40 Most Lucrative Jobs That Pay $1,000 A Week Or More

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Today we are going to look at 40 jobs that have the potential to make $1,000 per week. So, if you are someone who is looking for smart ways to make money online, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I will show you some passive income revenue models and online jobs that you can easily do irrespective of your location.

Please note that this blog is a bit longer than my usual posts, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

The Best jobs that Make $1,000 A Week

Before we get started, I would like to inform you that though finding the right job seems the obvious choice, you should always try to make a passive income online.

This is the only way that will guarantee you can get financial freedom, which will drastically increase the quality of your life.

1. Blogging

Stay focused

Blogging is the best side hustle can you start if you want to have financial freedom one day.

The awesome thing about blogging is that you don’t need to reveal who you are. You can surely start a blog anonymously, and make a full-time income every month.

Though blogging is not a “get-rich-quick” method, the income potential is huge.

So how much can you make if you start a blog?

Well, if you can publish at least 3 articles per week, then this is how much you can potentially make with your little blog:

YearNumber Of ArticlesPotential Earnings Per Month
1144$1,000- $10,000
3432$30,000- $50,000
4576$50,000- $100,00
5720$100,000- $250,000
6864$250,000 – $350,000
71,008$350,000- $500,000
81,152$500,000- $600,000
91,296$600,000- $800,000
101,140$800,000- $1,000,000

Let me tell you one thing. Blogging is not all sunshine and roses. It has both its pros and cons, which you should absolutely know before you start a blog.

There are 14 different ways to make money with your blog which clearly shows the flexibility blogging offers.

Also, blogging has a very low start-up cost which makes it a very lucrative choice for making money online.

With only an investment of 35.40 per YEAR, you can have your own blog up and running within 10 minutes.

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Right now, more bloggers are making $20,000 per month than you can imagine. Actually, a few are making anywhere between $100,000 up to $1,000,000 per MONTH with their blog.

That being said, let’s see the different types of blogging jobs and their respective salaries:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Remote Blogger$32.11$1,284$5,565$66,784
Travel Blogger$30.37$1,215$5,264$63,173
Corporate Blogger$28.77$1,151$4,986$59,838
Book Blogger$26.92$1,077$4,666$55,993
Writer Blogger$26.28$1,051$4,556$54,668
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

If the idea of starting your own blog seems interesting to you, then don’t wait any further.

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2. Youtube


Have you ever wondered why there are so many YouTubers and why they are investing so much in creating new content?

I am sure you never noticed how many people have a youtube channel now and how many are actually making a full-time income in less than 2 years.

If you are curious to know why so many people are starting their own youtube channels, then let’s have a look at some youtube stats:

  • Right now there are more than 2.3 billion monthly active users.
  • It’s the second most popular social media platform.
  • It’s the second largest search engine.
  • Every day, people watch around 1 billion hours of video.
  • 62% of businesses use youtube.
  • 90% of people say that they discover NEW products on youtube.

These stats clearly show the enormous potential youtube offers and why so many leverage their youtube channel to make more money.

But there is a catch.

The minimum requirement for you to be eligible to monetize your youtube channel is to reach 1,000 subscribers and have at least 4000 hours of public video watched.

The revenue earned from youtube is split into 55% and 45 %.  The youtube creator gets 55% and Youtube takes 45%.

Now, ad revenue is not the only way to earn money on youtube. You can also make massive money with sponsored videos. For instance, if you can generate around 100,000 views on the platform, you can easily make $1,000-$3,000 for EACH sponsored video.

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual youtube pay for a youtube channel in the US is around $52,806 per year.

Here is how much YouTubers are making right now:

Hourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$16$653$2,833$34,000
75th Percentile$29$1,153$5,000$60,000
Top Earners$39$1,576$6,833$82,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Pro tip: With the introduction of Facebook watch, youtube has been giving more opportunities to new channels to grow. Actually, new channels are getting a boost in views compared to older channels.

If you want to start your own youtube channel, now is the time my friend. You will never get this opportunity again.

Here is how you can easily get started with youtube.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very powerful way to make money online. Though it is usually associated with a blog or youtube channel, you can easily get started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Despite many people arguing that affiliate marketing is not worth it, statistics show that affiliate marketing is not dead, but it is thriving.

According to Statista, spending on affiliate marketing will reach 8.2 billion dollars in the US by 2022.

Image Source: Statista

So what is affiliate marketing?

Well, it is when you suggest a product or service to a potential customer. Whenever the customer purchases through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

It’s perfect for those who like to be the middle man in selling another company’s products to a targeted audience.

Here is how much affiliate marketers are earning right now:

Hourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$29$1,153$5,000$60,000
75th Percentile$100$4,000$17,333$208,000
Top Earners$192$7,692$33,333$400,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Though most people use affiliate marketing by offering products and services that are already on the market, there is a new way to make money with affiliate marketing.

And that is by using Launch Jacking.

Launch jacking is the process of promoting an offer for a product that has not been released yet. It is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of everyone and make significant money.

