Is Blogging Dead In 2022? Should You Start A Blog?

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So you are thinking of starting your own blog. But you are not sure if it will be worth your time.

Though you have always wanted to leave your tedious 9 to 5 job and start your own little business you are still confused.

But, my question to you is: Will you give up on your dream of having your own little business?

We are already in 2022, will you now take the risk and take a step forward?

Well, it’s your life and you are totally free to choose how it will be in a few years.

Take a moment and ponder over that.

That being said, is blogging dead?

Blogging is not dead. It just has evolved as many things evolve with time. For instance, a lot of old strategies and practices don’t work anymore. In short, it’s completely worth starting a blog right now.

As a new blogger, you will have to adapt and create new business models if you want to succeed in this industry.


Today, blogging has grown into a mature and vital part of the content marketing strategy because it increases the value and quality of a website.

More and more people are starting their blogs because they know having a successful blog will have a massive impact on the quality of their lives.

Let’s take, for example, this blog.

I have started this blog on 28th April 2020.

If blogging was dead, would I even bother to start this blog?

No, No, No……

I would prefer to use my time more effectively in other endeavors.

But this is not the case at all.

You must have heard that there is a lot of competition in blogging. It is challenging to have a successful blog nowadays.

But still, so many people are starting their own blog and actually can earn a full-time income.

If blogging was really that difficult, people would prefer to try other businesses. Makes sense, right?

Well, let me tell you one thing.

More competition means that there are a lot of people who are making money in this industry.

It also means that there is a lot of money to be made for everyone. You just need a little piece of that and your life will be settled.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but this is the truth.

That being said, before we proceed further, let’s have a look at some statistics to have a better idea of where things are right now.

Shall we?

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Statistics for blogging

So you must ask yourself if people really read blogs today.

What do you think?

Yes or no?

Of course, they do.

According to, there are around 1.7 billion websites on the internet right now.

There are over 500 million blogs, while Google has an average of 100 billion searches every month. And that makes around 77% of internet users who read blogs.

Impressive. Isn’t it?

Please note that among the 500 million blogs, there are a lot of blogs, which do not have high-quality content or have very little content.

Some of them were created only for ads that contain low-quality content.

Now if you think that you will try blogging for a few months and you will earn a massive amount of money, then I am afraid that you will be disappointed.

My dear friend, blogging is a long-term strategy that will earn a passive income if you can give it time to grow.

Actually, you will start to see traction only after 6-12 months. This is where your blog will begin to get a higher ranking, more traffic, and potentially make money for you.

Your blog is just like a baby. Treat it with great care, and in time it will make money for you.

Let’s now see how blogging has started to evolve.

The terms blogging and vlogging are merging. Now the term content marketing is rising above both of them.

Both blogging and vlogging are placed under the broader umbrella of content marketing rather than personal blogging.

Let’s go more in-depth and use google trends to find out what is happening. Let’s try ‘content marketing‘.

content marketing

As you can see, it is on the rise since Sep 2012. Many have claimed that blogging died in 2015. Well, if you searched the term ‘blogging,’ it is undoubtedly on a decline.

But blogging has evolved because now people are searching for other related terms. As you can see, content marketing is one big part of the blogging strategy.

Now, let’s see the result for a hosting company and see if it is on the rise.

I have used Bluehost for my previous websites. They have fantastic customer service, and the price is also affordable. If you are just starting with your blogging journey, I will advise you to check them out. They are the perfect match for new bloggers.

Do check out their plan: You will get 1 domain name and an SSL certificate for free.

Let’s see if I type Bluehost, what I get.


You can see it’s on the rise as well. People are searching for that term more and more. Bluehost has been growing over time.

As the internet is always changing, you will have to be more subtle and detailed in your analysis to really get an idea about what is going on.

I know you may be confused, but if you hang around till the end of this article, you will have a much clearer picture of what is happening.

First, let’s see how blogging used to be 10 years ago.

How blogging used to be

Previously blogging was posting your weekend trips and daily routines to attract people to your blog. People used to read blogs for entertainment because social medial platforms like Facebook or Instagram didn’t exist.

Well, they still want to do that. But not by consuming a blog post. They prefer to use social media as it is better suited for entertainment.

