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The future of blogging-Should you be worried?

The future of blogging-Should you be worried

The last time I checked the web, I saw many new posts related to whether blogging is dead or not.

So many people claimed that blogging is not worth it anymore. At least, we can assume that blogging is more difficult than it was 10 years ago.

But, does it mean blogging is still a thing in 2020 and beyond?

Well based on what I have read and researched, blogging is not going to be dead at all.

It will just evolve, just as anything is evolving in this age.


The future of blogging

Let’s get into more details to see what is really happening. Shall we?

If you type the term “Blogging” in Google trends you will get this result.

Based on this, over the past 5 years, the trend for the term blogging has remained almost constant.

Google trend relies on Search data. It means the people are still searching for the term blogging.

Now let’s see the trend for the term “Content Marketing”.

As you can clearly see, the term “Content Marketing” is on the rise. Given that blogging and content marketing are related, it shows that you can start your blog.

Pro tip: Both blogging is placed under the broader umbrella of content marketing rather than personal blogging.

My dear friend, life is really too short. If you want to give blogging a try, go ahead and start your blog.

Some so many bloggers are earning a decent income with their blogs.

Go ahead, take the risk, and don’t be afraid to have to prepare yourself to leave your boring job and start your own online business.

That being said, blogging will not be dead in the future. But there are things that you should take into consideration if you want to have a sustainable blogging business.


Important things to consider for blogging in the future

1. Which type of blog should you create

Google is favoring big brands on its search engine. This clearly means that if you start your blog with your name, you will have a tough time competing with other bloggers.

So, what can you do instead?

Well, if you have been reading about blogging lately, you will see some people telling you to create a brand while others are telling you to create small niche sites.

This is really confusing though. But the truth is…

Do these people really know what the future will be like?

I guess no. They might have a guess, but for sure no one can tell you that.

Though Google favors brands, you can start a micro-niche site that focuses on a very specific topic.

Look, I will be very transparent with you. Both brands and niche sites are performing well right now.

No matter what type of information you get, the final result will be always unknown.

That being said, there is one very important thing that I am sure will help you in the long run.

And that is targeting keywords with low search volumes.


2. Targeting the right keywords

For almost every information you will read online about keyword research, you will learn one thing.

“Target high search volumes keyword with low competition”.

One thing I would like to ask those people. Where do I find such keywords? Almost all keywords which have high search volumes are targeted by sites with have very high authority.

So basically, these people are telling me to compete with authority sites. Yes, it is possible. How long should I wait to get on the first page?

2-3 years? And maybe the 10th position?

And to achieve that I should spend hours on link building?

No. No.

Dude am not interested in doing things that every other blogger is doing.

My approach is a bit different.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must have seen that I target obscure keywords.

Well not all the time, but most of the time.

And why is this so?

Well, my strategy is simple.

I target keywords with search volumes between 10-100.

That’s it.

You must be thinking that I am mad. Well, I am, just a little bit.HAHA.

Anyway. The thing is that keywords that have low search volumes are not targeted by big brands or bloggers.

Who will want to spend hours creating content for a keyword that has only 10-100 search volumes per month.

Not many I guess.

So, what basic logic tells us?

The path least traveled is the path that you should take.

I know that might sound weird to you, but I know a few people in the industry who are targeting keywords with low search volumes and they are actually getting a lot of traffic.

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3. Creating the right type of content

Almost everyone will tell you that you MUST create high-quality content with at least 2000-3000 words to be able to rank on Google.

Well, yes they are right. If you are competing with the best and targetting keywords that are difficult to rank, you should create the best article which exists on the web.

Now, if you are targetting low competition keywords, you can get away with 1,200 words.

I won’t lie to you, I even have blog posts of 300 words.

Why 300 words?

Well, because 300 words were enough for me to explain everything.

Now, I am not telling you to create blog posts of 300 words all the time.

But you can try a few and see how it is working out for you.

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4. Be flexible with your blog topics

Usually, you will see that there are at least 2 topics that will tend to outperform other topics within your blog.

If your blog is new, it will take you some time to see which one is performing better.

I mean which topic Google like most in your blog, and which one is generating more traffic.

After a few months of blogging, you will start to notice these topics.

So, then what?

Then, go all in. What I mean by that is write the crap out of that topic. Once you are done. Find another topic and repeat.

For instance, when I started this blog, first I started to write about earning money, then blogging, and lately about Pinterest.

The truth is you cannot forecast which topic will do better. And once you find that topic, you know what you have to do.


5. Apply the right blogging strategy

If you spend enough time online, you will see almost everyone telling you to start a blog, then do these things:

That was a long list. It’s not everything, but I wrote what came to my mind.

Please spare me, dude. Of doing all those things. I am a normal human being, and I cannot handle to do so many things.

And I don’t have enough resources to hire people to do that for me.

If you can relate to this, then I am sure you would love to do blogging in a more easy way where there are fewer things to do.

Well, my blogging strategy is simple.

I target low competition keywords and I display ads on my blog.

My blogging routine is like this:

And that’s it.


Final thoughts: The future of blogging

Blogging will be here for a very long time. Because people like to read blogs.

It’s that simple.

Sure blogging will evolve, but not to that extent that you will have to worry so much.

Though there are bots that can write decent content, I am not sure they can create persuasive writing which resonates with a person.

So there is no need to worry about that for the time being.

Your main concern should be to enhance your writing skills and build an authority site.

Here are some articles that can help you get better with blogging:

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See you soon!

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