Since you will be among the first ones to review and propose the product to customers, you will have the upper hand to make more sales.

Here is my step-by-step guide to help you understand Launch Jacking.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you love to use Pinterest, you will be glad to know that you can use the platform to make anywhere between $50-$200 PER DAY without much effort.

For those who love typing, there are online typing jobs that will help you make at least $3,000 per month.

Finally, if you are someone who is very creative and love to design templates, then you will be glad to know that you can use your CANVA FREE account to make money online.

4. Dropshipping store

If you ever had the dream of having your own online store, then drop shipping can be the perfect option.

What is a dropshipping store?

A dropshipping store is an online store that sells products directly to customers. The fantastic thing about having a dropshipping store is that you don’t need to have the products in your inventory. You just have to order it from a supplier who will actually ship the products for you.

Here is a simple illustration of a dropshipping business model:

Dropshipping model

The benefit of this business model is that you don’t have to keep track of any inventory or shipping which can be quite stressful.

If you build a dropshipping store, you can potentially earn anywhere between $1,000-$100,000 per month.

You can easily set up your own dropshipping store on Shopify for only $9 per month with their lite Plan.

Now, if you don’t want to invest money, then I have a detailed article that will help you set up your dropshipping store for FREE.

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5. Dropservicing

Since November 2019 many aspiring business owners have tried drop servicing. This business model had been on trend since 2020, and it offers a lot of opportunities for newcomers.

Here is a simple illustration of a drop servicing business model:

Drop Servicing model

This is a very lucrative choice as you don’t need any investment to get started. You can literally start your business on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork and earn a good commission for every job that is completed.

Before you get started with your drop servicing business, make sure to choose a profitable niche that will guarantee that there are enough monetization opportunities.

If you don’t have any money to invest, this is the perfect business model for you.

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6. Professional Canva Designer

Canva is an awesome platform where you can design almost anything for FREE. It is a very popular platform that has allowed many people without any prior experience in design to create beautiful templates.

By becoming a Professional Canva designer, you can earn anywhere between $5 up to $300 per design.

And the great thing about Canva is that you don’t even need the Pro version. With the Free version, you can design almost everything.

Here are a few things that you can design on Canva:

  • Logo
  • Newsletter
  • Infographic
  • Banners
  • eBooks
  • Presentations
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Business cards and many more

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7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant

Business owners, bloggers, and YouTubers are always looking for virtual assistants. This is a huge opportunity for many people to make some money from the comfort of their homes.

As a Virtual assistant, you can provide these services:

  • Email writing
  • Admin works
  • Editing
  • Graphic designing
  • Project management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Travel assistant
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Live chat support
  • Managing affiliate programs
  • Managing contests and giveaways
  • Formatting ebooks etc

If you are just starting, you can expect to earn anywhere between $8,300 – $12,500 per year.

As an experienced virtual assistant, you can earn anywhere between $14,500 – $24,500 per year.

Now if you choose this line of work and decide to become an expert, you can expect to earn between $31,000 – $55,000 per year.

Here are some types of Virtual assistant jobs and their earning potential:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Work From Home Virtual$33.69$1,348$5,840$70,078
Work From Home Webmethods Administrator$32.56$1,303$5,644$67,731
Work From Home Office Assistant$32.13$1,285$5,570$66,837
Work From Home OIM Consultant$30.44$1,218$5,277$63,323
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Here are some companies where you can find Virtual assistant jobs:

8. Proofreading


As a proofreader, your job will be to find grammar mistakes, spelling, format, and punctuation errors. You will be given prewritten content and you will need to make sure that it doesn’t have any errors.

This job is perfect for anyone who wants flexibility and has some spare time in the evening or at night. This job has enormous demand all around the world since there is an increasing amount of online businesses.

If you are interested to become a proofreader, then you can find opportunities on:

As a proofreader, you can expect to make anywhere between $25-$50 per hour.

I am sure you must be thinking that it’s not a lot of money. But this is just the basic earning.

According to Salary.com, the median salary for an online proofreader is around $52,202 per year.

Not that bad, isn’t it?

Here are some proofreading jobs and their respective earning potential:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Director Proofreader$34.87$1,395$6,044$72,527
Senior Proofreader$34.61$1,384$5,999$71,989
Remote Proofreader$32.69$1,308$5,666$67,994
Scientific Proofreader$31.43$1,257$5,448$65,377
Telecommute Proofreader$30.29$1,212$5,251$63,012
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

9. Freelancing on Fiverr

Fiverr is amongst the best freelance platform that is helping a lot of freelancers make significant money. It is the largest marketplace for digital services like logo designs, writing, translation, business, Music and audio, video and animation, Lifestyle, and many more.

If freelancing is your thing, then Fiverr can give you access to opportunities that can change your life.

A job on Fiverr is called a gig, and for every gig, you make anywhere between $5-$500.

If you are ready to work hard, this platform can help you make a full-time income within 1 year. Some freelancers are making anywhere between $38,000-$50,000 every month using this awesome platform.

