Mediavine Vs Media.Net-The Ultimate Comparison For 2023

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As a publisher, it’s vital to use the right ad management system to monetize your content.

Though both offer the opportunity to make money with ads, each one of them has its pros and cons.

In this post, I will discuss the differences between these ad management systems (also known as ad networks) so that in the end you can make the right choice for your website.

Let’s dive in.

Mediavine Vs Media.Net – The Ultimate Comparison

Before we get started, I would like to list some of the most popular ad management systems together with their RPMs.

This table will help you to have an overview of your available options as a publisher.

Ad networkMinimum Monthly SessionsRPM RangePayment ThresholdPayment Method
Mediavine50,000$20-$47$25PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit
Ad Thrive100,000$20-$37$25PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit
Ezoic No-Minimum requirement$10-$43$20PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Payoneer
Monumetric10,000$5-$15$10PayPal and Direct Deposit
Media.Net5,000$5-$10$100PayPal and Wire Transfer
BuySell Ads100,000$15-$30$20Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Check
Ad-Pushup10,000$4-$12$50Paypal, Check, and Wire Transfer
SovrnNo-Minimum requirement$5-$10$10Paypal, Check, and Wire Transfer
Propeller AdsNo-Minimum requirement$1-$5$5PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, and Skrill
Info LinksNo-Minimum requirement$1-$5$50PayPal, Check, and Payoneer

As you can clearly see, Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive seem to be the best ad management systems as they provide the highest RPM.

SPECIAL NOTE: When it comes to making money with ads, EZOIC is the best option for new bloggers.

This is because it has no minimum traffic requirement and new websites will get the highest RPM.

Create your Ezoic account now, and start to make money with ads.

What is Mediavine?

Mediavine is a very popular ad management system that many established publishers use to monetize their websites.

Mediavine ad management

Actually, it is one of the favorite ad management systems for many online publishers and you will often come across websites that are using Mediavine.

Also, it is a Google Certified Partner which proves it is a very reliable company.

Now, there are three main core principles on which Mediavine focuses to give both publishers and advertisers the best results. These are:

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Traffic quality
  • Brand Safety

So, how popular is Mediavine exactly?

Well, to answer that, let’s head over to Google Trends.

Mediavine Google-Trend

As you can see, the popularity of Mediavine has been growing over time as more and more publishers are using and recommending this awesome platform.

If you want to be part of Mediavine, then there are a few requirements that your website must meet so that they can accept your application.

This brings us to the next point.

Mediavine Requirements For Publishers

As of 2020, Mediavine changed its requirements to a whole new level. It was something that many publishers were not expecting.

Many small publishers were waiting to reach 25,000 monthly sessions so that they would be eligible for Mediavine.

But now, the minimum number of monthly sessions is 50,000.

Here are the new Mediavine requirements if you want to be part of the platform:

  • 50,000 monthly sessions in the last 30 days on Google Analytics
  • Good standing with Google Adsense
  • Original content in any niche
  • Content that is long-form, and engaging

As a small publisher, I know it is very hard to meet these requirements. And to help you with that, I have a complete guide that will help you to qualify for Mediavine in 6 months.

In this guide, I will discuss the strategies I am using to bring massive traffic to my blogs and how you can effectively earn maximum revenue with Mediavine.

Now, I am sure you must be wondering if ever you get accepted on the platform, how much your blog will earn.

Well, let’s answer this question with a quick survey.

How much money can you make with Mediavine?

Income School, which is a huge company that teaches blogging, did a survey with more than 100 bloggers and got this result:

Average RPM for Mediavine eligible sites only-income school

As you can see, the median RPM for Mediavine was $24.30. Now, if you can reach 50,000 monthly sessions, and they accept your application:

You will make around: (24.30×50)= $1,215

Not that bad isn’t it?

It’s important to know that RPM is not constant. The amount you can make with your website will highly depend on:

  • Your niche
  • The performance of your website
  • The quality of your traffic

Let’s discuss each of them:

1. Your niche

There are a few niches that tend to perform really well on Mediavine. These are:

  • Personal Finance
  • Family and Parenting
  • Home and DIY
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Style and Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food and Drink

2. The performance of your website

Having a slow website is neither good for SEO nor for your earnings. It is vital to use the best themes and limit your plugins so that your website performs at its best.

The next thing is to use good hosting that is specially designed to perform really well at a very low price.

That is why I will always recommend you to use Bluehost which is a fantastic company that many bloggers are using.

Here is how you can set up your WordPress website for MAXIMUM performance for FREE.

3. The quality of your traffic

For your website to earn maximum revenue, most of your traffic must come from the US, UK, or Canada.

Now, if most of your traffic is coming from Asia, then your RPM will be really low. That’s why Mediavine insists that your website must have MOST of its traffic from the US, UK, and Canada.

