What Is Fiverr Rank?

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Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for digital services, where people and businesses can go to discover independent contractors who have the skills they need.

What is Fiverr rank?

Fiverr rank is the ranking algorithm utilized by Fiverr to organize gigs based on the number of reviews you receive, your conversion rate, and the gig tags and descriptions.

How to rank your Fiverr gig?

1. Optimize Your Gig Title

Create a gig on Fiverr

If you’re selling a service on Fiverr, you need to create a title that is catchy and will help people find your gig.

Your gig title is the first thing buyers will see so it has to be able to grab their attention and make them take an action.

Here are a few tips to write engaging gig titles:

  • Make It Brief, Straightforward, and to the Point
  • Make Your Primary Benefit Clear
  • Inform Your Audience What to Do by Using Headline Questions

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2. Optimize Your Gig Description

When you’re starting a gig please make sure to include the following information in your description:

  • Your Price
  • What you offer and how you can help your clients
  • What you need from the client
  • How much time it will take you to complete the task
  • How many revisions you will provide
  • Are you flexible to offer a refund if the client is not happy

You should also use keywords in your gig title and description so that you are favored in Fiverr’s algorithm and your gig can rank higher on search results.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, then don’t worry. It is a very easy process and will take you only 1 minute to find positive keywords for your Fiverr gigs.

Here is a detailed guide that will help you to find and use keywords effectively.

3. Use High-Quality Images

High-quality images are crucial if you want buyers to take you seriously and hire you to complete their tasks.

When creating your gig images, you should take these things into consideration:

  • Images that show a service will be more appealing than just a description listing the benefits of a service.
  • People are attracted to objects and things that look nice, so use good-quality images in your gig
  • Using vivid colors can help grab people’s attention
  • You should include text in your image describing the service you are offering

Now, if you don’t have any previous experience to create engaging images using software like photoshop, it is not a big problem.

You can use Canva (free version) to create amazing images with their easy drag-and-drop feature.

4. Promote Your Gig

Promote Your Gig

Once you have optimized your Fiverr profile and gigs, the next step is to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr.

This is because it will take your gigs around 30 days before they reach their full potential.

Here are a few ways to promote your Fiverr gigs:

  • One of the best ways to promote your Fiverr gig is to use social media.
  • You can also use a blog to promote your Fiverr gig.
  • Create a YouTube account, and upload videos about your Fiverr gigs.
  • Post about your Fiverr gigs on relevant subreddits on Reddit.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile for your Fiverr gig, and make public posts about it there.

If you are choosing social media platforms, then I will highly advise you to use Pinterest. This is because works like a search engine and you will get contact traffic for at least 6 months.

Here is how much traffic (outbound clicks) my pins generate in 1 month:

Pinterest outbound clicks

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Conclusion: What Is Fiverr Rank?

The ranking algorithm used by Fiverr to categorize gigs is called Fiverr rank. It takes into account your conversion rate, the number of reviews you receive, and the tags and descriptions you use for your gigs.

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