Here is an article from CNBC where you find out how a 25-year-old freelancer made $150,000 in just 6 months using Fiverr.

Another article from Huntlancer will reveal 9 sellers who made 6 figures last year.

The categories that made 6 figures on Fiverr are:

  • Professional voice acting
  • Creative content writing
  • Video content creation
  • Resume writing and recruiting services
  • Professional copywriting services
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales copy
  • Mobile app marketing and promotion
  • Celebrity impersonator and video marketing

That being said, here are some Fiverr gigs and their income potential:

Fiverr GigIncome Potential per Project
Video Marketing$300-$18,000
Website building$100-$3,000
Mobile App Development$300-$3,000
Search and Display Marketing$100-$2,000
Chatbot Development$10-$2,000
Graphic Design$100-$3,000
3D and 2D Models$100-$2,000
Business Copywriting$100-$2,000
Data Source: CNBC


10. Transcription


As a transcriptionist, you will be required to listen to an audio file and convert it to a text file by typing. This is a very easy task and almost anyone can do it.

So if you have the skill to type really fast without making mistakes, this can be the perfect way to make your side income.

Here are some websites where you can find transcriptionist jobs:

As a Transcriptionist, you can earn anywhere between $25-$30 per hour.

Now, if you can spend only 4 hours per day doing transcription, you will be able to make $3,600 in 1 month.

$3,600 per month is enough for most people to be able to pay their rent, bills, and groceries. The other remaining hours you can be spent on your building your passive income.

Here is how much transcriptionists are earning right now:

Hourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$13$528$2,291$27,500
75th Percentile$38$1,500$6,500$78,000
Top Earners$53$2,125$9,208$110,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

11.Freelance Writer

Freelance writer

With the rise of niche websites, the demand for freelance writers has been increasing a lot.

Many companies are investing heavily in creating written content as it’s the best way to generate new leads and sales.

And the awesome thing about becoming a freelance writer is that you don’t even need to be a professional writer.

For instance, I am by no means a professional writer. But after having written more than 110 blog posts in 1 year, I am more confident in my writing and I know my writing is becoming better.

The thing is: Whatever you want to do, the MOST important thing is to get started.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average income of a freelance writer is $31 per hour compared to only $21 per hour in 2015. This increase is due to the higher demand for content writers all around the world.

Now, you don’t need to become a full-time writer to earn a decent income. As a part-time writer, you can earn anywhere between $24,000-$115,000 per YEAR.

So, is that all that you can earn as a freelance writer?

Of course not.

Holly from Club Thrifty started her freelance career without any prior experience or expertise and now makes over $200,000 per year as a writer.

Here is how much freelance writers are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$12$500$2,166$26,000
75th Percentile$36$1,442$6,250$75,000
Top Earners$50$2,000$8,666$104,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

12.Online Surveys

Online surveys have been the go-to method for many people to make money online. This is because it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money either from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Now, not all online survey companies are legit. So, when you are searching for online surveys make sure that the websites are legit as there are many scam survey websites that you can across.

Here are a few legit survey companies that you can try:

  1. Survey Junkie
  • It has more than 8 million registered users
  • You will easily get accepted on the platform
  • You can easily cash out your payment through Paypal
  • For each referral, you will earn $1.50
  • You can get paid anywhere between $1-$50 for each survey depending on your demographic

2. InboxDollars

  • You can earn money reading paid emails, redeeming coupons, doing surveys, viewing advertorial videos, and conducting targeted searches
  • You can easily get your money through Paypal
  • You will get Gift rewards for each survey
  • You will have access to the highest paid surveys online

These are the best survey companies that you can find right now.

13. Website / Product testing

Website testing

Whenever there is a new product on the market, companies will need genuine feedback from people to know how the product is performing. This feedbacks are crucial to help these companies make necessary adjustments to their products.

If you choose to become a tester, your job will be to test these products and provide your genuine feedback.

And the awesome thing is that in some cases you don’t even need to return the products. You will have them just for you. Pretty awesome, Isn’t it?

Though there are many platforms where you can have access to these products, these are the most popular ones:

1. User Testing

User Testing is a very popular job platform where you can test different products. All you need to do is to visit a website or app and complete a set of tasks that are given to you.

The usual rate for a given test is around $10-$60 which lasts only about 20 minutes.

2. Userlytics

Userlytics is another awesome website that offers feedback to brands, websites, companies, and apps. If you are someone who likes websites and apps, this can be the perfect job for you.

The usual pay is anywhere between $5-$90 per test.

All you need to do is to register on their website and get started right away.

But there is a catch.

You will need to have a webcam, microphone, Windows 7 or beyond and a recent version of Java installed.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another survey platform that offers many people remote work. Apart from surveys, you will also get access to product testing.

The usual rate for each survey is anywhere between $3-$5 and $7 for each product that you test.

14. Online Teaching

Online Teacher

Online teaching has become very popular because it offers the flexibility for one-on-one teaching to students all around the world.

Companies like VIPID and K12 have taken the chance to provide a solution for online teaching.

