What is a Pinterest carousel and how to create one

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So you heard the term Pinterest carousel and you searched it on Google and you landed here.

Am so happy you are visiting my blog today.

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Often you will hear Pinterest marketers use the term Pinterest Carousel as an option to increase engagement within their Pinterest account. 

This feature is really cool if you have already build a SOLID foundation for your Pinterest account.

So what I mean by a solid foundation, you ask.

It means:

Once you have these sorted out, the next step is definitely to start to use the Pinterest carousel.


What is a Pinterest Carousel

A Pinterest carousel is a Pin that contains multiple images. It is a fantastic way to showcase different products and advertise them at the same time.

That’s Fabulous… Isn’t it?

A single pin can do that much for you.

Actually, whenever people swipe through a Pinterest carousel, they can see different types of products and they will click on the picture that resonates with them.

Every single image on the carousel will have different links to different pages. This is quite a feature. Isn’t it?

In short, every time someone saves a pin, they will save all the links and pictures with that specific pin.

So, should you use Pinterest Carousel for your business?

Well, it depends. If you have a lot of products to display, then this feature can be a great way to showcase all your products.

So, will Pinterest Carousel generate more sales and bring more traffic?

Well, I don’t think it can have a massive impact on your sales and traffic. 

But can it bring a tinkle of traffic?


Do give it a try and see how it is working for you.

Personally, I am not using this feature as I don’t have any products to sell.

Will, I ever use it?

It depends. 

If I have enough products, then most probably will give it a try.

That being said, let me show you how you can create a Pinterest carousel.

How to create a Pinterest carousel

Head over to your Pinterest business account and click on Ads(Top left corner) and select “Create Ad”.

Choose your Campaign Objective. For example what you want the campaign to do for you?

  • Build your brand awareness
  • Bring more traffic
  • Drive more conversions
  • Or promote videos

Now add your campaign details like campaign name and daily and lifetime spend limit.

You can also leave it blank if you don’t want to promote the Carousel.

Hit on “Continue”.

Now add your Ad group details, Targeting, and bid if ever you want to promote it.

To be able to select a Carousel, you will need to click on the double line icon. (At the bottom of your screen)

Select “Carousel”. 

Now, press on “Create new pin” and upload your images.

You will get the option to either create a Carousel or a collage.

Click on the carousel.

Now you are back to the upload feature of Pinterest with all your pictures on a single pin.

Voila, you can now add your Pin Title and description.

Easy peasy…


Final thoughts: What is a Pinterest Carousel and how to create one

So it was not that difficult, Right?

You can use this awesome feature to showcase your best pictures in a single pin.

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what is a Pinterest carousel

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