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Is blogging a good career-10 things you must know in 2021

Is blogging a good career-10 things you must know in 2021 and beyond

Blogging is an awesome adventure in itself. If ever you choose blogging as a career, you might discover a whole new world.

Many people think to start a blog, but they tend to think too much about the outcome.

For some, blogging is a way to express themselves, while for others it can be a way to earn a side income.

I am sure you must have been thinking to leave your boring 9 to 5 job and start a blog. Right?

So, what are the things that are preventing you from starting your blog?

Fear of failure? Or lack of motivation? Or maybe too much noise on the web, which is messing with your head.

My friend. If you want to start a blog, it’s not that difficult.

You just need to have some passion for a topic and start to create content for that topic.

Actually, if you choose the right blogging strategy for you, it can be the best side hustle that you can start. And if you do it with enough determination and give it time to grow, you can potentially earn a FULL-TIME income.

Is blogging a good career?

Yes, it is. And you DON’T need to invest an insane amount of time or money to be able to reach a point where you will start to earn a full-time income.

With so much information on the internet, it will make you question whether blogging is worth it or not.

I am telling you. It’s completely worth it.

And you will be proud of yourself, once you understand that almost anyone with an average IQ can start a blog and earn a decent income.

But for that to happen, you will have to know and understand certain crucial things.


Things to understand before you start your blog


1. Blogging takes time

You have to understand that blogging is a venture that takes time. You need time for your domain to age so that it reaches its full potential.

So how much time it will take?

Well, depending on your efforts and strategy, it can take at least 2 years to start to earn a full-time income.

There are 2 ways to look at it.

You can either think that 2 years is a lot of time to earn a full-time income (getting a degree takes longer), or you can think that it will just take you 2 years to earn a full-time income from SCRATCH.

Are 2 years too much for you? If it is, blogging is not meant for you. There are many ways to earn money online.

Maybe you should try it and see.

Actually many people start their blog and give up as they cannot see any results. By results I mean income.

They try other online ventures to see what is best for them. And after 5-6 years of trying they come to realize that all the time they spent on other ventures could have potentially helped them to build a very successful blog.

Look, if someone dedicates 5-6 years on their blog, they are not just able to earn a full-time income. Actually, they will be able to get financial freedom.

If you think you can dedicate 2 years to your blog, read further as I will show you how to start our blog the right way.

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2. Using the right blogging strategy is crucial

Having a reliable blog strategy is indeed vital for the future of your blog. If you have been reading about blogging you will notice almost everyone is telling you to do the same things.

So, have you ever wondered, if you will do all those things, will you really be successful?

Do you have enough resources to compete with blogs that have been on the web for some time?

Well, the answer is simple. It will be really really very hard.

I will show you a different path, which will clearly make sense. Read the article below, to know what blogging strategy I am using right now and how it can help you create a sustainable online business.

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3. 20 hours per week is enough to create a successful blog

Though everyone is telling you that the harder you work, the more you will be successful, the reverse is also true.

It all depends on how you approach it.

Look, if you have read books like One thing (Garry Keller & Jay Papasan), 4-hour workweek (Timothy Ferriss), or From nothing (Ian Pribyl), you will understand certain things that are very obvious.

Smart work often outperforms hard work.

This is true for any line of business.

In his book (From nothing), Ian states that working 15-20 hours per week is enough for you to earn a full-time income in less than 2 years. From him, I have learned how to approach blogging and how to target low competition keywords.

And it’s true. So many bloggers spend between 6-15 hours per week on their blog and they are earning a full-time income.

That being said, if you are ready to invest 15-20 hours per week on your blog, then let’s discuss how you should approach your blogging journey.

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4. Having a little passion for your niche is enough

A little passion for the niche will be enough for you to create content regularly.

But, one thing you should unquestionably understand.

The niche should be profitable. What I mean by that is that your audience should be large enough to be able to earn a full-time income.

It is actually quite stressful to decide on a niche and start to write content for.

This is why, select a broader niche and after some time, you will know which topics are performing well.

Once you get that information, write everything you can for that specific topic.

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5. Targeting the right keywords make all the difference

There is a myth in the blogging world and it is “Target low competition keywords with high search volumes”.