Not only that, the company offers teachers the flexibility to choose their own schedules which makes things much more interesting.

You teach one-on-one. There is no lesson planning. The platform allows you to focus on what you love, and that is teaching.

How to apply:

First, sign up to create an account with VIPKid. Then answer some basic questions and you will be on your way to learning more about teaching online and teaching with VIPKid.

Simple, Isn’t it?

With VIPKID, you can easily earn anywhere between $15-$22 per hour.

You can also find teaching job opportunities at Magic Ears. It’s another company that is dedicated to online teaching with an interesting pay rate of $20-$26 per hour.

Here are some teaching jobs where you can earn more:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Home Teacher$36.89$1,476$6,395$76,741
Online Health Teacher$32.33$1,293$5,603$67,237
Work From Home International Baccalaureate Teacher$29.33$1,173$5,084$61,014
Work From Home Advanced Placement Teacher$29.19$1,168$5,060$60,722
Work From Home Advisory Teacher$28.93$1,157$5,015$60,175
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

15. Consultant


A consultant is an expert in a particular field who gives advice and finds solutions for a specific problem or improves results in someone’s life.

As a consultant you will need to work with a client on a contract basis or till the particular need has been met.

This is a great opportunity to monetize your expertise and make a lot of money while having the flexibility to work on your own schedule.

As a consultant, you can make anywhere between $40,000 to $120,000 per year.

According to Indeed.com, here are the salaries of consultants in the US:

Type of ConsultantAverage Salary per year
Associate Consultant$66,359
Business Consultant$66,780
Sales Consultant$71,989
Management Consultant$81,586
Retail Solutions Consultant$85,798
Technical Consultant$94,958

Now, how much you can earn as a consultant will greatly vary on your location. For instance here are the highest paying cities for consultants in the US:

CityAnnual Salary
New York$74,509
Los Angeles$80,775

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16. Amazon FBA

Many people are making tons of money with amazon affiliates. But, did you know that you can potentially earn $100,000 per year with Amazon FBA?

What does Amazon FBA mean?

Well, it means “Fulfillment by Amazon”.

It’s the perfect choice for people who want to start their own little business with minimum effort.

In short: Amazon FBA is a service that allows sellers and small business to sell their products on Amazon. All you need to do is to send your Products to Amazon.

They will store your products, and handle the shipping and delivery when someone places an order.

In return, the platform will charge a small percentage for each sale. You can easily calculate the fee here.

Right now, Amazon sellers are making $45,080 per year according to ZipRecruiter.

But there are other jobs where you can make more money:

For instance:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Engineer Amazon$56.82$2,273$9,848$118,180
Director Amazon Driving$50.04$2,002$8,674$104,091
Director Amazon Maintenance$48.86$1,955$8,470$101,638
Director Amazon Work$42.61$1,705$7,386$88,638
Director Amazon Delivery Partner$39.40$1,576$6,829$81,943
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

17. Sell Stock Photos

Sell stock photos

Selling stock photos has been a go-to method for photographers to make money online. Though it has become quite difficult to make significant money, there is still enough demand to be able to make $1,000.

You should know that selling stock photos is not something that will make you money quickly. It’s just a slower way to make a passive income with your pictures.

How much can you make with a single picture will depend on the platform you are using.

For instance, according to PhLearn, here is how much you can make selling stock photos:

Stock Photo AgencyMinimumExpectedMaximumExtended License
iStock and GettyImages$0.10$0.38$16.20$113.40
Adobe Stock & Fotolia$0.33$0.51$3.30$26.40

18. Fitness Coaching

Fitness consultant

Becoming a Fitness coach is quite lucrative as it can help you make a lot of money. You can basically do one-on-one coaching, sell your own e-Books and even do fitness videos.

Here you can use the web to your advantage by creating a little blog and a youtube channel where you will have a lot of opportunities to make more money.

You can also create an account on Fiverr or Upwork and showcase your services.

As a fitness coach, you can make anywhere between $50-$2,000 per week.

If you want more reliable data, then this is how much fitness coaches are making according to ZipRecruiter:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Shapes Fitness$38.20$1,528$6,621$79,449
Fitness Anywhere$34.40$1,376$5,963$71,554
Fitness Modeling$34.29$1,371$5,943$71,314
Fitness Engineering$32.51$1,300$5,635$67,617
Work From Home Health Fitness Wellness$30.85$1,234$5,348$64,171

19. Resume Writing

Resume writing

If you are very fluent in English you will get more opportunities to make money other than becoming an online teacher or a proofreader.

If you are someone who loves attention to detail, then this can be the perfect job for you.

As a resume writer, you can easily make anywhere between $15-$25 per hour if you use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Now there are different types of jobs that are related to resume writing which offers more income potential.

For instance:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Senior Medical Writer$63.68$2,547$11,038$132,459
Principal Medical Writer$60.07$2,403$10,413$124,955
UX Writer$57.47$2,299$9,961$119,531
User Experience Writer$57.47$2,299$9,961$119,531
Online UX Writer$53.19$2,128$9,220$110,638
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

20. Bookkeeping


As a bookkeeper, you can provide remote financial services to businesses or companies. If you are good with numbers this can be an awesome opportunity to make money online.