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Mediavine Payment Methods

At Mediavine, they pay publishers on a Net-65 basis. Which means that you received your money after 65 days.

Here is the payment schedule for 1 year:

Mediavine Payment Schedule
Image Source: Mediavine

Here are the different payment methods and their respective fees:

Payment MethodMinimum PayoutTipalti Fee
ACH- International$200None
ACH- US$25None
Wire Transfer US$25$15 per transaction
Wire Transfer Non-US, Non-USD$25$20 per transaction
Wire Transfer Non-US (USD)$25$26 per transaction

What is Media.Net

Medianet is another leading ad management system that develops innovative products for publishers and advertisers. It has more than 800 employees and is one of the top 5 ad-tech companies in the world.


Yahoo and Bing have created this awesome company that pays slightly more than Google Adsense.

So, if you have very low traffic, it could be a good Mediavine alternative.

Though it is a very good ad network, the only downside for publishers is that most of the traffic must come from the US, UK, or Canada to be eligible for the platform.

On the other hand, one awesome benefit of this platform is that it offers highly contextual ads.

They have developed Display to search which is a machine that understands search intent that helps to show ads with keywords that are only relevant to the search query.

This in turn increases the chances of generating more clicks which automatically will increase your earnings.

So, if you have a website where people do a lot of searches, this will be the perfect ad management system for you.

How popular is Media.Net actually?

Well, let’s head over to Google Trends to find out:

You can see that the trend for Media.Net has been decreasing over time. This is mainly because more people are choosing Mediavine, Ezoic, or AdThrive.

Pros of using Media.Net

If you can meet Media.Net’s requirements, then here are a few reasons that can convince you to use this platform.

  • They offer Good support to their customers, compared to Google Adsense where the support is non-existent.
  • You will make more money than Google Adsense. Especially if you are not able to get a lot of traffic to your website.
  • They offer payment methods such as PayPal and Wire transfer.
  • They provide optimized contextual ads to maximize your revenue.
  • You will get paid on a Net-30 basis, compared to a Net-65 basis with Mediavine

Cons of using Media.Net

  • They can reject your application without providing any specific details.
  • Your traffic must come from the UK, US, or Canada to be eligible compared to Ezoic which is a better option and doesn’t have such a requirement.

Media-Net Requirements

If you want to get accepted on Media-Net, then here are the requirements:

  • Your website must contain a significant amount of original content that is updated regularly. And it should not infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights.
  • Your website must have the majority of traffic coming from the US, UK, and Canada.
  • Your website must contain content that is primarily in English.
  • Your website must have a reasonable volume of visitors.
  • Your website must not contain excessive advertising.

You can read their full program guidelines here.

Mediavine or Media-Net (which one is better)?

Let’s have a look at the popularity of both platforms, shall we?

As you can clearly see, Mediavine has been growing in popularity since 2015 and now is more popular than Media-Net.

Based on what you have seen, Mediavine is a better option when it comes to making money with ads.

But, I know it’s really tough to get accepted on Mediavine as your website must have at least 50,000 monthly sessions.

So, does it mean that you will have to settle for MediaNet?

Is there a better alternative for Mediavine and MediaNet?

Of course, there is. If you would ask me, I would tell you to choose Ezoic as your preferred ad management system.

This is because they have no minimum traffic requirement and your earnings will be almost the same as Mediavine.

Here are a few reasons that make Ezoic the perfect choice for new publishers with low blog traffic.

  • There is no minimum traffic requirement to get started with Ezoic. Also, even if your traffic is not coming from the US, UK, or Canada, they will accept your application.
  • Ezoic will do ad testing that will help to increase your revenue a lot. They will test more than 3,000 combinations to see which ones are the most effective for YOUR website.
  • You will get detailed reports that will help you to know which pages are performing that can help you increase your earnings.
  • You will have complete control over the number of ads you want to use on your website.
  • They have awesome customer service that will help you with every query. Also, you will get a DEDICATED manager that will help you set up your account and guide you to maximize your revenue.
  • The payment threshold is only $20.

I am sure you might remember in the beginning I shared a survey done by Income School.

Can you remember?

In the survey, it was found that if you have a website that is eligible for Mediavine, you will earn slightly more.

Now, if you want more in-depth information about the survey and you want to know the key differences between Mediavine and Ezoic, then you SHOULD read this comparison between Mediavine and Ezoic before you make any decision.

Final thoughts: Mediavine Vs Media. Net-The Ultimate Comparison For 2023

Though both Mediavine and Media-Net can help publishers make a good income with ads, Ezoic is a better option in the long run.

If you want to have more information on Ad networks, then you may find these resources interesting:

If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it with others as it will help my blog get more exposure. Thank you.

See you soon!

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