Why Is Fiverr Not Accepting My Number?

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Fiverr is a service that connects people with specific skills with people with specific needs — and if something goes wrong before the work is completed, you’re out of luck.

Why Is Fiverr Not Accepting My Number?

Probably, the phone number you are using is already connected to another account if you are having trouble on Fiverr authenticating your phone number. You’ll need to dial a different phone number to fix this.

Reasons Why Fiverr May Not Be Accepting Your Phone Number

Businesses need to understand why Fiverr may not be accepting your phone number. There are a few reasons why Fiverr may not be accepting your phone number:

  • Your Phone number is not verified
  • Your account has been suspended or banned
  • Your account has been flagged as spam by the platform
  • You Haven’t Entered the Correct Phone Number
  • You May Have Entered the Phone Number Too Many Times

Steps to Follow to Resolve the Issue:

  • Verify your phone number
  • Check the format of your phone number
  • Try entering your phone number again
  • Try using another phone number
  • try using your laptop or PC and clear your browser’s cache and cookies

How can I create a Fiverr account without a phone number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a Fiverr account without providing a valid phone number. Fiverr requires all users to provide their phone numbers to verify their identity, and this cannot be bypassed.

If you don’t want to use your phone number, you can provide a landline number.

How to bypass Fiverr phone verification?

Using a proxy server is the most effective approach to get around Fiverr verification. This will enable you to register for an account without disclosing your real IP address, preserving your anonymity and protecting you from any attacks.

Conclusion: Why Is Fiverr Not Accepting My Number?

Fiverr not accepting your number could be due to several reasons. It could be that your number is not from a supported country, that you are entering the number incorrectly, or that you are entering a number that is already being used on the platform.

If you are sure that you are entering the number correctly, then contacting Fiverr customer service would be the best way to find out why your number is not being accepted.

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