Best Mediavine alternatives for new bloggers in 2022

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Getting accepted on the Mediavine ad network is a dream for many new bloggers. But being part of this ad network is not an easy task.

This is because Mediavine requires you to have at least 50,000 monthly page sessions. And for most bloggers, it will take at least 12-15 months to generate that kind of traffic.

The solution?

Ad networks like Ezoic and Monumentric are the best alternatives for Mediavine. The awesome thing about these 2 ad networks is that you only need 10,000 monthly sessions to be eligible. Something that you can easily achieve in a few months.

That being said, let’s see some pros and cons for each ad network.

The best Mediavine alternatives


Ezoic is among the most popular ad network among many new bloggers. Since it is a Google Certified publishing partner there is no doubt about its reliability.

Ezoic team claims that they can help you boost your ad revenue by 50%-250% using AI and experimenting with different ad placements.

In a nutshell:

  • Ezoic will do Ad testing for you, which will increase your revenue significantly. For instance, if you select only 5 possible ad placements, Ezoic will test around 3,000 combinations to see which combination is generating the most revenue. This is a unique feature to help you get the most out of your ad placements.
  • You will get a detailed report which will help you know EVERYTHING about your visitors. You will be able to have insights on every single page which will inform you which page is performing best. With this data, you can increase your traffic on those pages, which in turn will increase your earnings more.
  • You will have complete control over the platform. You decide how many ads you want to place and where you want them to be displayed.
  • As you may have noticed, customer service from Google Adsense is almost non-existent. But with Ezoic, you will get the best customer service that exists for an ad network. Sometimes they will even reply to your query within minutes.
  • The payment threshold is only $20. It means that once you reach that threshold, you will be able to withdraw the money.

So, how popular is Ezoic actually?

To answer that, let’s head over to Google Trends.

ezoic trend

As you can see, more and more people are searching for the Ezoic on Google.

Right now, more than 10,000 websites are using Ezoic to maximize their ad revenue.

Though officially Ezoic requires a blog to have at least 10,000 monthly sessions(Not Pageviews), if you have a website that has quality content, you can get accepted even if you are getting only 3,000 monthly sessions. 

I bet you didn’t know that, right?

What if you are getting less than 3,000 monthly Sessions?

Well, you can use Ezoic’s FREE features to increase your blog’s speed.

Ezoic additional features

If you are using Ezoic AI features:

  • Your website will achieve a fast speed load time and 80+ Google page speed insight scores. 
  • You will be able to optimize your images properly.
  • Your blog will use only the CSS that a visitor will need.
  • Your blog will load as people are scrolling with lazy load.

The platform also uses a mixed system of Pay per View and Pay per click, which means that you will be able to earn with your ads even if you are not generating any clicks.

Pros of using Ezoic:

  • You only need 10,000 monthly sessions, though you can get accepted with only 3,000 monthly sessions.
  • You will get paid on a NET 30 model. This means that you will be able to withdraw your money every month.
  • There are different types of Payment methods like Cheque, Direct Deposit, Paypal, and Payoneer which will make it easier to get the money.
  • The support is good. Once you have applied for the ad program, you will get a dedicated manager who will contact you.
  • They provide ads for almost every niche.
  • Your blog traffic doesn’t need to be from the US, UK or Canada to get accepted on the platform.

Cons of using Ezoic:

  • Though you will earn more than Google Adsense, it’s not the best on the market.
  • Once you are using the platform, it will take around 3 months for the AI to learn every ad placement so that you can earn maximum revenue.



Monumetric which was previously known as the “Blogger Network” is another ad network that you can consider. Just like Mediavine, Monumetric will pay you for both Pay per click and Pay per view.

The minimum traffic requirement to join Monumetric is 10,000 monthly sessions. But there is a catch:

You are required to pay an implementation fee of $99. Well, it doesn’t mean you need to pay right now. The platform offers you the option to deduct the fee from your earnings if ever you don’t have money to pay.

Right now, Monumetric has 4 monetization programs:

Monumetric monetisation program
  • Propel: 10,000 – 80,000 monthly pageviews
  • Ascend: 80,000 – 500,000 monthly pageviews
  • Startos: 500,000 – 10,000,000 monthly pageviews
  • Propeller: 10,000,000+ monthly pageviews

Now, if your blog is generating more than 100,000 monthly sessions, it is highly recommended to join AdThrive. AdThrive is the best ad network that will help you earn maximum revenue from each visitor.


