traffic. Actually, I spend only between 5 to 10 minutes per day on Pinterest.

And it’s quite easy and exciting to use. I love the platform and love how it actually helps you to build a sustainable online business.

Another awesome thing is I don’t even spend a penny on this platform. 

It’s FREE traffic all the time.

So, would you like to get free traffic for your blog?

I am sure you would. Who doesn’t want free traffic, especially when the traffic is targeted?

Let me show you the blueprint for using Pinterest as a source of the traffic to your website even if it’s brand new.

Let’s begin. Shall we?

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It's because they are not using the right blogging model and they don't know the REAL TIMELINE for a blog.

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How to use Pinterest as a source of traffic for your business.

1. Create a business account with Pinterest

Having a business account will help you to get access to Pinterest analytics so that you can track the performance of your pins and boards. 

Also, you will be able to promote your pins if ever you want to increase your engagement.

Learn: How you can create a business account and claim your website with Pinterest

2. Create boards and optimize them with keywords

Having optimized boards will help people to find you on Pinterest search. Similar to Google, every time a user does a search, pins appear in the search result.

Based on the user’s personal preferences, he/she will choose which pins contain specific information or visuals that they are searching for.

Now, the more your boards and pins are optimized the better your chance of getting visitors.

It might sound a bit complicated. But trust me it is actually very easy. In just a few minutes you can find keywords for your pins and boards.

Learn: How to name and optimize your Pinterest boards to generate more clicks

3. Apply for Rich Pins

You should apply for Rich Pins if you want to have an advantage over your competitors.

Why am I saying so?

Well, Rich Pins will allow you to appear more on search results, increase your rate of engagement, and enable you to drive more traffic to your website.

What is a Rich Pin you ask?

Rich pins are pins that contain extra information. It is a type of organic pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your pins. 

Learn: What is a rich pin and how to can enable it

4. Apply for Pinterest Carousel

A Pinterest carousel is a Pin that contains multiple images. It is a wonderful way to showcase different products to either generate more sales or bring more traffic to your posts and pages.

Though there are not many people who talk about Pinterest Carousel, you could give it a try and see how it works for you.

Learn: What is a Pinterest carousel and how to create one

5. Create Pins that generate clicks

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, it’s quite obvious that you must create pins that stand out.

So how are you supposed to do that?

First, let me tell you the features that you should focus on when you are creating a new pin.

The features for a viral pin are:

  • The size of the pin. Vertical pins with an optimum size of 735 x 1,200 pixels perform best on Pinterest. But it’s better to try different sizes to know what works best for you.
  • A good description. Your pins should contain a good description of your content. People should know what type of content they will get when they click on your pins.
  • Fonts that are easy to read. You will notice that fonts that are easy to read usually end up in the top search results.
  • Use simple images. Pins with a lot of space tend to perform better. So avoid adding too many pictures or elements on your pins.
  • Use only a few hashtags. Based on my experience, adding 2-3 hashtags to your pins is enough.

Ok, now you know how to create a viral pin.

So you might be thinking about how you can create a lot of pins so that your workflow becomes easy and doesn’t consume a lot of time.

Well, I will recommend you to use Canva for all your pins. 

It will save you a lot of time and will make your process of creating pins a breeze.

This step-by-step guide will help you to understate and use Canva effectively.

6. Pin a lot daily

There is so much information out there on the number of pins that should be added to Pinterest.

Not only that, there are people who claim that using a Pinterest Scheduler will bring an avalanche of traffic to your new blog.

Some will say manual pinning is better. So what should you really do?

Well, I have tried both and I will tell you what works for me.

First, if your account and blog are new, you should pin at least 10 times per day across all your boards.

Second, use manual pinning.

The thing is, you might not have enough resources to invest in a Pinterest scheduler.

And I have noticed that manual pinning tends to generate way more impressions than automatic pinning.

After a few months, you can increase your pinning frequency up to 15. I don’t really think you need to pin more than that.

Quality pins are way more important than quantity.

Learn: How to use Pinterest manual pinning strategy for more traffic

Final thoughts: This is why I love Pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome platform that I sincerely love a lot. Not only it is helping me to bring quality traffic to my new blog, but it is a platform that I actually love you use.

It’s fun and easy to use.

So, should you use Pinterest for your business?

Absolutely. If you can invest 10 minutes per day on Pinterest, then go for it.

Note: It will take you some time to generate a constant flow of traffic to your blog with Pinterest. Maybe 3-6 months. But after that everything falls into place.

If you are new to Pinterest, then here are a few resources that will help you:

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See you soon!

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