So what are your duties as a bookkeeper?

Well if ever you choose to become a bookkeeper then these will be your key responsibilities:

  • Maintain records of financial transactions
  • Develop systems to account for financial transactions
  • Maintain subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, and posting transactions
  • Balance subsidiary accounts by reconciling entries
  • Balance general ledger
  • Maintain historical records by filing documents on a sheet
  • Prepare financial records
  • Process payments

Bookkeeping is different from accounting, therefore you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in accounting

Here are a few platforms where you can find jobs as a bookkeeper:

  • ClickAccounts
  • Bookminders
  • Belay
  • ClickNwork
  • BiDaWIZ

Here is how much bookkeepers are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$16$634$2,750$33,000
75th Percentile$22$875$3,791$45,500
Top Earners$25$1,019$4,416$53,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

That being said, there are different types of bookkeeping jobs that have higher income potential.

Here are some bookkeeping-related jobs and their income potential:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Vice President Quickbooks Bookkeeper$46.24$1,850$8,016$96,187
Work From Home Office Bookkeeper$34.57$1,383$5,992$71,903
Home Based Bookkeeper$31.82$1,273$5,516$66,188
Work From Home Office Administrator Bookkeeper$31.44$1,258$5,450$65,395
CPA Bookkeeper$31.28$1,251$5,423$65,072
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

21. Web Designer

graphic designer

The demand for web designers has been increasing every year as more people are choosing to have a website for their business.

Most business owners don’t have the time to build their own websites and prefer to hire web designers who can design quality websites.

To become a web designer, you need to have the following skills:

  • Good knowledge of web designer platforms such as WordPress or DreamWeaver
  • An understanding of scripting languages such as JavaScript or PHP
  • Strong creative skills
  • Up-to-date skills with technology and software developments
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines

As a web designer, you can expect to make anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000 per year.

Here is how much web designers are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$20$788$3,416$41,000
75th Percentile$35$1,403$6,083$73,000
Top Earners$46$1,855$8,041$96,500
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Now there are different types of web designing jobs which you can do to make more money.

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Senior Web Engineer$54.85$2,194$9,508$114,093
Head Of International Graphic Designer$46.20$1,848$8,007$96,086
Web Focus$45.96$1,838$7,966$95,595
Web Engineer$45.71$1,829$7,924$95,083
Web APP Designer$43.25$1,730$7,496$89,953
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

If you are looking to get started as a web designer, then you can create a profile on Fiverr or Upwork. It will be the perfect place to start your web designing journey.

22. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Everyone knows the importance of social media to build a strong brand, generate new leads, and increase sales. With the growing number of people spending more time on social media platforms, it has become the perfect place for marketing.

Business owners are looking for social media managers who can take the responsibility to plan, manage and monitor their company’s social media strategy efforts and increase sales drastically.

So, if you are someone who really likes to spend time on social media, this can be an awesome opportunity for you to make some serious money.

As a social media manager, you can easily make anywhere between $35,000-$77,000 per year.

Here is how much social media managers are earning right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$17$673$2,916$35,000
75th Percentile$30$1,182$5,125$61,500
Top Earners$37$1,480$6,416$77,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

23.Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

How about becoming a financial advisor? If you have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a field related to Finance, then this is your opportunity to start to make money online.

As a financial advisor, you will always have people coming towards you for your advice as people will always need guidance to improve their financial situation.

Here are a few companies where you can offer your services:

  • FinancialAdvisors.com
  • VirtualVocation
  • Remote.co
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

Now if you want to make more money, then you can apply for more established companies like:

  • Vanguard
  • Personal Capital
  • Betterment
  • WealthFront

Here is how much financial advisors are making:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$22$865$3,750$45,000
75th Percentile$39$1,557$6,750$81,000
Top Earners$48$1,923$8,333$100,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

24.Email Marketer

As an email marketer, your job will be to write engaging copies used in email marketing and campaigns.

Now, based on the company who you are working for, you might even be responsible for developing email campaign strategies and tactics to deliver persuasive messages to your potential audience.

Here are some key responsibilities of an email marketer:

  • Identify target audience and grow the email list
  • Design and implement email marketing campaigns
  • Proofread emails for grammar, spelling, and clarity
  • Write newsletters that include all the recent updates
  • Ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients to decrease unsubscribes
  • Create an email database for lead generation
  • Create a report on sales generated by email campaigns

Here is how much email marketers are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$29$2,115$9,166$110,000
75th Percentile$40$1,462$6,335$76,025
Top Earners$53$1,153$5,000$60,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

25.SEO Expert


Since more people are building online businesses, the demand for SEO experts has increased significantly.

For business owners, having a high ranking on Google is a must. They want to increase their rankings on search engines to be able to generate more sales for their products and services.

This is because organic traffic from Google tends to generate the most ROI (Return on Investment).

