Why Is My Fiverr Gig A Draft?

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When you create a gig on Fiverr, you may find that your gig is in a “draft” state. This means that your gig is not ready to be listed on the Fiverr platform and that it is still undergoing some design and quality review before it can be published.

If your Fiverr gig is in a draft state, there may be a few reasons why this has happened and why your gig has not yet been published.

Your Fiverr gig could be in draft mode for a variety of reasons. Usually, this means that you need to make edits to your gig to make it ready for public viewing. Sometimes, adding images, adjusting the pricing, or creating a better description could be the reason that your gig is in draft mode.

The importance of a strong, visible Fiverr profile

Having a strong, visible Fiverr profile is essential for people selling their services on the platform. It can help potential buyers determine whether a seller is reliable and experienced, as well as incentivize them to purchase a particular service.

Furthermore, having a well-crafted profile helps introduce buyers to the seller’s services and lets them know what to expect. This can help build trust and make buyers more comfortable with the purchase decision. In addition, having a well-designed profile can provide an attractive look and feel which can further entice buyers.

Ultimately, a strong, visible Fiverr profile can help sellers gain more visibility, increase their customer base, and boost their sales.

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What Does it Mean For Your Gig to be Listed as a Draft?

When your gig is listed as a draft, it means that it is not visible to buyers. It means that the gig has been created, but it has not yet been published or activated by the seller. Drafting a gig is the first step before launching your service, allowing you to edit it, optimize it, and proofread it until it’s ready to go.

Possible Causes of Gig Being Stuck in Draft

Possible Causes of Gig Being Stuck in Draft

1. Missing or incorrect content: Your Fiverr gig may be stuck in the draft if you haven’t provided enough information or if the information you input is incorrect.

2. Missing an image: Fiverr requires a minimum of one image to be used for a gig. If the image you’ve uploaded is of the wrong size or type, or if you have not uploaded one at all, your gig will be stuck in draft.

3. Non-supported video uploads: Fiverr only accepts videos that are uploaded in some specific video formats. If your video is not in one of the accepted formats, your gig will stay stuck in draft mode.

4. Editorial review: Fiverr has an Editorial team that reviews every gig posted. Your gig will remain in the draft if it does not meet their standards.

5. Using restricted words: If you are using words prohibited by Fiverr, such as illegal activities or products, this can cause your gig to become stuck in draft.

Steps to Take When Your Gig Gets Stuck in Draft

Steps to Take

1. Check your gig requirements: Sometimes, Fiverr determines that certain elements of your gig are not meeting its requirements and automatically puts the gig in the draft. Review Fiverr’s requirements for each type of gig and make sure that your gig follows them.

2. Check the resolution center: If your gig is stuck in the draft, Fiverr may have contacted you via the resolution center to discuss the issue. Double-check the resolution center to see if Fiverr has requested more information or taken action on your gig.

3. Contact customer service: If you’ve tried the above steps and still have not been able to activate your gig, contact Fiverr’s customer service team. They can help you understand the reason why your gig is stuck in the draft, and take steps to get it activated.

How to activate a gig from draft status

To activate a gig from draft status, log into the account associated with the gig and click the ‘Activate’ button above the gig preview. Once activated, your gig will be live and can be purchased.

Conclusion: Why Is My Fiverr Gig A Draft?

In conclusion, the answer to why your Fiverr Gig is a draft could be due to various reasons irrespective of the new or existing status of your account. Likely issues may include incorrect images or descriptions, failed payment confirmation, or incomplete information. By fixing any of these issues, you should be able to submit your gig and make it live.

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