Previously, bloggers were posting a lot of short content to increase traffic to their blogs. This strategy doesn’t work anymore.

Actually, if you create long posts (1,500-2,000) words more consistently, you will get a spike in your blog traffic.

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On 23rd February 2011, Google introduced the Panda update to reduce the prevalence of low-quality, thin content in the search results, and to reward unique, compelling content.

This penalized sites that were using shady SEO techniques to get rankings. Actually, this is awesome news for new bloggers.

Now you have a genuine chance of getting a high ranking compared to people using black hat SEO strategies.

If you create quality blog posts, you will indeed have a better chance to build a successful online business.

On this note, let’s see what other bloggers are doing in today’s competitive market.

What blogging is all about today

Let’s get more serious about the business side of blogging. If you really want to turn your passion into a career, you just can’t post what you like or think people will like.

You must consider what people are searching for, what kind of content they want, and the quality of those contents.

Doing keyword research is very important to know what terms people are searching for on Google.

Google keyword planner is a free tool that allows you to get an idea of the type of keywords your potential audience is searching for.

For example, if you want entertainment, you will definitely go to social media to relax your mind. Isn’t it?

Now, if you have a specific problem or want to get some vital information, where do you go?

Google. Right?

So, Google is a search engine where people go to find solutions to their problems or to educate themselves. This is the purpose of your blog posts.

To solve a specific problem or provide quality information that will answer people’s questions.

That’s why bloggers are posting high-quality content regularly.

I won’t go into details about how you should create content for your blog because there is an entire blog post to help you with that. You can learn more about blog structure here.

To create any kind of authority, there is a minimum level of quality that needs to be met. Well, this is actually a good thing. This weeds out people who are creating content just for views.

You have a better chance of success if you follow the guidelines of Google, instead of trying to game the system.

Should you start a blog?

Yes, you should. There is no reason not to. But you should have realistic expectations for your blog.

Wanting to start a blog while thinking you will make $5000 in the first few months is not the right mindset. Some people claim they can help you achieve that amount of money in a few months.

Ask yourself a question, can people really make that amount of money in such a short period?

If so, you are being scammed because there is no “get rich quick” scheme in the content marketing world.

Blogging takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

So, how much can you expect to earn in 6-12 months?

You can expect to earn around $800-$1,000 with your blog in the first year.

In short, if your aim is only to make money with blogging, without taking into consideration how you can help people to solve their problems, I am afraid it will be difficult for you to stand out.

People won’t visit your blog because you want to get rich. They will come to your blog if you can solve their problems and provide helpful solutions to the questions they have.

So how can blogging help you other than making money?

This can be a tricky question, but it is of equal importance.

Blogging will help you to learn so many life skills, professional skills, and will become a source of creativity for you.

It can also help you get out of anxiety, handle personal problems better, and give you hope that there is a better future for you.

At least, this is how blogging has changed my life.

Given my curious nature, I really want to know how to earn a passive income online by helping people build their online businesses.

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Final thoughts: Is blogging dead in 2022? Should you start a blog?

Blogging is not dead, and I don’t think it will be. It will just evolve with time. Adding regular, high-quality content to your website to help people find a solution to their problems is a must if you want to succeed as a blogger.

Though it will take you some time to reach there, it doesn’t mean that blogging is not worth your investment.

By investment I mean time and energy These are the two most important resources you have at your disposal to build a successful blog.

So use them wisely.

To so help you save more time, I have prepared some resources that will help you reach your goal FASTER.

How to approach blogging:

  1. Choose the right blogging strategy to avoid burnout in the future.
  2. Next, choose a profitable niche that will guarantee you earn a significant income with blogging.
  3. Start your blog by choosing the right platform and Hosting.
  4. Set up your blog for maximum performance and security.
  5. Do keyword research and create quality content.
  6. Apply the right SEO strategies to increase your ranking.
  7. Use social media to drive traffic to your blog.
  8. Use Ads and Affiliate links to monetize our blog.

So, if you don’t have a blog, now is the right time to start. It will become more difficult to build a successful blog in a few years.

That’s why if you start now, you will have a far better chance.

And don’t forget. You have only one life. Opportunities don’t come often and you don’t want to regret anything when you become old. Right?

I hope that blogging will change your life as it has changed mine.

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!

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