Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

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Fiverr Pro is a specialized service offered by Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers of all types. It is designed to connect businesses with experienced professionals who can provide creative services for projects requiring advanced skills.

Through Fiverr Pro, businesses can access vetted providers who have expertise in their respective fields. This creates a safe, reliable environment for businesses to find services from professionals.

Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

It really depends on your specific needs. Fiverr Pro is a premium service for which sellers must apply and meet specific criteria. As a seller, you can benefit from having your Gig promoted to potential customers, and you may also receive additional services. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the Fiverr Pro fee is worth the extra marketing and services that could help you earn more profits.

What is Fiverr pro?

fiverr pro

Fiverr Pro is an exclusive platform offered by Fiverr for freelancers and professional service providers. It offers them the opportunity to establish businesses on the platform, grow their reputations, and create custom services that cater to the needs of their clients. It offers the same features as a regular Fiverr account, but with additional features geared towards a more professional market.

Fiverr Pro includes features and services such as client management tools, verified reviews from past clients, business branding, and custom pricing packages.

This helps freelancers stand out from the crowd and make their services more attractive to potential clients. Professional service providers can also leverage Fiverr Pro’s ‘Featured Pro’ status, which provides an enhanced profile and better visibility on the platform.

Benefits of Fiverr pro For sellers


1. Increased Visibility and Credibility: Fiverr Pro sellers benefit from an increased profile within the Fiverr marketplace. You are given a special badge on your profile and your services and offerings are promoted in dedicated Pro categories.

This makes it easy for buyers to quickly find Pro sellers, meaning buyers have greater confidence knowing you are a professional, experienced freelancer.

2. Money-Back Guarantee: Fiverr Pro sellers have access to the same Fiverr Money-Back Guarantee, meaning buyers have the convenience of being able to purchase services confidently and know that if a service is not completed as promised for whatever reason, the customer will receive a full refund.

3. High-Level Marketing Opportunities: Fiverr Pro sellers have access to exclusive opportunities to market their services, such as the ability to promote their services through Fiverr’s newsletters, promotional emails, and dedicated Fiverr Pro pages.

4. Dedicated Support/Advisory Services: Fiverr Pro provides dedicated support services, such as an expert onboarding team, a specialized Pro team, and Pro Advisors to assist you in growing your business and succeeding on Fiverr.

5. Access to Exclusive Offers and Promotional Events: To encourage Fiverr Pro sellers to provide the highest quality of services, Fiverr Pro offers exclusive promotional events, such as discounts on services purchased, and other offers that can help make a Fiverr Pro seller’s services more attractive to buyers.

6. Increased Client Engagement and Interaction: Fiverr Pro sellers have access to exclusive opportunities to engage with potential buyers through Fiverr Pro’s dedicated Client Connector Program. This program gives Fiverr Pro sellers the chance to make a great first impression with potential buyers through personal introductions and invites to exclusive Pro events.

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7. Enhanced Payment Security: Fiverr Pro sellers are covered by Fiverr Pay Protection, which helps protect the seller in cases of overdue payments for services rendered beyond the agreed-upon terms.

8. Specialty Badges: Fiverr Pro sellers can purchase featured add-ons called badges that represent the services that they specialize in; badges help them to stand out and increase the visibility of their services on the Fiverr marketplace.

Benefits of Fiverr pro for buyers

1. Access to top-rated sellers: Fiverr Pro gives buyers access to the best freelancers on Fiverr and makes it easier for them to find and trust the right person for their project. A Fiverr Pro freelancer must go through a multi-step evaluation process to become Fiverr Pro-certified, meaning that buyers are guaranteed freelancers of the highest caliber.

2. Extras and bonuses: Fiverr Pro offers buyers extra features and bonuses they won’t find when hiring freelancers outside of Fiverr Pro. These include free consultations, discounts on large orders, and excellent project management tools at no extra cost.

3. Exclusive projects: Many Fiverr Pro freelancers only take on exclusive projects – those tailored to the buyer’s exact needs and quality standards. This can help buyers save time and ensure that their projects are completed exactly as they envision them.

4. Guarantees: Fiverr Pro also offers guarantees to buyers who hire a Fiverr Pro freelancer. These include warranties and refunds, so buyers are never at risk of losing their money should the project not meet expectations.