So if you have in-depth SEO knowledge, don’t you think it’s the right time to become an SEO expert and monetize your skills?

Speaking of skills, these are the skills that are required to become an SEO expert:

  • Technical & Programming Skills
  • Speaking & Writing Ability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Social Skills
  • Analytics Skills
  • Drive, Motivation & Adaptability
  • A Sense of Humor

This is a very lucrative career choice as the earning potential is really high and you don’t need to work a lot to generate a full-time income.

For instance, the average salary for an SEO expert is around $60,000 per year.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot make more.

If ever you decide to choose this line of work, then here is how much you can potentially make:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Head Of Search Engine Evaluator$56.38$2,255$9,772$117,270
SEO Director$54.26$2,170$9,405$112,857
SEO Technical Specialist$40.41$1,617$7,005$84,063
Director SEO$38.67$1,547$6,703$80,436
Senior SEO Analyst$37.42$1,497$6,487$77,844
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

26. Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artist

Voice-over artists have been in high demand in the last few years because more businesses are investing in content and promotional videos.

As a voice-over artist, you will need to provide your voice for animated films and television shows, narrate documentaries, and do voiceovers in television and radio commercials.

Here are a few skills that you need to have to become a professional voice-over artist:

  • You should be able to speak with different accents
  • You must have exceptional enunciation skills
  • You must have the ability to employ the right rhythm during voiceovers
  • You must articulate the language effectively
  • You should be very good at voice acting

Now, if you are just starting, you can try to find some freelance jobs on Fiverr or Upwork where you can make anywhere between $10-$30 for around 50 words.

Here are the different types of voice-over services you can provide on freelance platforms:

  • TV and Radio Commercials
  • Video Narrations
  • Corporate Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Documentaries
  • eLearning/Training
  • Games
  • IVR Phone Messages
  • Podcast intros/outros
  • Character Voices

Here is how much voice-over artists are earning:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$14$557$2,416$29,000
75th Percentile$43$1,721$7,458$89,500
Top Earners$65$2,596$11,250$135,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

27.Book Editor

Book Editor

Authors need another pair of eyes to guarantee that their content doesn’t contain any grammar and spelling mistakes. This is the job of a book editor.

If you are just starting out, you can find some work at Upwork or balance careers. This will help you build an online reputation that can fuel your success down the road.

As a book editor, you will need to have the following skills:

  • Attention to details
  • Strong communication skills
  • Exceptional writing skills

For this job, you don’t need any kind of degree. You just need some samples of your work or recommendations and you will do just fine.

You can expect to make anywhere between $16-$25 per hour as a book editor.

Here is how much books editors are earning right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$16$644$2,791$33,500
75th Percentile$41$1,634$7,083$85,000
Top Earners$70$2,788$12,083$145,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

28.Game developer

Game developper

Many people are choosing to become game developers as the scope to make a huge passive income is really high.

Though developing a game can be time-consuming, if it becomes a hit you will be really wealthy.

For instance, if you choose to partner with a gaming company and develop a game for them, you will receive anywhere between 15% to 20% in royalties.

I know 20% doesn’t seem a lot, but if the game really works, then you can potentially make anywhere between $125,000 to $200,000 per WEEK.

The truth is: It will take some trial before you can make it work. That’s why you need to have a burning desire to become a game developer to succeed.

Once you have completed your game you can sell it to these companies:

  • Steam
  • Game Jolt
  • Humble Bundle
  • Itch
  • Gog

Now, there are different types of jobs that are related to game development where you can make a lot of money.

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Game Designer$62.50$2,500$10,833$130,000
Game Engine Developer$55.93$2,237$9,694$116,332
Senior Game Programmer$55.89$2,236$9,688$116,250
Senior Game Developer$54.47$2,179$9,441$113,296
Game Engineer$54.00$2,160$9,360$112,320
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

29. Logo Designer

Logo Designer

How much time have you heard that logo designers charge too much for a simple logo? Well, as a matter of fact, it is something that requires a lot of creativity and imagination which justifies the price.

If ever you choose to become a Logo designer, you can make anywhere between $500-$1,000 per DAY if you manage to get the opportunity with the big brands.

Having an online presence is crucial to being able to become a successful Logo designer. For instance, you will need to have a website and multiple accounts on different freelancer platforms to increase your chance of turning it into a money-making revenue model.

The great thing about becoming a Logo Designer is that you don’t need to have any special experience as you can easily make a logo using Canva.

If you head over to Fiverr, you will know exactly how freelancers are charging for Logo. For instance, here are the 3 packages that a pro user is offering for the logo design:

Fiverr logo design

You can clearly see the potential of becoming a professional logo designer.

Now, let’s see how much Logo designers are making actually:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$15$605$2,625$31,500
75th Percentile$42$1,682$7,291$87,500
Top Earners$49$1,942$8,416$101,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter



Photography is another awesome side hustle that you start to make $1,000 per week or more.

Though photography is very saturated, you can start your journey by becoming a wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer, you can make anywhere between $1,000-$6,000 per week.

