Is Fiverr Legit? How To Avoid Getting Scammed

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Fiverr is amongst the most popular freelance platforms where many freelancers are making full-time income.

With 3.4 million active users, it’s no wonder that so many people are really interested to get started on the platform.

But there is one important question: Is Fiverr legit?

Fiverr is a legitimate marketplace for independent contractors that have measures in place to prevent scams involving your money or labor. To facilitate transactions between clients and freelancers Fiverr serves as a middleman. 

In this post, I will discuss everything that you will need to know about Fiver and clear any doubt you might have.

What is Fiverr?


Fiverr is a website where people can find services to do everything from creating a logo to coding a website. Users can bid on services on Fiverr, which makes it different from other services in that the cost of the service may be less than if it were to be provided directly by the supplier.

This might be a fantastic approach to obtaining a service that is not available elsewhere.

Because Fiverr is free, many freelancers begin there. Anyone over the age of 13 is welcome to sign up without charge and begin earning money after finishing their first work. On Fiverr, providing a service is known as a “gig,” and independent contractors are required to list gigs for at least $5.

Is Fiverr Fair to Freelancers and Clients?

Fiverr is specially designed to connect freelancers to potential customers for any type of freelance job.

Given that Fiverr makes money by taking a cut from each transaction, it is entirely fair to its buyers and sellers.

It’s important to know that if buyers are not ordering any services, Fiverr won’t make money. That’s why they have very strict Terms of Service to prevent any spammy activities.

Can you get scammed on Fiverr?

If you’re new to the world of Fiverr, you may be wondering if you can get scammed. The short answer is yes, and here’s why.

Due to their failure to notice red flags, consumers and sellers on Fiverr are frequently the victims of fraud. They put blind faith in others and anticipate receiving fair and honest treatment. The terrible reality is that some people genuinely want to harm you and get your money.

So how can you avoid getting scammed on Fiverr?

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Here are some red flags that can help you spot a freelancer who is a scammer:

  • Promises to do a great job at a very low price. Makes big promises.
  • Asking you for money upfront with confirmation he will do everything to deliver quality.
  • Asks for your number or email address as he wants to communicate off the platform and offer you a better deal.

Is Fiverr safe for credit cards?

Every transaction is made on the platform and Fiverr handles everything to ensure the security of people’s personal details.

It doesn’t matter if you use credit cards, Paypal, or other forms of payment. Your money will be safe with Fiverr.

Tips to avoid getting spammed on Fiverr

The vast majority of scams happened because buyers and sellers are not able to spot red flags which eventually leads them to be scammed.

As I have mentioned above, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting scammed.

1. Check the seller before contacting them

Check any seller’s reviews and ratings posted by previous customers before doing business with them to get a sense of the quality of the service they are offering.

Once you have fully vetted the seller and appreciated his/her work, you can contact them for more information.

When you are dealing with a seller, make sure that they know what they are offering and that they are confident enough to deliver the work within the required timeframe.

If they start to make promises and give you a guarantee, or if they as you to pay upfront, then you are sure that they are not legit.

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2. Never deal outside of the platform

If ever a seller is asking you for your number or phone number to contact you outside Fiverr, then it is a red flag.

It means that the seller is not legit and you should stop responding to his messages.

You should also keep in mind that dealing outside of Fiverr is a violation of Fiverr’s terms and services and it can get your account disabled.

3. Review your orders as soon as you can

If you have been very busy and didn’t get the time to review an order, the seller may try to scam you by delivering an order that is not complete or not to the standard.

There are some sellers out there, who will wait for such an opportunity to deliver low-quality service to get their money.

One thing you should understand: Based on how the Fiverr algorithm works, it will automatically complete the order if you didn’t mark it as complete within 3 days. They will release the payment to the seller after 3 days.

But don’t worry: after an order has been certified complete, Fiverr has a grace period of 13 days during which they can cancel it on your behalf.

4. Do not mark orders as completed

There are sellers out there who will ask you to mark an order as complete even though they haven’t yet given you the final product.

They will assure you that everything will be done and you don’t need to worry as they won’t risk their reputation because of an order.

You should NEVER mark an order as complete until you haven’t verified the final work and are happy with it.

This is because if ever you are not satisfied with the final work, you can ask the seller to revise it till you are really satisfied.

If ever you are not satisfied with the quality of work provided, you can always cancel the order and ask for a refund.

Can Fiverr reviews be fake?

Yes, they can be fake as there are sellers out there who are ready to buy positive reviews just to get more orders on the platform.

But you should also note that most reviews on Fiverr are not fake. Some reviews are genuine, while some were purchased by sellers to boost their ratings.

The majority of Fiverr seller reviews fall between three and four stars, with only a few one or two-star reviews.

Does Fiverr give refunds?

If ever you are looking for a refund, Fiverr will give you your money back upon your request. You will have to contact customer support to request a refund.

Refunds from Fiverr are issued using the same method that you used to purchase the original order.

Depending on how you paid, it might take some time to get your refund:

• If you paid with a credit or debit card, your refund might take up to 14 days to process, though it usually takes less time.
• You can often receive your money back if you paid using PayPal in less than 24 hours.

Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Though it can be hard for a beginner to break through on the platform due to the amount of competition, it is still the best freelance platform for beginners.

As a beginner, there are a few things that you will need to understand so that you can get orders on the platform.

Far too many newbies don’t really know how to optimize their profile and gigs and they never get any requests.

Here are a few steps that you will need to follow:

These are the three main things that you will need to do to be able to get orders on Fiverr.

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Can I actually make money on Fiverr?

There is no doubt that if you follow everything that I have discussed above, you will be able to make money on Fiverr.

Actually, if you are meticulous with your research and you are ready to work hard, there is no way you won’t make money on Fiverr.

Here are a few resources that will help you understand how to make money on Fiverr:

Now, becoming a freelancer is not your only option to make money on Fiverr. You can also RESELL Fiverr gigs and make a profit without having to do the work.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

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How do I get my first job on Fiverr

To get your first job on Fiverr you should first create a seller’s account and optimize it with keywords so that you can appear on Fiverr’s search results. You should also understand how the Fiverr algorithm works so that you can use it to your advantage.

If you are completely new to Fiverr then here is a complete guide that will help you get started on the platform even if you don’t have any skills.

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How much money do people make on Fiverr?

According to priceonomics:

For freelancers, the average earnings on Fiverr start at $500 and go up from there. However, income might rise if you receive 5-star ratings and positive client comments, which will raise your hourly rate.

But, if you are ready to put in the work, you can make way more:

For instance, here are some data:

Freelance JobsEarning per hourAnnual Earnings
General Developers$50-$60$100,000
Mobile Developers$55-$65$100,000
Web Developers$50-$60$90,000
Graphic Designers$40-$45$90,000
Online Marketers$50$100,000
CRM Managers$50-$60$120,000
Data Analysts$55-$65$100,000
Data Source: Upwork.

Final thoughts: Is Fiverr Legit?

Fiverr is completely legit and it is safe to say that you can get started on the platform whenever you want to.

If you are a seller and want to make money on Fiverr, there here are some helpful resources:

See you soon!

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