5. Support: Lastly, Fiverr Pro is backed by 24/7 customer service and technical support for buyers. This means buyers can get help and answers when they need them, so they don’t have to worry about going through their freelancer for issues that could be resolved more quickly.

Drawbacks of Fiverr pro for sellers

Disadvantages of Using Fiverr as a freelancer

1. Limited Service Offerings: Unlike the standard Fiverr user, Fiverr Pro sellers are limited in the services they can provide. Most of the services offered by the Pro version are focused on the creative, technical, and design industries and there are very few services that are geared towards providing general online services or business advice. This means that a large portion of the Fiverr platform is completely inaccessible to Fiverr Pro users.

2. Limited Eligibility: Not everyone is eligible to be a Fiverr Pro seller. Pro sellers must meet strict eligibility criteria, such as having an excellent service history on Fiverr, a portfolio of positive reviews, and a high level of expertise in their given field. This limits the number of Pro sellers, making it difficult for people outside of this select group to benefit from the Pro services.

3. Overwhelming Competition: Pro services are highly sought after—which means there is a lot of competition among Pro sellers. Consequently, sellers may have to offer their services at low prices to stay competitive. This can make it difficult to keep up with the increasing demand while still making a substantial profit.

Drawbacks of Fiverr pro for buyers

1. Limited Access to Experienced Professionals: Fiverr Pro provides access to professionals with exclusive accounts, but buyers will generally have to pick from a limited pool of experts that may not have significant experience in the specific area they’re looking for services.

2. Increased Costs: It’s not necessarily more expensive to use Fiverr Pro, but many professionals tend to charge more to access their skill sets than regular Fiverr users.

3. Uncertain Quality of Service: Fiverr Pro vets its professionals, but there’s no guarantee that the quality of the services will be up to par. Professionals in Fiverr Pro don’t necessarily have to market the quality of their services and buyers won’t necessarily be able to check into their professional backgrounds before engaging them.

4. Lack of Long-Term Relationships: Fiverr Pro doesn’t necessarily provide a platform for building long-term relationships with professionals. This could be a disadvantage if buyers are looking for ongoing help with specific services.

What is the difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro?

difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro

Fiverr is the primary platform and focuses on offering a range of digital services through a marketplace, which allows customers to quickly find freelancers to fulfill their needs. Fiverr Pro is an invite-only platform that focuses on providing access to higher-level services from experienced freelancers who have a proven track record.

Fiverr is oriented towards facilitating a variety of lower-cost services, including basic graphic design, copywriting, video editing, and logo design. Freelancers can also provide a range of specialized services depending on what they specialize in. Fiverr offers a relatively hands-off approach, which appeals to customers and freelancers who are looking to transact quickly and easily.

In comparison, Fiverr Pro is a more professional and selective platform, connecting customers with experienced freelancers who can provide higher-level services. This can include market research, web design, app development, corporate branding, and more specialized services.

Freelancers who are admitted to the Fiverr Pro platform must meet a high standard of criteria and must maintain an active presence on the platform. This ensures that customers will have access to experienced professionals who are committed to providing quality service. As such, Fiverr Pro services tend to be more expensive than Fiverr, but customers can be sure that they’re getting quality work from experts.

How much do Fiverr pros make?

difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pros can make a wide range of incomes depending on the work they do, the services they offer, and the number of clients they can bring in. The average Fiverr Pro makes approximately $3,000 to $7,000 per month, although some specialists earn significantly more.

The range of what a Fiverr Pro can make really depends on how many of these specialized services they can offer and how successful they are at getting and maintaining clients. A Fiverr Pro can also earn more by offering add-on services and packages to their clients, such as web design and SEO, copywriting, virtual assistant services, and so on.

Fiverr Pros can also take advantage of gigs that pay higher rates or are in higher demand. This includes offering higher-end corporate services or taking on larger projects that require more time and effort. Furthermore, many Fiverr Pros have found success by leveraging their services on other freelance platforms, such as UpWork and Freelancer.

Conclusion: Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

After considering all the pros and cons of Fiverr Pro, it can be concluded that Fiverr Pro is worth it. The benefits of having a Fiverr Professional account far outweigh any potential negatives, such as the cost.

Fiverr Pro provides more opportunities, faster delivery times, better communication methods, and more secure transactions than Fiverr.

Furthermore, Fiverr Pro provides more exposure and promotion of your services, making it an ideal platform for anyone looking to expand their freelancing business and make more money.

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