The fantastic thing about being a wedding photographer is that on weekends you can shoot weddings and during weekdays you will have enough time to retouch the pictures. It’s one of the side hustles that have high-income potential.

There are other types of photography businesses that you can start if you are ready to invest. For instance, this is how much photographers are making right now:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Event Photographer$42.05$1,682$7,289$87,469
Chief Photographer$37.28$1,491$6,462$77,550
Corporate Photographer$36.13$1,445$6,263$75,152
Work From Home Marketing Photographer$36.05$1,442$6,249$74,990
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

31. Editor/Retoucher


Becoming an editor or retoucher requires some skills that you can easily achieve within 1 year. For instance, you will find all types of tutorials on youtube that will help you become a better retoucher.

The awesome thing about an editor or retoucher is that you will have the flexibility to work from home and on your own schedule.

In the beginning, you will need to build a portfolio to be able to get some freelance jobs. You can easily download free stock photos and build a solid portfolio in a few months.

Once your portfolio is complete, you can create a profile on Fiverr and Upwork where you will get a lot of opportunities to get your first freelance job.

Here is how much you can charge on Fiverr if you choose to become a retoucher:

That being said, let’s see how much people are earning for jobs that are closely related to a retoucher:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Head Of Photo Retoucher$37.00$1,480$6,414$76,968
Photo Shoot Producer$35.41$1,416$6,138$73,653
Photo Developer$35.05$1,402$6,076$72,907
Director Retoucher$34.88$1,395$6,047$72,560
Photo Shoot Coordinator$34.09$1,364$5,909$70,903
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

32. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If graphic design is your thing, then you can find awesome opportunities in Design Crowd. There are many job opportunities such as graphics design, flyers design, T-shirt design, Billboard design, and many more.

Graphic designers have been known to be people who are really happy with their job. This is because this job offers great flexibility and you don’t need to work really hard to be able to make a decent income.

For instance here are some skills that are required as a graphic designer:

  • IT skills, especially with design and photo-editing software
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Having time management and organizational skills
  • Having an attention to detail
  • Have an understanding of the latest trends
  • Be able to meet deadlines

Here are some salaries for jobs that are related to graphic design:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Vice President International Graphic Designer$51.65$2,066$8,953$107,434
VP Graphic Designer$48.32$1,933$8,376$100,507
Vice President Graphic Designer$48.32$1,933$8,376$100,507
Head Of International Graphic Designer$46.20$1,848$8,007$96,086
Graphic Designer$41.30$1,652$7,159$85,907
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

33. Video Editor

video editor

As a video editor, your job will be to use your creative and technical skills to assemble raw footage into finished products that meet a certain standard.

As a video editor, you may be required to edit:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate training videos
  • Feature films
  • Music videos
  • Television programs
  • Youtube videos

Becoming a video editor is a bit complicated as you will need to have the following skills:

  • An eye for detail
  • A critical mind
  • Creativity and passion for videos
  • Patience
  • Concentration
  • High level of motivation and commitment
  • Huge dedication
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills

So, with so many requirements, is it worth becoming a video editor?

Well, let’s see the salary for jobs that are related to video editing:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Vice Editor$49.19$1,968$8,526$102,314
Head Of Video Editor$37.69$1,508$6,533$78,398
Home-Based Video Editor$34.89$1,396$6,048$72,577
Work From Home Agency Video Editor$33.72$1,349$5,844$70,132
Trailer Editor$33.10$1,324$5,738$68,855
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

34. Character Animation

Character Animation

As a character animator, your job will be to create characters by giving images the illusion of thought, emotion, and personality.

Becoming a character animator is a tedious job that demands the highest level of concentration.

Here are the skills that are required to become a character animator:

  • Artistic talent
  • Creative problem solving
  • Knowledge of acting and techniques
  • Good understanding of anatomy
  • Understand the movement of body parts and behavior of skin and flesh
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Training in animation, character drawing, and fine art
  • Knowledge of physics like gravity, acceleration, and laws of energy

The average salary of a character animator is around $43,000 per year.

But you can make more money if ever you choose to go all in.

For instance, here are a few salaries for jobs that are related to a character animator:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Head Of Animation$50.37$2,015$8,731$104,769
Head Of Animator$49.18$1,967$8,525$102,297
Animation Software$44.71$1,788$7,749$92,993
Animation Engineer$42.84$1,714$7,426$89,113
Director Animation$42.72$1,709$7,405$88,858
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

35. Copywriter and writing Consultant

Write daily

The average person reads only 20% of the words on any page. So, copywriting needs to be clear and specific. Business owners are looking for copywriters to increase their ROI(Return on Investment).

In this competitive era, writing skills are a must to get more clients to engage with brands.

Professional writers are trained to understand as much as they can about different industries. They write quality content where readers can understand the message of the company.

If you have excellent writing skills, being a copywriter and writing consultant can help you make a lot of money. There are demands in every niche for copywriters.

If setting up a business for you seems risky for the time being, you can register on Fiverr as a copywriter. It might just help you out in your journey when you are just starting.

