What Is Fiverr Commission?

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Fiverr’s commission fee is an important part of Fiverr’s business model and helps them generate revenues.

What Is Fiverr Commission?

Fiverr Commission is the standard fee charged by Fiverr for the sale or purchase of services or goods on the Fiverr platform. The commission rate is 20% and it is applied to the total price of a sale or purchase. Fiverr Commission is designed to help keep the platform running and maintain its services, as well as to identify questionable transactions and prevent fraud.

Definition of Fiverr Commission and its uses

What Is fiverr

Fiverr Commission is a commission or fee charged by Fiverr — a professional services marketplace — for the services completed on its platform. Fiverr Commission is charged as a percentage of each sale or transaction.

This fee covers the costs associated with payment processing, customer support, marketing, and other administrative costs associated with running an online marketplace.

In addition to its use as a service fee, Fiverr Commission can also be used as an incentive to differentiate services on its platform from those offered elsewhere. This provides customers with a more competitive offering and encourages sellers on Fiverr to provide more in-depth services.

Benefits of Fiverr’s commission Based-Model

1. Low cost of entry: Fiverr’s commission-based model ensures low barriers to entry for both buyers and sellers. This allows more people to participate in the platform, which increases revenue for Fiverr itself.

2. Increased flexibility: Sellers have control over the prices for their services, meaning they can offer discounts or customization as desired. This makes it easier for buyers to find exactly what they need without paying too much.

3. Scalability: Fiverr’s commission-based model allows the platform to scale easily. As demand increases, Fiverr can simply add more resources to accommodate the influx of sellers. This makes it easier to manage growth.

4. Leveraged transactions: Buyers can leverage their relationships with Fiverr to negotiate better prices and better quality of services. This is especially beneficial for repeat customers and large corporate clients.

Drawbacks of the Fiverr Commission

Drawbacks of the Fiverr Commission

1. Low Profit: Fiverr takes a hefty commission of up to 20% on each gig you sell. This is much higher than other platforms, which can take up to 5-10%. This makes it difficult to make money on Fiverr, especially if you are doing low-value tasks.

2. Limited Payment Options: Fiverr offers limited payment options. This means that you have to use other payment systems like PayPal or Direct Deposit to receive payment.

3. Poor Buyer Protection: Fiverr offers very little protection to buyers, making it harder for buyers to get refunds and quality work.

4. Lack of Promotion: Fiverr doesn’t provide much support in terms of marketing. You have to do your own promotion to bring customers to your gigs and make sales.

5. Low Quality of Gigs: Fiverr gigs often aren’t of the highest quality, and many buyers complain about using Fiverr for their digital needs. This can be seen in the low ratings of many Fiverr gigs.

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Tips on how to increase your Fiverr commission as a seller


1. Offer additional services: You can increase the commission you receive for each sale by offering additional services related to the product or service you’re providing. A few examples include video tutorials, custom-made templates, extra revisions, or other “extras” that customers may be willing to pay for.

2. Create more packages: Create more packages and bundles to upsell. Customers often want more than just the basic service they’re looking for, and they’ll be willing to pay a higher price if they can get a complete package that includes everything they need.

3. Set higher minimums: Another way to increase your commission is to set higher minimums for your services. This means raising the minimum amount a customer has to pay for a product or service to unlock extra features or bonuses. This strategy can encourage customers to pay more for a product or service, resulting in higher commissions for you.

4. Increase prices: As a Fiverr seller, you are in control of the prices of your services, so you can increase your commission by raising your prices. Consider adding a premium service with a higher price tag and offering exclusive discounts to customers who buy more than one item.

5. Promote your services: Promote your services on social media, in forums and other communities, or by guest posting on relevant websites. This will help draw attention to your Fiverr account and attract new customers.

Conclusion: What Is Fiverr Commission?

In conclusion, the Fiverr commission helps protect both the buyer and the seller by creating an equal playing field where everyone gets a fair chance to succeed.

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