When you apply for Monumetric, you will need to wait for at least 2-3 months before you can run ads on your blog. Also, the payment method is NET 60, which means you will get paid after every 60 days.

Pros for using Monumetric:

  • You will earn a little more compared to other ad networks.
  • It provides high-quality ads that don’t slow down your blog.
  • You will be able to use Paypal as your payment method.
  • They will optimize your blog to boost your earnings. Actually, once you get accepted on the platform, they will do all the work for you. You just need to create a new user and give them full access to your WordPress dashboard.
  • They have good Customer support.
  • You will get paid for both pay-per-view and pay-per-click.

Cons of using Monumetric:

  • The approval period takes almost 3 months. 
  • You absolutely need to have 10,000 monthly pageviews.
  • You will get paid after 60 days. 
  • You will need to pay an implementation fee of $99.



Yahoo and Bing have created an awesome Ad network that actually pays more than Google Adsense. It’s a good alternative, especially if your blog traffic is below 5,000 monthly sessions.

One of the disadvantages is that the platform requires your traffic to come mainly from UK, USA, or Canada to earn a nice income. 

On the other hand, one awesome benefit of using Media.Net is its highly contextual ads. They have developed something that they call (Display to search). It’s a machine that understands search intent and serves ads with keywords that are relevant to the search query.

So, if you have a website where people do a lot of searches, you can earn a pretty decent amount with Media.Net.

Pros for using Media.Net:

  • They offer good support.
  • You will get much more than Google Adsense.
  • Payment methods such as wire transfer and Paypal.
  • Optimized contextual ads to maximize your revenue.
  • Net 30 payment model.

Cons of using Media.Net:

  • They can reject your account without giving any details.
  • Traffic must come mainly from the USA, UK, and Canada.

Frequently asked questions

1.What you can do if Mediavine rejected your application?

Sometimes even if you are getting 50,000 monthly sessions, you can get your application rejected on Mediavine. And if that happens, they usually don’t give you any specific reasons.

This can happen if their advertisers can’t find enough relevant ads for your Niche. Another reason can be that your source of traffic is not mainly from the US.

In this situation, you can either apply again or try another ad network.

2.Is Ezoic better than Adsense

Of course, it is. Though Google Adsense has been around for a very long time, it doesn’t give you options to optimize your ads. On the other hand, Ezoic’s AI will learn all possible combinations and types of ads for your blog and give you the best options.

3.Is Monumetric better than Ezoic

Yes, it is slightly better. You can earn slightly more with Monumetric. But if your traffic is not from the USA, UK, or Canada, you won’t get accepted on the platform.

Here Ezoic really outperforms Monumetric. You will get maximum revenue even if you get traffic from anywhere around the world. This is something that you can get on Ezoic only.

4.How to get more traffic to a new blog?

For a new blog, getting accepted on any ad network is really hard. This is because it can take a lot of time to get significant traffic from Google. 

The only viable solution is to use social media to leverage your blog’s traffic.

Actually, for a blog’s traffic, Youtube and Pinterest are the best options right now. Any other social media platform will not be worth the effort. And don’t invest any money on Facebook ads until your blog earns at least $1,000 per month.

That being said, here are a few resources that will help you get FREE traffic from Pinterest:

Final thoughts: Best Mediavine alternatives for new bloggers in 2022

My personal recommendation for a Mediavine alternative is Ezoic. It’s really a fantastic platform that will give you everything that you need from an ad network.

In 1 month, Ezoic will be releasing the Ezoic leap which will be free for everyone.

ezoic leap

So, what benefits will you get when you will use Ezoic Leap features?

Well here are some fantastic benefits:

  • It will provide all features and tools needed to achieve GOOD core web vitals.
  • It will uncover and fix the root cause of poor load times.
  • You will get data on how various technologies and hosts affects a site.

That being said, if your blog traffic is still very low, and you are using Google Adsense, here are a few resources that can help you earn more with your Adsense account:

I hope that this blog will help you make a better decision when you are choosing an ad network. If you are a new blogger, it will take some time to get enough organic traffic to generate a significant income with ads.

Usually, your blog will reach its full traffic potential in 2 years. And then you will see an exponential increase in your blog’s earning.

Till then, Pinterest is the best option for a boost in traffic.

See you soon!

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