So many people strongly believe in that and search for those types of keywords.

Well, basically they are searching for Unicorns.

Keywords that have high search volumes are already targetted by blogs with high authority.

It will be really difficult for you to get a ranking for those keywords. And actually, it can take you years just to get on the first page of Google.

You don’t want to be on the first page. You want to be on the number 1 spot. Am I right?

So, the most logical thing to do is to target keywords with low search volumes and low competition.

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6. You don’t need to be a great writer

Being able to write in English is enough to become a blogger. 

You must be wondering what I am talking about, right?

I am sure you thought you need to be a terrific writer.

Actually, if you can write in simple English and your style of writing is engaging, people will love to read your stuff.

It’s that simple, my friend.

There is no need to overcomplicate things. Just create content that people can understand.

One crucial thing here is to use a grammar checker to make your life easier. I prefer to use Grammarly as it is the best grammar checker available. Also, you will be able to use it for all your emails, comments, social media, and especially within your WordPress panel.

Create your Free Grammarly account.


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7. Your blog is not your whole life

You should always strive to have a balance between your personal and professional life. And blogging is no different.

Actually, whenever you take a break from blogging (a few days), you will notice a HUGE spike in creativity when you create content again.

I usually take 1-week breaks after every 2 months to recharge and have a fresh perspective. This is vital for deep thinking and long term success.

You should never forget that spending quality time with family and friends will enhance the quality of your life which will have a direct impact on the quality of your content.

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8. Consistency is key

It really doesn’t matter how much content you can create in 1 week. The most important thing is to be consistent. Whether is creating 2 or 5 articles per week.

You should absolutely understand that creating content at YOUR own pace is really very important.

Actually many people advise creating 2-3 articles per week. If you can pull that off, it will be really awesome.

If you cannot, it’s not the end of the world. You can always go with 1 article per week. You just have to know that it will take longer to reach your goal.

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9. Using the right social media platform is crucial

I will be really transparent with you.

If you don’t promote your content on social media, how can you reach more people?

Look, even the best content on the web will be worth nothing if no one is reading them.

It makes sense, right?

Now you can choose which platform will be better suited for you.

As a blogger 3 platforms tend to do really well.

You can choose anyone you like. It’s a matter of personal choice.

If you ask me, I will highly advise you to use Pinterest. Why?

Well, because the amount of FREE traffic that you can generate with Pinterest is really insane.

I love Pinterest because it is helping me to generate a lot of traffic for my blog.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest, there is a LOT of free resources that will help you create a system that will bring traffic automatically to your new blog.

Head over to this section to have access to all my Pinterest posts.

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10. Use ads on your blog

I know, I am among the few bloggers who are telling you to use ads on your blog.

My question to you is: Why you shouldn’t use ads?

There are so many extremely popular blogs that are still using ads, so why you cannot?

Actually, the blogging strategy I use will help you to earn a lot of money with ads.

Blogging requires you to invest time, and you must at least earn some income for the time you are dedicating to your blog.

If you start to use ads, you can target any keywords, and you will earn money.

And of course, you can add some affiliate links to increase your earning.

Look, we are in 2020, and people are used to seeing ads on every platform, whether it’s youtube or blogging.

If you haven’t yet installed AdSense on your account, these resources will help you.

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Final thoughts: Is blogging a good career

If you decide to start your blog, I will congratulate you on your efforts. It really takes a lot of courage and dedication to create a blog and provide valuable content for people.

One thing you should always keep in mind. The value you provide to your readers will have a direct impact on your earnings.

Never forget to provide valuable content for your readers. In return, they will read your blog, trust you, recommend your blog to their family and friends, and buy from your affiliate links.

If you haven’t yet started your blog, these resources will be of tremendous help to you:

Don’t be afraid to take the risk in life, a blog is a small investment that can have huge rewards in the future. Actually, it’s a business model that has a maximum profit margin.

Don’t listen to anyone. If your heart says that you have to start blogging, then do it.

You have only one life, and you don’t want to regret anything in the future. Besides, blogging will just require 2 years of consistent work. 

Once you have established yourself, you can work less and spend time doing things that you love.

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!


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