As and when you are booking more work and building a reputation as a writer, you can start your own company.

Skills that are required as a Copywriter and writing Consultant

  • A good grasp of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Familiarity with different Content Management Systems.
  • Be creative with image software.
  • Having a bit of SEO knowledge.
  • Be able to promote Yourself.

Here is how much copywriters are making right now:

Hourly wageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$22$865$3,750$45,000
75th Percentile$46$1,846$8,000$96,000
Top Earners$62$2,500$10,833$130,000
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

36.Career Counselor

Career Counselor

As a career counselor, your job will be to help your clients to know and understand themselves and the world of work to make better career, educational, and life decisions.

It is a career that requires a lot of patience and dedication and is not for people who are impulsive by nature.

For instance, these are the skills that you will need to become a career counselor:

  • Being able to show compassion
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Ability to be patient
  • Having the drive to motivate people

The average salary for a career counselor is around 45,000 per year.

Here are the salaries for jobs that are related to a career counselor:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
College Counselor$39.45$1,578$6,839$82,066
Senior Licensed Counselor$39.22$1,569$6,798$81,577
Part-Time Counsel$39.03$1,561$6,765$81,183
Community Counselor$35.68$1,427$6,184$74,209
Temporary Licensed Counselor$32.35$1,294$5,608$67,294
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

37. Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist

How about becoming an online personal stylist? If you have a thing for fashion, then this could be an awesome opportunity to make money online.

To become a personal stylist you will need to be updated on the latest fashion trends so that you could suggest clothing and accessories that best suit your client’s taste and budget.

So, how much can you make as a Personal stylist?

Well, it really depends on your marketing skills and how you portray yourself.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a personal stylist is $49,150.

Other jobs are closely related to personal stylist where you can make more than $49,150 per year.

For instance, here are some jobs that you can try:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Head Of Fashion Stylist$34.59$1,384$5,995$71,945
Work From Home Set Stylist$33.60$1,344$5,824$69,893
Director Fashion Stylist$33.27$1,331$5,768$69,212
Work From Home Free People Stylist$32.54$1,301$5,639$67,673
Work From Home Sales Stylist$32.33$1,293$5,604$67,249
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

38. Drone Videography

Drone Videography

I am sure you must have noticed many people who are trying to become drone pilots. The reason is that it can really help you make a full-time income. Actually, if you specialize in a specific field (Ariel thermal Imagery) you can make 6 figure income.

As a drone videographer you will need to have the following skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Robust problem-solving abilities 
  • Excellent electronic and mechanical skills 
  • Expertise in multitasking 
  • Keen attention to detail 
  • Ability to stay focused

On average, you can expect to make around $50,000 per year as a drone videographer.

But if ever you choose this field, then here are some jobs that can help you make more than a normal drone videographer:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Vice President Drone$66.25$2,650$11,483$137,793
Manager Drone$52.02$2,081$9,017$108,204
Drone Developer$40.35$1,614$6,993$83,919
Drone Engineer$38.31$1,532$6,640$79,685
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

39. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry is probably the easiest job on this list, which can help you make $1,000 per week.

Many people start as data entry clerks before they start their own business. This is because it provides great flexibility and the income is decent.

The average salary for a data entry clerk is around $33,186 per year.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot make more than that.

For instance, here are a few jobs that are closely related to data entry:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Head Of Data Entry Clerk$42.92$1,717$7,439$89,273
Data Entry Accounting$31.49$1,260$5,458$65,495
Digital Data Entry$28.01$1,121$4,856$58,268
Data Work$27.55$1,102$4,776$57,311
Work From Home Office Data Entry Clerk$26.91$1,076$4,664$55,973
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

40. Parent coach

Many parents desperately need someone reliable to guide them to raise their children properly.

Now as a parent coach, you will need to provide advice on:

  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • General child care
  • Toddler topics

But before you get started, you will need to have a Parent coach certificate. Once you have completed the certification program, you can expect to make around $15-$20 per hour.

The average salary for a parent coach is $39,833 per year.

Now if you want to become an online coach, then other related jobs can help you make more money.

For instance, here are a few coaching jobs and their salaries:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Safe Coach$51.51$2,060$8,928$107,141
Running Coach$48.01$1,920$8,321$99,853
Coach Up$46.77$1,871$8,106$97,273
Head Of Instructional Coach$41.04$1,641$7,113$85,356
Money Coach$40.70$1,628$7,055$84,659
Data Source: ZipRecruiter

Final thoughts: 40 Most Lucrative Jobs That Pay $1,000 A Week Or More

This was the mega list of all the jobs that can help you make at least $1,000 per week. Though most of them can help you make a decent amount, I would highly advise you to start your own side hustle.

For instance, if you start your own blog you will be able to make a full-time income in 2 years.

That being said, if you have a 9 to 5 job and want to leave it, then starting a side hustle is the first step.

I hope that this post has given you enough insight so that you can make the right decision.

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it with others.

See you soon!

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