Painful struggles of a blogger-No one admits

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You read all those success stories of bloggers who are making Millions of dollars yearly.

You thought, if you could just get a piece of that, your life will be really settled.

So, you start your blog in the hope of a better future.

A future where you will have money coming regularly, and you will be able to travel the world with your loved ones.

A very promising future, where you will never have any financial problems.

You are all fired up, excited about the new journey ahead.

You start to write your first article with the help of powerful tools to make your content better.

You publish your first blog post. It was not easy, but it felt good.

You feel happy and relieved.

You know you can do it.

So you create your second article, then third, and you continue till you hit your first plateau.


1. Lack of motivation

There is so much going on when you have a blog.

You will have to:

No wonder why new bloggers lose motivation so often. Having a blog is like handling many jobs at the same time.

You are working so hard, and still not seeing any positive results.

It is hard.

Actually, you come to understand that it’s very hard to stay motivated when there is no reward at all.

So, how can you tackle this puzzle, and continue to create content?

Well, whenever you lack motivation, just take a few days off blogging. Just let go for a few days.

Try to go out with family and friends or go on dates.

Come back to your blog after a few days, and you will see a massive difference in motivation.

Trust me on that.

If you are someone who is motivated by money, you can install ads on your blog. You can choose any ad network which will at least show some income.

Even if you are earning $0.18 per month, it’s a positive sign that your blog is earning money.

The simple truth is this.

The only difference between a site earning $0.18 per month compared to a site earning $ 1,800 per month is a lot of quality content.

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If you are new to blogging with no audience and not a lot of content, you can share your feelings and problems with other new bloggers.

This will vastly help you to stay motivated and keep on creating valuable content.

Once you get your motivation back, you will start to wonder if your content is good enough.

Actually, you will want your content to be perfect.


2. Trying to be perfect

All of us have been there. Trying to create the perfect blog post that will go viral.

You will be tempted to get everything right the first time.

No one ever created a viral bog post when they just started. It takes a lot of time to master your writing skills.

Blogging is not about perfection, my friend.

It’s about getting things done, learning, and getting better.

I completely understand that you want to create epic blog posts for your blog.

But, you will have to keep in mind that creating content consistently is more important than having a few perfect blog posts.

There are two strategies that you can implement for your content:

Content Strategy 1: Create the best content on the web, and target keywords with high search volumes. This is where the competition is really very tough, and if you are lucky enough, you might get your blog post to rank on the first page in 1-3 years.

My question to you:

Are you ready to wait 1-3 years just to get on the first page of Google? Are you sure your content will be good enough for you to get the number 1 spot?

This is a common strategy that you will come across more often.

You will be advised to target low competition keywords with high search volumes.

Basically, you will compete with almost everyone if you use this common strategy.

My approach to creating content is a bit different.

Content Strategy 2: Target low search volumes keyword and create good enough content for them.

If you target those keywords, you will have a better chance of getting the number 1 spot in 6-12 months.

Personally, I am using this strategy to build my online business. This is a more lucrative choice for me.

I prefer creating more content that targets low search volumes keywords than try to get ranking for keywords that have more than 1 thousand monthly searches.

So, should you apply this strategy?

It’s all up to you.

But whatever strategy you choose, don’t forget:

Your aim should be to attract an audience that loves YOUR style of writing and will want to keep coming to your blog to devour your latest blog posts.

Now that you have your content strategy sorted out, you will be concerned about traffic.


3. Getting Traffic to your new blog

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog and probably an area where most bloggers struggle with.

Though it’s simple, there is so much noise out there about instant gratification, that people expect thousands of visitors to their blog within a few months.

I cannot blame anyone to think like that, because even I was expecting a massive flow of traffic in my first few months of blogging.

Weird enough, I was really disappointed. I even wondered if blogging was worth my time.

But soon I realized that blogging wasn’t a walk in the park.

Let me tell you one simple truth, one which took me a long time to understand.

If starting a blog and earning $5,000 monthly with 15-20 articles were really possible, every human being on this planet will leave their job and start a blog.

Who wouldn’t want to earn $5,000 per month in only 3 months?

I guess everyone. Right?

So, how can you increase your blog traffic?

The two best ways are:

That being said, if your blog is new, I will encourage you to use social media.

Some resources that will help you increase your blog traffic significantly:

You should never forget that all blogs started small. With time they grew into authority sites, got higher ranking on Search engines, and now are generating a lot of money.

Your blog is no different.

Pro tip: You don’t need to spend hours on social media to build a successful online business. Spending 5-10 minutes per day on Twitter or Pinterest is more than enough.


4. Creating enough content

Once you have sorted out how you will bring traffic to your blog, you will wonder how much content you need to have to make a full-time income.

You will also start to wonder how much time it will take you to a good living with your blog.

Though there is no specific answer to this question, the usual trend will be something like this:

Your first 50 blog posts, will bring a little traffic and a few bucks.

Your next 50 blog posts will bring a lot more traffic and a decent amount of money.

Once you have reached 200 blog posts you can expect to earn a full-time income.

I know. I know.

200 blog posts sound a bit too much.

Many people manage to create 200 blog posts in 2-3 years, and they live a very comfortable life.

But there are always some exceptions.

Some people can generate a lot of traffic and money with only 100 blog posts. But, those are exceptional cases.

These people are the most hardworking people in the industry who can create epic content consistently.

Pro Tip: Your earning potential and ranking will vary immensely on the niche you have chosen. A more competitive niche will require you to work harder and publish more content.

That being said, the last and most important thing that will make you question your decision of starting a blog is: How you will monetize your blog?


5. Monetizing your blog

There are many ways you can monetize your blog. Some are more lucrative than others.

So, which one will you choose to invest time in the beginning?

Well, I will advise you to use ads when your blog is new.

Once you have learned how to use ads properly, you can implement other monetization methods to increase your income.

So, which ad network will I suggest? 

I have prepared a detailed for you so that you can make the right choice and earn a lot more than Google Adsense.

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Once you are comfortable with ads on your blog, your next step will be to apply use affiliate links in your posts to increase your income.

Some affiliate programs will help you earn money way faster than others.

Check out this incredible list of affiliate programs for new bloggers.


Final thoughts: Painful struggles of a blogger-No one admits

Having a blog is a fantastic experience. But it’s not all sunshine and roses.

You will need to be patient to be able to earn a full-time income with your blog.

But trust me.

It will be totally worth it.

If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it so that others can benefit from it.

See you soon!


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  1. Great post I wish I read 7 years ago. SEO is vital but creating enough content is just as important. Despite implementing SEO, I only wrote monthly posts and got very little traffic. I’ve started posting once a week and have seen my traffic grow despite my niche being badly affected by the pandemic.

    • I am glad you liked it. As far as I know, the best way to guarantee success in this industry is by creating quality content consistently.


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