What should you do if your Pinterest board disappeared

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So your Pinterest board just disappeared? There is no need to panic as there are many reasons why this happened.

Whether you use Pinterest for fun or for your business, these things do happen from time to time.

So, what could be the possible reasons why your board disappeared?

  • Maybe you have deleted it by accident while browsing your boards or while you edited them
  • Sometimes Pinterest will remove boards which appear to be not following their community guidelines
  • Other times, this could be a temporary glitch. This tends to happen a lot, and some bloggers had their Pinterest account suspended just because of the glitch
  • The creator of a board deleted you
  • Finally, maybe your account has been hacked

Though these reasons may scare you, if you followed Pinterest community Guidelines, you will be able to recover your board.

That being said, let’s see how you can recover your boards.

How to recover your missing boards:


1. If you deleted them by accident

Sometimes things like this happen as you will tend to delete it unintentionally. Especially when you are using Pinterest on mobile, you will be more prone to make these types of mistakes.

So, is it possible to retrieve your board if you have deleted them by accident?

Of course, you can.

To restore your board, go to your inbox and look for the link and name you have shared.

When you click on the link, Pinterest will tell you that “This board has been removed”.

At the bottom, you will get an option to restore your board. Just press on the “Restore” button and you will have your board back.


2. If you didn’t follow community guidelines

Pinterest is really strict concerning what type of content people put on the platform.

Pinterest clearly states that adult content, hateful activities, misinformation, exploitation, or violence are strictly against its community guidelines.

If you didn’t follow the guideline, they have the right to delete your board or they can even suspend your account.

Therefore it’s always smart to follow their guidelines especially if you are using the platform for your business.

If you think you didn’t violate any guidelines, then you can surely get your board back.

You just have to contact them to review your board. They have awesome customer service and the team is always willing to help you out.

Every time I have contacted them, they have replied within 24 hours.


3. If you have been removed from a group board

Creators of group boards will usually remove you if you haven’t followed the group instructions or if you have not been posting related pins to the board.

The other possibility is that the creator of the board has deleted the board. This it will be quite obvious that you won’t get access to the board.

If they have removed you, there is always a possibility that they can accept your request again if you make the request.


4. If it is a temporary glitch

There are only two ways you can find out if your board is affected by a temporary glitch.

You can either wait for a few days or you can contact them directly to see if there is an issue with your board.

This is bound to happen as Pinterest is always making improvements to the platform.


5. If your account has been hacked

If your account has been hacked, the hackers will have access to all your boards and pins. They can easily manipulate your account in their own favor.

Usually, they will delete certain boards and pins and will try to replace them with spam content.

If ever that happens, you should immediately contact Pinterest and let them know about this issue.

If you want to make your Pinterest account more secure, you can always use strong passwords.

You can use the Password Generator to get a new password for your account.

That being said, if you are a blogger or have an online business and you want to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic and create brand awareness, then these resources will be very helpful to you:


Final thoughts: My Pinterest board disappeared

Most of the time if you are following Pinterest guidelines, you will be able to recover your board.

It’s always better to have a strong password to maximize your security.


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Pinterest board disappeared

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